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Writer, cultural influencer, and former professor Lyn Slater—better known as her viral Instagram handle Accidental Icon—shares her characteristic optimism, forward thinking, impeccable fashion style, and “rules are meant to be broken” philosophy in her new memoir, HOW TO BE OLD: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon

"Now we can add Slater’s memoir to our essential texts that rethink aging in an image-centric world."—BookPage, starred


“Slater’s genuine enthusiasm radiates throughout the text; her tales of resilience and about the evolution of her self-confidence suffuse each page, effectively challenging societal constructs about age. A charming, relatable tale about the power of reinvention."—Kirkus


One of Elle's Most Anticipated Nonfiction Books of 2024.

A personal memoir in which Lyn Slater, known on Instagram as “Accidental Icon,”brings her characteristic style, optimism, forward-thinking, and rules-are-meant-to-be-broken attitude to the question of how to live boldly at any age.

When Lyn Slater started her fashion blog, Accidental Icon, at age sixty-one, she discovered that followers were flocking to her account for more than just her A-list style. As Lyn flaunted gray hair, wrinkles, and a megadose of self-acceptance, they found in her an alternative model of older life: someone who defied the stereotypes, refused to become invisible, and showed that all women have the opportunity to be relevant and take major risks at any stage of their life. Youth is not the only time we can be experimental.

How to Be Old tells the ten-year story of Lyn’s sixties, the sometimes-glamorous, sometimes-turbulent decade of Accidental Icon. This memoir is about the hopeful and future-oriented process of reinvention. It shows readers that while you can’t control everything, what you can control is the way you think about your age and the creative ways you respond to the changes in your mind and body as they happen. Rather than trying to meet standards of youth and beauty as a measure of successful aging, Lyn promotes a more inclusive and empowering standard to judge our older selves by.

In this paradigm-shifting memoir, Lyn exemplifies that even with its unique challenges, being old is just like any new beginning in your life and can be the best and most invigorating of all of life’s phases, full of rebellion and reinvention, connection and creativity.

This March, writer, cultural influencer, and former professor Lyn Slater—better known as her viral Instagram handle Accidental Icon—brings her characteristic optimism, forward thinking, impeccable fashion style, and “rules are meant to be broken” philosophy to the question of how to be old in a youth obsessed world, in her personal memoir, HOW TO BE OLD: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon (on-sale 3/12.)

Slater has been featured by the TODAY Show, Cosmopolitan, W Magazine, and The Cut, and her over 750 thousand followers found in her an alternative model of older life: someone who defied the stereotypes, refused to become invisible, and showed that anyone can take a major risk at any stage in their life. Slater is available for interview and can discuss:

  • How to use reinvention as a bold strategy when one meets a challenge in life regardless of what stage of life you’re in or what that challenge might be

  • The pivotal moments when she reinvented her own life: first deciding to enter the digital sphere at age sixty as the Accidental Icon, where she became an alternative model of someone who defied stereotypes and the expectations put on older women; her decision to walk away at the height of her career as a result of reckoning with influencer culture and consumerism to pursue a new life that’s more aligned with her own values as an author and cultural essayist.

  • Why the standards of successful aging and self-worth should be focused on achieving our own personal goals and not trying to meet the standards of youth and beauty on a specified timeline.

  • How reinvention exists not only within us as changing a mindset, but also how we can externally show our reinvention through choice and action—whether that is taking new classes to explore new ideas, creating something new out of an old wardrobe, or committing to what is important to your values and goals.

  • Stories that show the highs and lows of a career spent in fashion and on social media, as a former influencer and model who attended international fashion weeks and created campaigns for Hermés, Dior, and more.

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Coming up 2/21/24 9:00am PT - Filmmaker and co-director Keri Pickett joins host Janeane to talk her about extraordinary, acclaimed and feel-good movie of the year, “Finding Her Beat”


For thousands of years women have been locked out of Taiko drumming. Not anymore. In the dead of a Minnesota winter, Asian drumming divas smash gender roles and redefine power on their own terms. FINDING HER BEAT dives into the rhythms and struggles that lead to an electrifying historic performance that changes everything.


World Premiere Scheduled - Fall 2022

Directed by Dawn Mikkelson & Keri Pickett

Extraordinary, acclaimed and the feel-good movie of the year, “Finding Her Beat” completed a more than 50 Film Festival run worldwide –earning more than a dozen awards –most recently Best Music Documentary at Award This! A critical darling cinema verité style feature documentary film “Finding Her Beat,” crisscrossed the globe in theatrical release this fall inspiring audiences with electrifying LIVE Taiko drumming with local artists and Q&A with filmmakers. The film will now be available for audiences everywhere digitally – offering February 2024 to be a month of love – for self, community, and cinema. This is an important story of women paving their own road by banging their own drum.

A moving and immersive cinematic experience from filmmakers and co-directors Dawn Mikkelson (“Minnesota Mean,” “Risking Light,” “The Red Tail”) and Keri Pickett (“Ribbon Skirt Warriors,” “First Daughter and the Black Snake,” “The Fabulous Ice Age”), Indie Rights will release the film to audiences in The UK, Australia, North America (USA & Canada) and Japan, and so many more will have a chance to watch this electric music documentary in the comfort of their homes on February 14th, 2024.

In the dead of a Minnesota winter right before the world shut down for a global pandemic, Asian drumming divas from around the world met to perform, smash gender roles, and redefine power on their own terms. The rhythm revolution includes rock stars from the world of Taiko: Tiffany Tamaribuchi, Kaoly Asano, Chieko Kojima, Megan Chao-Smith, and Jennifer Weir. “Finding Her Beat” dives into the rhythms and struggles that lead to an electrifying historic performance that changes everything.

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Coming up February 14th - Annabel Abbs-Streets Best-selling author of: SLEEPLESS Unleashing the Subversive Power of the Night Self

Best-selling author Annabel Abbs-Streets talks about her new book SLEEPLESS: Unleashing the Subversive Power of the Night Self (On-Sale February 13, 2024), a remarkable blend of memoir, science and history that traces women's relationship with the darkness, grief, insomnia and the productive, creative opportunities waiting in wakefulness. Lyrical and meticulously researched, SLEEPLESS is groundbreaking in its focus and depth on the subject of insomnia and disrupted sleep.

“This book asks one of the most beautiful questions a Big Soul can ask herself: What if our insomnia was a wondrous, life-thriving thing? As a reader, we answer it together with weary but deeply fulfilled relief, yes, yes, it is!” —Sarah Wilson, author of This One Wild and Precious Life

“Sleepless is a multi-faceted book: part memoir, part cultural history, part popular science…If you, like me, have berated yourself for your inability to go back to sleep, this book will inspire you to get up, light a candle, and experience your own Night Self.” —Financial Times

Best-selling author Annabel Abbs-Streets is the first to admit that the personal journey revealed in her new book was not something she planned or prepared for, nor was it a journey she ever expected to make. In the winter of 2020, after a trio of sudden painful losses left her reeling, she was hit by a persistent and alarming bout of insomnia that would change her life.

Tossed into an emotional storm with no guide or map, Abbs-Streets spent months plagued by crippling anxiety and even paralyzing fear as she sought balance, understanding, and self-acceptance. Within a year Annabel had found a place of sanctuary within the dark of night and emerged with a fresh new perspective on life after midnight.

Now she’s ready to share illuminating truths and lessons learned, particularly regarding the power of women, phases of grief, and a surprising upside of insomnia. The result is SLEEPLESS: Unleashing the Subversive Power of the Night Self (G. P. Putnam’s Sons; On Sale February 13, 2024), a fascinating and inspiring guide to making peace with what often derails us.

Part memoir, part science and history retrospective, SLEEPLESS traces the uneasy relationship women have had with the darkness for hundreds of years. It’s unsafe. It’s unknown. It beckons. But across generations many women figured out how to navigate sleepless nights to mine creativity, wisdom, and courage. Like Annabel Abbs-Streets they learned to recognize the brain’s nocturnal shape shifting that allowed brilliance to appear. From sculptors and painters, novelists and poets, to astronomers, photographers, and others who came fully alive in the deep of night, their contributions to the world were well documented. These intrepid women laid the groundwork for those who followed.

SLEEPLESS weaves their exploits with Abbs-Streets’ dizzying descent into the black hole of insomnia after the startling deaths, in quick succession, of her father, stepfather, and beloved family pet. Like many women the author believed she’d simply power through the grief and pain, but she soon discovered that tenacity was not the key to healing. Instead she refused drugs and sleep aids and stopped fighting her internal demons. She eventually learned to embrace what she calls her Night Self, where her wakeful, naturally altered night brain offered solace and serenity.

· It is the first book to consider and share the latest science of how circadian rhythms—especially in women—change the awake-at-night brain and what it means for those who cannot sleep at night.

· It’s the first to introduce the novel idea of a Night Self, an alter ego of sorts that frees us to tap into the benefits of sleepless periods during the night.

· Many famous women appear in SLEEPLESS, including Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, and Lee Krasner, as well lesser known artists, such as Katherine Mansfield, Louise Bourgeois, Daphne du Maurier whose sleeplessness sparked remarkable contributions to art, science, and culture over centuries.

· In an age of unprecedented insomnia and sleep anxiety, the book introduces an utterly new way of seeing one’s wakeful nights—not as dementia-inducing doom and gloom, but as an opportunity for reflection, creativity and wonder.

SLEEPLESS stresses that we need to learn to love the darkness again, as our ancestors once did. According to experts, this current age of round-the-clock LED light and sleep anxiety is damaging female health. It also presents the latest data on the negative effects of light pollution and what it does to productivity and mental health around the globe.

For Annabel Abbs-Streets embracing her Night Self was a revelation and a relief. She was able to conquer fears, restore her balance, and nourish herself. She was also reminded that what we need isn’t always what we are prescribed. More important, there are many ways to sleep. In SLEEPLESS she delivers a gentle and comprehensive blueprint for disconnecting from the anxiety of insomnia to recapture strength, imagination and, finally, the ability to sleep.

Suggested Interview Questions:

1. In SLEEPLESS, you trace your year-long journey through grief. How did you first make the connection between devastating loss and the later onset of persistent insomnia?

2. What was the most powerful lesson you learned in the process of writing this book?

3. In doing research for the book what surprised you the most?

4. SLEEPLESS addresses how trauma can affect sleep patterns and well being, particularly in women. Are women more susceptible to sleep disturbance? How do women’s experiences differ from men’s?

5. SLEEPLESS reveals that a woman’s brain works differently from day to night. Are men’s brains similar?

6. What are the most common causes of sleeplessness?

7. How did you first discover the Night Self?

8. What is a Night Self and how do we recognize it?

9. Does everyone with sleep difficulties become aware of a Night Self?

10. You traveled extensively and took on intrepid adventures in the quest to conquer your fears. How did you prepare for the challenges you faced?

11. Many famous women experienced severe sleep disturbances including Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Lee Krasner, as well as more obscure women whose contributions to art, science and culture were invaluable. How did their experiences differ from women going through it today?

12. You lived through it and learned to embrace the dark of night. What advice would you offer someone struggling with night fears, sleep disruptions, or insomnia?

13. You’ve written international bestsellers in two genres, non-fiction and fiction. Which comes more naturally to you? How is your research and preparation the same or different for each genre?


Annabel Abbs-Streets is a writer of highly researched, award-winning fiction as well as both narrative and practical non-fiction. Her non-fiction includes Windswept: Walking the Paths of Trailblazing Women, 52 Ways to Walk, and The Age Well Project. Abbs-Streets also wrote the novels The Joyce Girl, the story of James Joyce’s daughter Lucia, and Miss Eliza’s English Kitchen, an international bestseller optioned by CBS Studios. Her work has been translated into more than thirty languages. She lives in London and Sussex with her family.

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Coming up TODAY on KUCI 88.9fm at 9:00am - Eric Ebel, Senior Program Manager, NAMM | The NAMM Foundation


Eric Ebel currently manages several of NAMM’s Market Development / NAMM Foundation programs, including Music Educator and Music Advocacy programming, The Day of Service, Roomful of Pianos, and The Grand Rally for Music Education at the annual NAMM Show. Since joining the NAMM team in 1997, Mr. Ebel has had diverse experiences with the trade association. 

Before his current position, Ebel was show manager for NAMM’s “Music and Sound Expo” and was senior trade show sales representative for NAMM’s world-renowned international trade shows. For the past 40 years, he’s held various positions within the music industry ranging from products specialist and sales director for an international percussion manufacturer, professional touring musician, faculty at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, and percussion specialist with the United States Marine Corps Far-East band. He maintains a moderate performance schedule with various commercial agencies based in Southern California.

NAMM Foundation Day of Service Returns to Anaheim School District — Musical Workshops and $10,000 Donation to Sunkist Elementary Kicks off NAMM Show Festivities

NAMM Foundation Day of Service Returns to Anaheim School District

— Musical Workshops and $10,000 Donation to Sunkist Elementary Kicks off NAMM Show Festivities

WHAT: The NAMM Foundation and its members will return for a musical Day of Service in Anaheim, CA, Tuesday, January 23. Happening two days before The NAMM Show, the world’s largest global gathering of the music industry, the hands-on service event supports the organization’s year-round efforts to provide every child in the district with the opportunity for a well-rounded education that includes music.

Sunkist Elementary (K-6) has been chosen as this year’s host location for a day of high-energy, mixed genre, constructive musical learning opportunities. In addition to serving the community and students, NAMM will present a $10,000 check to support the continued growth of music making in Anaheim.

Workshops include:

· Music and Movement - "Move to Mariachi," led by Lynn Brinckmeyer and Marcia Neel

· Ukulele and Singing, led by Lenny ‘Ukulenny’ SanJose

· Guitar and Songwriting, led by Jess Baron, GITC (Guitars in the Classroom)

· HipHop, led by Scott Burstein (Music Will)

· Drumming, led by Mike DeMenno (Remo)

WHO: NAMM President & CEO John Mlynczak; NAMM Executive Committee Members as well as additional NAMM member volunteers, including Tom Sumner (Yamaha Corp. of America), Chris White (White House of Music), Whitney Brown Grisaffi (Ted Brown Music), and more.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 8:30AM - 12:00 PM

WHERE: Sunkist Elementary School

500 Sunkist Street, Anaheim, 92806

Learn more about The NAMM Foundation by visiting / #supportmusic

Jeanne O’Keefe

The Lippin Group for NAMM


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UCI welcomes Year of the Dragon with annual Lunar New Year celebration 9:00am-6pm Monday, Feb. 5


Contact: Cara Capuano
Jan. 22, 2024

UCI welcomes Year of the Dragon with annual Lunar New Year celebration

EVENT: UCI will celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year – heralding the Year of the Dragon – with cultural games, hands-on arts and crafts, food, musical and dance performances, an academic discussion, a dragon parade, a lion dance and more.

WHEN/WHERE: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 5, with activities and performances beginning in the UCI Student Center’s Pacific Ballroom ABC (bldg. 113, grid D5 on campus map: A discussion with author and lawyer James Zimmerman on his book The Peking Express: The Bandits Who Stole a Train, Stunned the West, and Broke the Republic of China will take place at 1 p.m. in the Student Center’s Moss Cove. The Lunar New Year Festival will start at 3:30 p.m. across the street (Pereira Drive) at the Irvine Barclay Theatre (bldg. 1, grid D5 on campus map).

INFORMATION: Media planning to attend should contact Cara Capuano at 949-501-9192 or Attendance is free and open to the public. Hourly parking is available in the Student Center Parking Structure, located near the intersection of Pereira Drive and West Peltason Drive on campus. Parking is complimentary for media who RSVP in advance. Information on the event can be found here:


9-11 a.m. – Cultural activities and performances

UCI Student Center, Pacific Ballroom ABC

UCI’s Department of East Asian Studies hosts a variety of cultural activities, including origami, Chinese arts and crafts, a Japanese karuta game, kimono and hanbok try-ons, and traditional Korean games, followed by musical and dance performances by UCI student groups.

1-3 p.m. – Fireside chat with author James Zimmerman

UCI Student Center, Moss Cove

Join the UCI Long-U.S. China Institute for a fascinating discussion with author James Zimmerman, who will take the audience on a thrilling journey through his book The Peking Express: The Bandits Who Stole a Train, Stunned the West, and Broke the Republic of China, the remarkable true story of train-robbing revolutionaries and passengers who got more than they bargained for.

3:30-6 p.m.* – Lunar New Year Festival

Irvine Barclay Theatre

*The feeding of the lions begins at 3:45 p.m.

UCI’s Lunar New Year Festival creates an atmosphere of pure enchantment, in which captivating performances and traditional customs come to life – from the enthralling dragon parade and lion dance to the cherished wishing tree; energetic beats of UCI Hansori, Hikari Taiko Drummers and KKAP UCI; and delicious food from local vendors. There will be welcoming remarks by UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman and Bill Maurer, dean of the School of Social Sciences, as well as a special event designation presented by California State Treasurer Fiona Ma.

BACKGROUND: UCI’s Lunar New Year celebration is possible through the generous support of the UCI Long-U.S. China Institute and its partners – the School of Social Sciences, the School of Law and The Paul Merage School of Business – in concert with the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, the School of Humanities, the School of Social Ecology, UCI Libraries, the Center for Critical Korean Studies and the Department of East Asian Studies. Additional key sponsors include South Coast Plaza, Charlie and Ling Zhang, the Long Family Foundation, Eugene and Carol Choi, Disney, and the Office of Vice Chancellor Brian Hervey.


For UCI breaking news, visit

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Debbie Gibson, Britt Lightning, Kelsy Karter, Sylvia Massy, and Laura Karpman among those to be honored at the 2024 She Rocks Awards. She Rocks Alumni Susanna Hoffs to co-host.

The Women’s International Music Network presents 12th annual event celebrating women in music on January 25, 2024 in Anaheim, CA. Tickets on sale now. This year’s awards take place on January 25, 2024 at the Ballroom at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA and is open to the public.

ANAHEIM, Calif., November 8, 2023 – The Women’s International Music Network (the WiMN) reveals Debbie Gibson, Laura Karpman, Britt Lightning, Kelsy Karter and Sylvia Massy as the first announced honorees at the upcoming 2024 She Rocks Awards. Susanna Hoffs will co-host this event that recognizes women who stand out as innovators and role models in the music industry. The 12th annual live awards show, which is now an official NAMM-sponsored event, will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at the Anaheim Convention Center Ballroom in Anaheim, CA. Tickets to attend are on sale now here.

Debbie Gibson made history at 16 with her Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper “Foolish Beat,” becoming the youngest artist to write, produce, and perform a number one hit—she is still the youngest female to hold that record for over 30 years. She’s sold over 16 million albums and showcased her talent in 17 musicals, from Broadway’s Les Misérables to the West End’s Grease. In 2019, Gibson joined NKOTB on The Mixtape Arena Tour and judged Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family.” Her 2020 single “Girls Night Out” reached No. 4 on both the U.S. Billboard and U.K. MusicWeek charts. In 2021 she guest-starred on “Lucifer,” and released her first pop album in 20 years, The Body Remembers, which quickly rose to No. 2 on the Apple Pop Sales Charts. In 2022 she embarked on a U.S. solo tour, celebrating the 35th anniversary of her debut album Out of the Blue, and released her first full-length holiday album, Winterlicious. She recently announced a book deal with Gallery for her upcoming memoir. And in 2024 Gibson will celebrate 35 years of her #1 album Electric Youth.

Boasting one of pop’s most beloved voices, Susanna Hoffs was born and raised in Los Angeles with an ever-present soundtrack of ’60s music. Co-founder of the Bangles, a seminal band with three platinum-selling albums, Susanna has recorded four solo albums, including her latest, The Deep End, produced by Peter Asher. After working together in the Austin Powers films, Susanna and Matthew Sweet released three volumes of their acclaimed Under the Covers series. Susanna has collaborated with Rufus Wainwright, Tom Petty, Chris Martin, Mike Campbell, Jack Antonoff, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Aimee Mann, Andrew Bird, Jon Brion, Maya Rudolph, and many others. In 2023, she released her first novel This Bird Has Flown, hailed by The New York Times called it the “smart, ferocious rock-star redemption romance you didn’t know you needed.” NPR called it “a love story — and a valentine to music.” Susanna was honored at the She Rocks Awards in 2015.

Britt Lightning is the lead guitarist for the all-female Platinum selling 80’s rock band Vixen. She is also the Musical Director at Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp, which helps change lives through music and allows people to live their rockstar fantasies and jam with their musical heroes. During COVID Britt hosted and helped to produce over 200 online Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp masterclasses with legendary artists including Roger Daltrey (The Who), Alice Cooper, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and more. Britt has toured with 25-time Grammy Award winning artist Alejandro Sanz, pop artists Rachel Platten and Jason Derulo, and continues to tour with Vixen while working on their upcoming studio album.

Kelsy Karter is an Australian singer, songwriter, musician and the frontwoman of Kelsy Karter & The Heroines, a four-piece Australian/British rock & roll band. She is famously known for pranking the world in 2019 with a fake tattoo of Harry Styles on her face for the promotion of her breakout hit “Harry.” In 2020, after the release of their debut album Missing Person, Rolling Stone Magazine called Kelsy “a beacon for female rock stars.” Kelsy and her band have spent the past several years touring the world as headliners, support and festivals, most recently in 2023 supporting Billy Idol across the US. They are currently working on their second album.

Producer Sylvia Massy is best known for her work with Tool, System of a Down, Skunk Anansie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taylor Hawkins, Johnny Cash, Prince, Jason Isbell and more. She’s received over 25 gold and platinum record awards throughout her career. Sylvia is a vintage audio equipment expert and owns the world’s largest vintage microphone collection. Sylvia’s book “Recording Unhinged” is an Amazon best-seller. She’s an accomplished Fine Artist and Illustrator, Author, Educator and relentless Entrepreneur. But to her many friends, she’s just Sylvia, the Radiant Being.

A bold, incandescent talent, composer Laura Karpman creates powerful, imaginative scores that push the boundaries of storytelling. Her award-winning music, spanning film, television, theater, interactive media and live performance, reflects an audaciously creative, prodigious fresh spirit. Her accolades are many, and include multiple Emmy’s, a GRAMMY and a Critic’s Choice Award. Laura was elected the first female Governor in the Music Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This year is perhaps her most prolific to date, with six film and TV projects alone — Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed (Max), 61st Street (The CW), and American Fiction (MGM/Amazon), while being a leading composer across the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her projects What If? (Disney+), Ms. Marvel (Disney+), and the latest feature from the studio, The Marvels (Disney).

The She Rocks Awards is the premier event during the NAMM Show, bringing together industry professionals, music icons, artists, fans and the media. The annual event honors women who are groundbreakers, innovators and have displayed exceptional leadership within the music and audio industry. Past honorees of the She Rocks Awards include The Go-Go’s, Dionne Warwick, Nancy Wilson, Lzzy Hale, Gloria Gaynor, Linda Perry, Melissa Etheridge, Pat Benatar, Judy Collins, The B-52s, Colbie Caillat, Chaka Khan, Ronnie Spector, Orianthi, The Bangles, and many more, plus a collection of trailblazers and role models from all walks of the music and audio industries.

The 2024 She Rocks Awards will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at The Anaheim Convention Center Ballroom in Anaheim CA at 7:00 p.m. This celebratory evening includes live music, awards and speeches, celebrity appearances, a fabulous silent auction, amazing gift bags and so much more! Tickets to the event which include dinner, and are now on sale. The She Rocks Awards is open to the public; a NAMM Show badge is required to attend the She Rocks Awards. Find out more and purchase tickets at

The 2024 She Rocks Awards is sponsored by NAMM (presenting), PRS Guitars, Positive Grid, Monster Energy, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Foundation,, Roland, Taylor Guitars,, Martin Guitar, Fishman, D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Freeman, Shure, Berklee Online, M.A.C Cosmetics, 108 Rock Star Guitars, Sennheiser, Earthquaker Devices, WRiiG, dw Drums, Cuccio, DiGiCo, Guitar Girl Magazine, The Hollywood Times, Music Connection, AXS TV and more. For information regarding She Rocks Awards sponsorship opportunities, please contact For information regarding She Rocks Awards sponsorship opportunities, please contact

More 2024 She Rocks Awards honorees will be announced soon. Learn more about the She Rocks Awards and get tickets at