Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday 12-17-12, Author and motivational speaker Bryan Golden will be my special guest to talk about Holiday Spirit and more!

Great show today with Bryan Golden, you can listen to the entire show here.

Bryan is listed in Who's Who in America as a recognized self-development and motivational expert and speaker, author of Dare to Live Without Limits, and highly rated adjunct professor. Bryan is noted for his concise, easy to understand, and direct style of communicating. He has an exceptional ability to distill any principle to its essential elements.

Bryan's popular nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column, Dare to Live Without Limits, has been published since 2002. The column is avidly read and elicits a steady flow of ebullient comments from its ardent followers.

Bryan is a frequent, popular, and entertaining guest on radio stations nationwide. Additionally, his weekly Motivational Minute is broadcast on numerous stations all over the country.

Throughout his career, Bryan has been enthralled by why some people succeed while others struggle and fail. As a consultant and educator, Bryan has been able to observe first hand the principles utilized by successful people and ignored by others. Surprisingly, success or failure is not contingent upon a person’s intelligence, education, finances, age, or gender.
Bryan founded his management consulting firm over 20 years ago. Starting from scratch, he utilized all of the concepts he details in his book, Dare to Live Without Limits. Bryan was able to quickly develop a successful enterprise. He has applied these principles to helping his clients enhance and expand their businesses. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium sized businesses, universities, professional practices, organizations, and government agencies.

Empowering companies and individuals to break through their limitations to attain outstanding objectives, beyond expectations, is the focus of Bryan's work.

Dare to Live Without Limits will show you how to:
Change your life by changing your thinking
Throw out your mental garbage
Set and achieve your goals
Get through tough times
Squeeze the most out of each day
Never stop learning
Avoid burnout
Control your emotions
Gain a slight edge
Overcome fear
Accomplish the impossible
Become self-reliant
Deal with conflict
Be happy and have fun
Manage stress

You will learn techniques and see examples of how others have used simple, yet time tested, methods to triumph over adversity, stress, and misfortune to stay sane in an insane world. The concepts presented within enable you to break through those limitations preventing you from achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.

Dare to Live Without Limits is designed to be easy to read and to fit into any hectic lifestyle. Each chapter is self contained and they can be read in any order. The chapters are intentionally short and can be read quickly.

Remember, as you apply these principles you are in the company of the multitude of people who have utilized them to enrich their lives throughout the history of mankind.

National CPR and AED (Automated External Defribrillator) Awareness Week is June 1st through 7th. Janeane will be in conversation with a cardiac arrest survivor, Steven Munatones, and Dr. Shira Schlesinger.

According to, back in 2007, the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council collaborate...