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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Coming up in June! John Kenny - Poetry for the Age of Coronavirus

In the spirit of his New York Times bestseller Love Poems for Married People and Love Poems for People with Children, as well as his wildly popular New Yorker pieces, John Kenney presents LOVE POEMS FOR ANXIOUS PEOPLE.

With his signature wit and hilarious realism, John Kenney is back with a brand new collection of poems, this time taking on one of the most common feelings in our day-and-age: anxiety. Kenney covers it all, from awkward social interactions and insomnia to nervous ticks and writing and rewriting that email. Kenney’s poems are perfect for anyone who can relate to the feeling of anxiety…and who can’t today? Kenney has perfected the humorous poetic form to poke fun at the experience in a thoughtful, funny way that begs to be shared.


New York Times Bestselling Author of


Read an excerpt from Love Poems for Anxious People on NewYorker.com


It started out simple enough.

A brief search.

Kanker sore.

Which I spelled wrong

and now realize is a district in India

as well as the Dutch slang

for a very bad word

and also, somehow, cancer.

Which led me to a site that linked

canker sores to cold sores

showing how oral cancer lesions

can mimic an open canker sore

symptoms of which include

mouth pain and difficulty swallowing

both of which I suddenly had

as I followed a link to

the definition of head and neck cancer

which I did not know was a thing

nor did I realize I was now at risk of it

as a result of my mouth lesion/kanker/cancer sore

which often causes

golf-ball-sized tumors

resulting in blindness, lack of motor function,

and complete sexual dysfunction.

Which is good to know.

Then I looked up an earache I was having.

And it turns out I have two months to live.

Or possibly a head cold.

Twitter: @jkenneywriter

Instagram: @johnkenneywriter

John Kenney is the New York Times bestselling author of the humorous poetry collections Love Poems for Married People and Love Poems for People with Children, and the novels Talk to Me and Truth in Advertising, which won the Thurber Prize for American Humor. He has worked for many years as a copywriter. He has also been a contributor to The New Yorker magazine since 1999. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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