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Chris Pegula, joined host Janeane June 26 to chat about his book, Diaper Dude: The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to Surviving the First Two Years



In the new release DIAPER DUDE: The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to Surviving the First Two Years (on sale May 9, 2017), founder of the popular Diaper Dude parenting brand Chris Pegula dives into the first two years of parenting and furthers his deeply held belief that you don’t have to lose yourself when you become a father. Picking up where his first book From Dude to Dad left off, this new guide is once again written in Pegula’s everyman voice and filled with humorous takes on fatherhood from the front lines. We shipped a copy your way last week so you should see it shortly if you haven’t already.

Filled with useful information, hilarious stories of dad madness, a little psychology and science, and engaging sidebars, Diaper Dude covers everything from bonding, babyproofing, and when you’ll have sex again to toddlerhood, tantrums, and tag-teaming with your partner to cover all the bases while staying (somewhat) sane.


Filled with useful information, hilarious stories of dad madness, a little psychology and science, and engaging sidebars, Diaper Dude covers everything from bonding, babyproofing, and when you’ll have sex again to toddlerhood, tantrums, and tag-teaming with your partner to cover all the bases while staying (somewhat) sane.


Filled with useful information, hilarious stories of dad madness, a little psychology and science, and engaging sidebars, Diaper Dude covers everything from bonding, babyproofing, and when you’ll have sex again, to toddlerhood, tantrums, and tag-teaming with your partner to cover all the bases. A perfect pick for Father’s Day, I hope you consider DIAPER DUDE for coverage! Chris is available for interviews and guest articles as well.

“The market for dads wanting to know how to do best by their babies is undeniable… recommended for all dudes.” – Library Journal

“By turns sweet, funny, tender and joyful.” – Work & Family Life

CHRIS PEGULA is the creator of Diaper Dude, America’s most high-profile line of hip gear for cool dads. He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles, CA. Diaper Dude bags have been featured on Oprah, Rachael Ray Show, Today, MSNBC, and more. Video clip here (Chris interviewed around the 1 minute mark). FRANK MEYER is a journalist, author, senior producer at NBC’s Esquire Network, and the proud single father of an eight-year-old girl.

Lauren Lipton, author of Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories and the Power of Transformation. is truly helping make the health benefits of yoga accessible to everyone—no matter what age, shape or size. Laura joined Janeane Monday June 26!



Lauren Lipton, author of Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories and the Power of Transformation. is truly helping make the health benefits of yoga accessible to everyone—no matter what age, shape or size. Check out this piece in New York Magazine and there's more nfo at:

Humans of New York Meets Yoga

Yoga Bodies

Real People, Real Stories and the Power of Transformation

by Lauren Lipton

Photographs by Jaimie Baird

Artfully capturing yoga's vibrant spirit, Yoga Bodies presents full-color yoga-pose portraits of more than 80 practitioners of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels – real people with real stories to share about how yoga has changed their lives for the better. Some humorous, some heartfelt, others profound, the stories entertain as they enlighten, while the portraits – which joyously challenge the "yoga body" stereotype – celebrate the glorious diversity of the human form. Handsomely jacketed and richly visual inside and out, Yoga Bodies is a coffee table – worthy contemplation, a meaningful gift, and a source of endless inspiration for anyone seeking fresh perspectives on how to live well.

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Get ready to hear about the latest toy craze! Listen to my conversation with the fabulous Eliana, aka sslimegirls!

Today, Eliana (aka sslimegirls) was LIVE in our Studios for a great conversation about Slime, how the resurgence of slime is creating an incredible new hobby for teens (and even adults), throughout the country. Plus, sslimegirls shares her ups and downs, and learning moments, as she learns to create a thriving slime business.

So, put down your Elmer's Glue and Borax! It's time to learn from a master of SLIME CREATION! What a blast having sslimegirls in our KUCI Studios.


sslimegirls will be on "Get the FUNK Out! KUCI 88.9fm throughout the summer with updates and advice for all of you Slime creators...stay tuned! 

Do you have some advice or stories you want
to share about Slime? 

E-mail Janeane to find out how to be a guest on the show!

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June 19 - Janeane Bernstein spoke with Director Mark Hayes and Judge Craig Mitchell about the World Premiere of SKID ROW MARATHON Directed by MARK HAYES produced by GABRIELE HAYES - premiering SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2017 - 12:00 PM ArcLight Santa Monica 8


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The World Premiere of SKID ROW MARATHON at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. Director Mark Hayes and producer Gabriele Hayes bring this special LA story to the big screen. Skid Row Marathon tells the story of how a local criminal court Judge Craig Mitchell organizes a running club in LA’s Skid Row that comprises of homeless, recovering and paroled individuals who seek to rediscover their sense of self worth and discovery.

Filmmaker Mark Hayes & Judge Craig Mitchell join host Janeane Bernstein Monday June 19th 9:00am pst on KUCI 88.9fm!


SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2017 - 12:00 PM
ArcLight Santa Monica 8


Skid Row Marathon is a feature length documentary that follows Judge Craig Mitchell and his running club as they prepare for a variety of running events including the Accra International Marathon in Ghana, the LA Marathon and the Rome Marathon. Many of the club members have been living on the streets or in homeless shelters for significant periods of time. They’ve lost everything - their homes, their jobs, their families and relationships. As they run with the Judge, they struggle with their demons and attempt to regain their self-esteem and self-sufficiency. Not everyone succeeds.


Janeane Bernstein spoke with Liz Rohrbaugh (Emmy Award Winner and documentary director of The Perfect Victim) June 19 about her latest film BECKS!

LISTEN to today's show.
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Inspired by the life of singer/songwriter Alyssa Robbins, Becks is not just a lesbian love story, but a universal love story first and foremost that speaks to the broader human experiences of love, heartbreak, and finding one’s place in this world.

BECKS, follows an unambitious musician (Becks) who moves back home to St. Louis after a crushing breakup with her longtime girlfriend Lucy (Hayley Kiyoko). Once back home, she struggles to find a connection with her ultra-Catholic mother Ann (Christine Lahti), a former nun. As she navigates her hometown, playing for tip money in an old friend's bar, an unexpected relationship begins to take shape with Elyse (Mena Suvari), the wife of Becks’ high school nemesis. The film is driven by an original soundtrack produced by veteran music producer Steve Salett and performed by Lena Hall.

The film was co-directed by Liz Rohrbaugh (Emmy Award Winner and documentary director of The Perfect Victim) and Daniel Powell (Emmy and Peabody winning co-creator and Executive Producer of Inside Amy Schumer) and written by both directors in collaboration with Peabody winner, four time Emmy nominee for Key and Peele and producer of FX’s Baskets, Rebecca Drysdale.

Tony winner and Grammy nominee Lena Hall is currently starring in Lincoln Center’s How To Transcend a Happy Marriage to rave reviews. Previously she starred as both ‘Hedwig’ and ‘Yitzak’ in Los Angeles and San Francisco with Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Prior to that Lena starred as ‘Nicola’ in the Tony Award winning musical Kinky Boots.

BAFTA nominated actress Mena Suvari, best know for her provocative role in the 5-time Oscar awarded film American Beauty recently wrapped on TV Land’s pilot American Woman starring opposite Alicia Silverstone. Her prolific career spans from being part of the blockbuster franchise American Pie to starring as the iconic "Back Dahlia” in the TV show American Horror Story.

Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy winner Christine Lahti’s credits range from Sidney Lumet’s Running On Empty and Ed Zwick’s Leaving Normal to TV hit Chicago Hope. Lahti recently shot a lead role in Andrew Currie’s upcoming independent feature The Steps. She was last seen opposite Kristin Wiig and Hailee Steinfeld in Hateship Loveship.

Director: Liz Rohrbaugh and Daniel Powell

Writers: Liz Rohrbaugh & Daniel Powell & Rebecca DrysdaleCast: Lena Hall, Mena Suvari, Christine Lahti, Dan Fogler, Hayley Kiyoko, Rebecca Drysdale, Michael Zegen

Producers: Alex Bach, Liz Rohrbaugh and Daniel Powell
Cinematographer: Kat Westergaard
Editor: Jim Isler
Music: Alyssa Robins and Steve Salett

Available Talent: Lena Hall, Mena Suvari, Christine Lahti

Filmmakers available: Liz Rohrbaugh, Daniel Powell, Rebecca Drysdale, Alex Bach and Alyssa Robins

BECKS SCREENINGS: World Premier - Thursday, June 15 at 8:40PM @ ArcLight Cinemas in Culver City

P&I Screening - Tuesday, June 20 at 12:15PM @ Culver Theater 12

6 Ways My Father Taught Me How to Kick the ^&%$ Out of Life's Tough Moments

1. Be Ridiculously Silly When Necessary

If you want some level of sanity in this world, you will need a sense of humor. If you're lucky, your kids will inherit your craziness. My father's jokes were mostly recycled, but he had a mischievous sense of humor that rubbed off on me. For example, if I left the table to grab the ketchup, my plate would be missing and later found under the table. If my kids step away from their ice cream sundae? Forget it! That is already hidden in the laundry room. And my favorite, the times he made us think those ridiculously made-up words he had in his vocabulary, like “ganubus” and “phanerbin,” were actually a part of the English language. I tell my kids their grandfather had me convinced that if I had “ganubus” on my shirt, I better go wash it.

2. Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

My father used to share silly stories of his academic struggles throughout high school and the first year of college. I must have inherited this gene, because I had my own hurdles. I learned that my father had weaknesses and flaws, but they made him stronger. When I moved in with him for the last year and a half of high school, he helped me pick up my self-esteem and my GPA, both of which hit rock bottom. His technique was simple, and it came down to three simple words: ask for help. Seems obvious, but I never, ever asked anyone for help. I thought I could always figure things out on my own. When I finally took his advice, my grades skyrocketed and I was suddenly no longer afraid to say, "I am lost. I need help." The girl, who most people didn’t believe would be accepted into college, went on to graduate Phi Beta Kappa from Boston University with a doctorate. Thanks, Dad! To this day, I still ask for help.

3. Don't Be An A-Hole

Dad was never afraid to put a total stranger in his place, especially when they were out of line or mistreating others. I added my own angle by doing it politely and leaving out the expletives. He tended to overreact and drop a few F-bombs, but I decided to be more chill and Zen in my thinking. There's a world of rude and inappropriate people, never thinking of those around them. When you see someone, who is being mistreated or needs help, bring your A game! And when it comes to parenting, don't be an a-hole, because your children will mirror your behavior. Treat kids the way you would want to be treated. Hopefully, if you respect them, they will respect you. It's a two-way street.

4. Encourage Hard Work and Practice What You Preach

Encourage your kids to work hard and keep their priorities straight. As a parent, be their cheerleader, mentor, and coach. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a kid with a healthy self-esteem, a strong drive and determination, and a feeling of unconditional love and guidance. Let your kid fall down and pick up the pieces on their own, because that is how they learn and build character. Hard work and guidance build resilience in life. So do all of life's boo-boos.

5. Be Self-Sufficient

When life gets tough, you will need to be tougher. In my single days, I had my own apartment and a mega toolkit from Home Depot. I had drills and more gadgets in there than I knew what to do with. I could put up dry wall, lay down a linoleum floor, mow lawns, and hang up a ton of crooked pictures. I wasn't great at everything, but I tried and failed happily along the way. In almost every apartment I lived, I painted. I was always taking the initiative to change and make things better; this attitude and skill set has positively influenced my teenagers, while making my husband wonder, "What's next?!"

6. Have 9 Lives

Try all sorts of careers. You don't have to be great at them all, but why have unfulfilled dreams and aspirations? Trying something and failing makes us stronger and brings about change. New beginnings or career shifts that might seem absurd, just might help you connect the dots to what lies ahead. Everything usually works out the way it is supposed to. Take it from my Dad: the accountant, comptroller, bakery and car dealership owner, textile worker, women's apparel manufacturer, building and bridge remodeler, and home builder. Oh, and a pretty great Dad to one lucky daughter.

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Heather Haupt, author and popular child educator, discusses the negative effect that our culture has on little boys…and what we can do about it. Tune in July 3 to hear host Janeane Bernstein chat with Heather Haupt

Listen to Heather Haupt discuss her latest book,  KNIGHTS IN TRAINING: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys, with host Janeane Bernstein.

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In recent years there has been an increasing focus in popular culture on the rising numbers of boys seeming to be at loose ends in their early adulthood - with fewer attending college, pursuing work away from home, or starting families of their own. And while there are several factors contributing to this “crisis of men,” many nod to a culture that does not support the ideals that encourage boys to flourish and grow into motivated, courageous and kind adults. Recognizing this negative effect that our culture has on boys, popular educator Heather Haupt sought a way to encourage her own three sons to develop strong character. 

Now, in KNIGHTS IN TRAINING: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys, she shares how to instill essential values in boys by captivating their imaginations and appealing to their love of adventure. Based on the Knights’ Code of Chivalry as depicted in the French epic Song of Roland, she offers ten character-building codes that teach boys the importance of respecting women, pursuing excellence, and standing against injustice.

Heather Haupt discusses:

· Creating a micro-culture that mirrors their values

· Mindful media consumption (i.e. why you don’t want your sons watching Frozen!)

· Why play weapons are a good thing, and how rules for engagement teaches boys courtesy

· Discouraging potty humor - even if it promotes reading

· Learning the art of disagreeing.

KNIGHTS IN TRAINING is an invaluable source for parents searching for a countercultural way to ensure that their sons grow up independent, self-sufficient, and fulfilled.


Heather Haupt is the mother of three knights in training and a spunky little princess. She wants to raise children who will make a difference in this world. As an educator, writer, and popular conference speaker, she inspires parents to pursue a loving and holistic approach to education and parenting. She has taught in a variety of settings ranging from preschool nature classes all the way up to college biology labs and now homeschools her four children. She lives in the Dallas area with her family and writes at

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June 26 9:30am pst Janeane chats with Rachel Flowers, who stars in the film Hearing Is Believing, and filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano. Rachel is an absolute joy with incredible talent. You won't want to miss this one!

Friday, June 16, 2017
Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Listen here, after the show airs June 26.

A film by Lorenzo DeStefano

HEARING IS BELIEVING, the new non-fiction feature from award-winning filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano, introduces the world to the astonishing young musician and composer, Rachel Flowers.

Born 15 weeks premature, Rachel soon lost her eyesight. At two she began playing every song she heard by ear, including Bach fugues. Starting her musical education at the age of 4, it was soon clear that the child had perfect pitch.

DeStefano and his team have created a dynamic and engaging portrait of two years in the life of a tight- knit American family, a single mom and her two kids, living paycheck to paycheck in Oxnard, California, with Rachel's stunning music as the soundtrack. The film revels in Rachel's joyous and free-flowing love of song, illuminating the bonds of family and the divine mysteries of creativity.

Among the great musicians appearing with Rachel in the film are Grammy winners Dweezil Zappa, Arturo Sandoval, and Stevie Wonder, Grammy nominated jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti, the late Progressive Rock icon Keith Emerson, Hawaii ukulele legend Benny Chong, and 50 members of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony.

Rachel is the recipient of many awards, distinctions, and scholarships, including a Stanford University Jazz Residency, Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards, winner of the Ventura County Student Jazz competition, and private instruction in advanced improvisation through the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

Rachel has performed for Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Clark Terry, Herbie Hancock, Herb Alpert, and Wayne Shorter. She is a very active part of several jazz lineups in California and is currently composing original songs and works for orchestra, jazz combo, piano, and voice.

HEARING IS BELIEVING is produced & directed by Lorenzo DeStefano. Executive producer is Patti Channer. Co-producers are Randell J. Brasher, Sandra Laby, Jordan Laby, and Mary Karrh. Editing by Kevin D. Wilson. Cinematography by David Pu'u and Nik Blaskovich. Music by Rachel Flowers.

RT: 104 min / Unrated






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June 19 at 9:45am pst, Dave Evans, Co-Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller DESIGNING YOUR LIFE: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life, joins host Janeane Bernstein on KUCI 88.9fm!

Designing Your Life, which became an instant #1 New York Times bestseller in the fall. Co-author Dave Evans is the designer of the Apple mouse and co-founder of Electronic Arts, and the developer of Stanford’s most popular class. Designing Your Life provides readers with a step-by-step process for figuring out “what they want, who they want to grow into, and how to create a life they love.”

Dave talks about applying the DYL principles to help new college graduates navigate career decision making by giving them a tool kit to try out (AKA prototype) different careers and offer strategies on how to land a job.

Just in time for College Graduation Season:
What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
Whether you’re 22 or 50, this is the question most of us agonize, worry, and speculate about, often leaving us stuck.

Listen to Janeane's conversation with Dave Evans
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Graduates from college have been “winning” at school for the past twenty-two years, but LIFE and WORK are a new game. College grads need to build new skillsets, and fast. Enter Dave Evans (designer of the Apple mouse and co-founder of Electronic Arts) and Bill Burnett (head of the design program at Stanford), developers of Stanford’s most popular class and the authors of the book based on it: DESIGNING YOUR LIFE: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life. Based on the most popular class at Stanford University, DESIGNING YOUR LIFE provides readers with a step-by-step process for figuring out “what they want, who they want to grow into, and how to create a life they love.”

Many recent graduates find themselves in an “option prison” – they went to college so that they’d graduate and have lots of options, but now are in a position of having to make decisions that narrow the field. (Do I want to be a teacher? Work in finance? Code for a tech company? What if I don’t like what I pick? Maybe I’ll just go to grad school and delay the decision, keep on keeping my options open…) DESIGNING YOUR LIFE helps graduates navigate decision making by giving them a tool kit to try out (AKA prototype) different careers and offering strategies on how to choose well.

In development for over 9 years, proven with thousands of college and professional users (including many workshops at Google) and validated through two educational research studies, the DYL methodology is highly accessible and it works.

How to Land a Job
Most of us – especially recent graduates – fall prey to the same mistakes as we network and seek employment.

The standard model of job-seeking – apply online via HR or an online job portal or platform – does not work for most applicants. 52% of employers do not even respond to half of the applicants for a job. With online applications now the norm, it’s hard to get your resume onto someone’s desk, let alone get an interview.

How to maximize your chances when applying online: DYL has concrete tips on how to understand and craft your letter/resume to fit a specific job description; how to write your resume so that it optimizes the chance it will be pulled from the pile; and how to read between the lines of job descriptions.

Most great jobs aren’t listed online (interesting startup jobs; jobs at small companies with fewer than 50 employees (and no HR department); companies with such a pool of interested workers they don’t need to post, etc). Don’t just rely on online listings. Network!
How to network – even if you don’t think you know anyone or don’t have a connection to the companies or people you want to work with. (Trust us – you can find a way in!) DYL teaches you how to maximize your own network (fellow students/graduation; former classmates; family friends; colleagues from internships, etc.) to get to opportunities you are eager to explore; how to leverage Google and LinkedIn to find contacts at organizations you’d be interested in working for; and—most critically—how to network in a way that WORKS.

Media Coverage of DYL:
Want A New Job? Why You're Doing It Wrong -- And How To Do It Right,
It’s not just about jobs. Colleges must help students find their passions., Washington Post
Design Your Way to a Happier Life, The Wall Street Journal
Twitter: @DYourLife / @DaveEvansDYL
Video of the authors talking about the book and ideas here

DAVE EVANS is an adjunct lecturer in the Product Design Program at Stanford, a management consultant, and a co-founder of Electronic Arts.

After 15 years as tech exec, Dave decided his real mission was to help others find and pursue theirs. So he went out on his own working with start-up executive teams, some large corporate clients, but also with countless young adults. They were all asking the same question. “What should I do with my life and why?” Helping people get traction on that question continues to be Dave’s real work, which he finds is most enjoyable and effectively done in the university setting.

Dave taught a course for eight years at UC Berkeley entitled How to Find Your Vocation (aka: Is Your Calling Calling?) and has been a Lecturer in the Stanford Program in Design since 2007. Dave holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a graduate diploma in Contemplative Spirituality from San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Steve Casner, NASA researcher, teaches us that there’s no such thing as an accident…and how to keep ourselves safe

Listen to Janeane's with Steve conversation here

“This helpful and hilarious book may just save your life!” – Deborah Hersman, President of the National Safety Council

After a hundred years of steady improvement, the rate at which people are being injured in everyday accidents is sharply increasing. Asdoctors and medical researchers work busily to extend our lives, more people each year are figuring out ways to cut them short. Car crashes, pedestrian fatalities, home improvement projects gone wrong, mistaken medical diagnoses, adventure sports, even cockroach-eating contests: we’re finding diverse and creative new ways to put our bodies in harm’s way. But according to Steve Casner, who has spent the past twenty years at NASA ensuring the safety of people who hurtle through the atmosphere at the speed of sound, and whose studies on safety have received critical media attention from such publications as The New Yorker and Scientific American, there’s no such thing as an accident. Casner insists these injuries are preventable and that we can take back control of our own well-being. Now, he shares his new book, Careful: A User’s Guide to Our Injury-Prone Minds.

Casner on May 24th as he talks about:

· the many quirks in the way we think about being careful, such as why do we do things like insist on fat-free salad dressing but then text and drive

· the surprising limits of our own ability to pay attention

· judging risk…what’s riskier, jaywalking or kayaking? We don’t walk around with odds like these in our heads, yet we confidently make decisions about risk based on stories we’ve heard or seen

· knowing how and where “bad stuff” happens, including around the house, in the workplace, while watching children, and at the doctor’s office.

By sharing stories of real accidents alongside the simple techniques that could have been used to prevent them, Careful offers a new understanding of how our sometimes fallible minds work so that we increase our chances of getting through the day in one piece.

About the Author:

Steve Casner is a research psychologist who studies the accident-prone mind. A NASA scientist by day, Casner also flies jets and helicopters, rides motorcycles and skateboards, and has surprisingly few scratches on him. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

June 19 at 9:30am pst, Janeane speaks with Legendary rock climber, Tommy Caldwell, who was first to free climb the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan. Janeane and Tommy chat Monday at 9:30am pst June 19!

featured on KUCI 88.9fm Monday June 19 at 9:30am pst!

Listen to Tommy's conversation with host Janeane here.

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Legendary rock climber who was first to free climb the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan shares his inspiring story. A dramatic, inspiring memoir by legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell

On January 14, 2015, legendary rock climber Tommy Caldwell, along with his partner Kevin Jorgeson, summited what is widely regarded as the hardest climb in history -- Yosemite’s nearly vertical 3,000-foot Dawn Wall. The New York Times describes the infamous 3,000-foot slab of granite as “smooth as alabaster, as steep as a bedroom wall, more than half a mile tall.” After an arduous nineteen-day ascent, Caldwell and Jorgeson were the first to summit it without the assistance of ropes, other than to catch their falls. Caldwell’s odds-defying feat was the culmination of an entire lifetime of pushing himself to his limits as an athlete. In his new memoir THE PUSH, he shares his remarkable story.

This engrossing memoir chronicles the journey of a boy with a fanatical mountain-guide father who was determined to instill toughness in his son to a teen whose obsessive nature drove him to the top of his sport. But his evolution as a climber was not without challenges; in his early twenties, he was held hostage by militants in a harrowing ordeal in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Soon after, he lost his left index finger in an accident. Later his wife, and main climbing partner, left him.

Caldwell emerged from these hardships with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. He set his sights on free climbing El Capitan’s biggest, steepest, blankest face—the Dawn Wall. This epic assault took more than seven years, during which time Caldwell redefined the sport, found love again, and became a father.

Caldwell discusses:

  • Growing up with a fanatical mountain-guide father who was determined to instill toughness in his son
  • His affinity for adventure that led him to the vertigo-inducing and little understood world of big wall free climbing
  • Challenges along the way, including being held hostage in his early twenties by militants in a harrowing ordeal in Kyrgyzstan; losing an index finger in an accident; and his breakup with his wife and main climbing partner
  • His decision to climb the Dawn Wall, an epic assault that took more than seven years (during which, he redefined the sport, found love again, and became a father)
  • Becoming an overnight celebrity as major media outlets worldwide tracked his story.

THE PUSH is an arresting account of navigating challenges, testing limits, and following your passion—and a powerful reminder of the extraordinary potential we all hold within us.


Tommy Caldwell grew up in Colorado. He has made dozens of notable ascents, and many consider him the best all-around rock climber in the world. In 2014 he was chosen as one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year, and in 2015 the American Alpine Club awarded him Lifetime Honorary Membership, its highest honor. Caldwell, a frequent contributor to Alpinist, Climbing, and Rock and Ice magazines, lives in the town where he first learned to climb, Estes Park, Colorado, with his wife and their son and daughter.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ginny Moon author Benjamin Ludwig joins host Janeane Bernstein Monday at 9:15am pst

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A life-long teacher of English and writing, Benjamin Ludwig lives in New Hampshire with his family. He holds an MAT in English Education and an MFA in Writing. Shortly after he and his wife married they became foster parents and adopted a teenager with autism. Ginny Moon is his first novel, which was inspired in part by his conversations with other parents at Special Olympics basketball practices.


Ginny Moon

To Ginny, a child with autism, the word Forever means until the police come.

Five years ago the police forcibly removed her from the home of her abusive birth mother, Gloria. Now fourteen, and in her fourth Forever Home, Ginny remains hell-bent on finding her way back to Gloria’s apartment. She has no illusions about her mother’s addictions or lack of parenting skills. She knows that it might be dangerous – that it might even kill her. Still she plots, obsessed with returning to Gloria’s to find something she insists she left behind, something she hid under her bed. Her teachers, therapist, and new Forever Parents are in turn frustrated, infuriated, and perplexed.

The novel opens with Ginny secretly contacting Gloria and revealing her new address. When mother and daughter try to reunite, the police and courts quickly become involved, monitoring Ginny constantly. After her Forever Mother gets pregnant, Ginny’s already-fragile relationship with her disintegrates, and her Forever Parents begin the process of placing Ginny at St. Genevieve’s Home for Girls, effectively un-adopting her.

But Ginny has other plans. She’ll steal and lie, and reach across her past to exploit the good intentions of her aunt and her birth father – anything it takes to get back what’s missing in her life. She’ll even get herself kidnapped: all for the sake of reclaiming her smothered innocence, all for the sake of finding what she left behind the farthest edge of Forever.

Mega-selling author, Melissa De La Cruz joined host Janeane Bernstein June 12 to talk about her latest book, ALEX & ELIZA - about the romance between Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler.

Listen to today's show here!

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About Melissa De La Cruz
Melissa de la Cruz is the #1 New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Publishers Weekly internationally bestselling author of many acclaimed novels. Her latest book ALEX & ELIZA is about the romance between Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler.

With the current HAMILTON craze, this is expected to be one of the biggest books of the summer, and Melissa has the loyal audience, the chops and the history to tell the story.

BUSTLE puts Melissa's newest book, Alex & Eliza at the top of the pack: 9-books-out-in-2017-for-hamilt on-fans-who-just-cant-get-enou gh-41067.

Melissa did this great Q&A, talking about her inspiration for writing the book: 02/melissa-de-la-cruz-alex-eli za-hamilton/. In that piece, Mel also touched upon her personal experience watching Hamilton as a Filipino immigrant who recently became a US citizen after coming to the States, and how seeing a multi-cultural cast breathe life into this moment in history made her feel like she could be part of the American story in a whole new way.

Last but not least she was also recently interviewed as part of this NPR piece on immigrant stories : /512634651/whats-life-like-for -immigrant-kids-2-teen-novels- paint-a-sober-picture


Melissa de la Cruz is the #1 New York Times, #1 Publisher’s Weekly and #1 IndieBound bestselling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for readers of all ages. Her more than thirty books have also topped the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists and have been published in over twenty countries.

The Isle of the Lost, the prequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie The Descendants, has spent more than fifty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, fifteen at #1, and has over a million copies in print. The Descendants starring Kristen Chenoweth and Dove Cameron is the #1 cable TV movie of 2015, and #5 of all time, and its soundtrack is the #1 bestselling album on iTunes. The Isle of the Lost’s sequel, Return to the Isle of the Lost, is also a #1 New York Times bestseller and spent sixteen weeks on the New York Times List. The third Isle of the Lost book will be published in May 2017.

De la Cruz is the author of the Blue Bloods series (with three million copies in print), among many others. Her first series for adults launched with Witches of East End, which People magazine called a “bubbling cauldron of mystery and romance.” The bestseller was followed by Serpent’s Kiss and Winds of Salem. Lifetime Television aired a two-season drama series based on Witches of East End, starring Julia Ormond, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rachel Boston and Mädchen Amick. De la Cruz’s young adult spin-off of the series, Summer on East End has also been optioned for television.

Her recent books include Something in Between, a YA contemporary novel inspired by de la Cruz’s own immigrant experience coming from the Philippines which launched the Seventeen imprint at Harlequin Teen, as well as Alex and Eliza, a historical novel about the romance between Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, forthcoming from Penguin Teen in April 2017.

Angel Falls, a television movie she wrote for the Hallmark Channel, will premiere this December as part of the network’s Countdown to Christmas and will star Rachel Boston from Witches of East End. Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe, her latest novel for adults will be published by St. Martin’s and Melissa has also written the script for the television movie.

A former fashion and beauty editor, Melissa has written for The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney’s, Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl! and Seventeen. She has also appeared as an expert on fashion, trends and fame for CNN, E! and FoxNews.

In addition to her literary work, Melissa is the co-founder of YALLWEST, and the co-director of YALLFEST, two of the largest teen book festivals in the country. She is also on the Advisory Board of Facing History, which reaches five million school children nationwide with a curriculum devoted to teaching empathy and social justice.

She grew up in Manila and moved to San Francisco with her family, where she graduated high school salutatorian from The Convent of the Sacred Heart. At Columbia University, she majored in art history and English.

Melissa de la Cruz lives in West Hollywood, California with her husband and daughter.

Author Daniel McGinn discusses the science behind mental preparation and how it can help us succeed. Daniel joins host Janeane June 12 at 9:00am pst to discuss his latest book, "Psyched Up."

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Closing the sale. Asking for a raise. Nailing the big presentation. The last few minutes before a major challenge can be terrifying. We often feel the most powerless just before we’re expected to act powerful. Practice might make perfect, but perfection is useless if you can’t summon it when it counts. Pulling off a great speech or the pivotal at-bat also requires the right kind of mental preparation. In his new book, PSYCHED UP, journalist Daniel McGinn dives into the latest psychological research and interviews athletes, soldiers, entertainers and others who, despite years of practice and enviable track records, will ultimately be judged on their ability to deliver a solid performance when it’s their turn to shine.

Daniel McGinn discusses:

  • Why trying to calm backstage jitters can be worse for your performance than channeling it into excitement
  • How meaningless rituals can do more to prepare you in the final moments than last-minute rehearsal
  • How a prescription from your doctor could help you unleash your best skill
  • How Jerry Seinfeld’s jacket and Stephen Colbert’s pen help them get laughs
  • What General Stanley McChrystal said to Special Forces before they entered the battlefield
  • Why the New England Patriots hired the DJ for the Red Sox to help them win
  • How Muhammad Ali turned trash-talking into an art form.
Whether you’re a sportsperson or a salesperson, an actor or an entrepreneur, one bad hour can throw away months of hard work. There’s so much conflicting popular advice that we often end up doing the wrong things. McGinn separates the facts from the old wives’ tales and shares new, research driven strategies for activating your talent, optimizing your emotions, and getting psyched up to take the spotlight.

About the Author:DANIEL MCGINN is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review. His writing has appeared in Wired, Inc., the Boston Globe Magazine, and Newsweek. He lives in suburban Boston with his family.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

World Premiere of SKID ROW MARATHON at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. Director Mark Hayes and producer Gabrielle Hayes bring this special moving and inspiring LA story to the big screen! Janeane Bernstein features this film on June 19 - 9:45am pst!

World Premiere of SKID ROW MARATHON at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. Director Mark Hayes and producer Gabrielle Hayes bring this special moving and inspiring LA story to the big screen. 

SKID ROW MARATHON tells the story of how Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell organizes a running club in LA’s Skid Row comprised of homeless, recovering and paroled individuals who seek to rediscover their sense of self worth and discovery. The film follows a budding artist, a single mom and a former rock musician, all of whom are fighting their way out of homelessness, addiction or the prison system. Through the streets of LA and around the world, Judge Mitchell and the Skid Row Running Club truly approach each race and each day one step at a time, as they run their way toward a brighter future.


When a criminal court judge starts a running club on LA’s notorious skid row and begins training a motley group of addicts and criminals to run marathons, lives begin to change.

SKID ROW MARATHON follows four runners as they rise from the mean streets of LA to run marathons around the world, fighting the pull of homelessness and addiction at every turn.

Their story is one of hope, friendship, and dignity.
The world premiere of the film is on June 17 at Noon at the Arclight Santa Monica. More info on the screenings is listed below.

Director Mark Hayes, producer Gabriele Hayes, Judge Craig Mitchell and subjects of the film are available for interviews now and during the festival.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mitch Prinstein, a leading psychologist, examines how our popularity affects our success, our relationships, and our happiness—and why we don’t always want to be the most popular

“Popular will make you rethink every social interaction you’ve had since high school”

Susan Cain, New York Times bestselling author of Quiet

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No matter how old you are, there’s a good chance that the word “popular” immediately transports you back to your teenage years. Most of us can easily recall the adolescent social cliques and the high school pecking order, and even as adults we all still remember exactly where we stood and the powerful emotions associated with our status persist decades later. 

In his new book, Popular, UNC professor of psychology and neuroscience examines why popularity plays such a key role in our development and, ultimately, how it still influences our happiness and success today. But it’s not always the conventionally popular people who fare the best, for the simple reason that there is more than one type of popularity—and many of us still long for the wrong one. As children, we strive to be likable, which can offer real benefits not only on the playground but throughout our lives. In adolescence, though, a new form of popularity emerges, and we suddenly begin to care about status, power, influence, and notoriety—it is this type of popularity that hurts us more than we realize.

Mitch Prinstein discusses how:

  • The old dynamics of our youth continue to play out in every business meeting, every social gathering, in our personal relationships, and even how we raise our children
  • Popularity affects our DNA, our health, and mortality
  • More than childhood intelligence, family background, or prior psychological issues, research indicates that it’s how popular we were in our early years that predicts how successful and how happy we grow up to be
  • Realistically, we can’t ignore our natural human social impulses to be included and well-regarded by others, but we can learn how to manage those impulses in beneficial and gratifying ways. Prinstein shows us how to make the wisest choices for ourselves and for our children, so we may all pursue more meaningful, satisfying, and rewarding relationships.

About the Author

Mitch Prinstein*, Ph.D. is a husband, a father, board certified in clinical child and adolescent psychology, and serves as the John Van Seters Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, and the Director of Clinical Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prinstein’s Peer Relations Lab has been conducting research on popularity and peer relations for almost 20 years, and has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute of Child and Human Development, and several private foundations, resulting in over 100 scientific works, including a slew of scientific journal articles, book chapters, a set of encyclopedias on adolescent development, and even a textbook on the field of clinical psychology.

* He was not popular in high school.

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Award-Winning Author Dipika Mukherjee featured on KUCI 88.9fm as she speaks with host Janeane Bernstein about her New Novel, Shambala Junction

Shambala Junction, a New Novel by Award-Winning Author Dipika Mukherjee, Launches in US
The novel tackles the subject of international adoptions with humor and insight.

Click here to listen to Janeane Bernstein chat with author Dipika Mukherjee!

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Chicago-based author Dipika Mukherjee won the Virginia Prize for Fiction, a UK literary prize, for her coming-of-age novel Shambala Junction. The novel is to be launched in the USA next month.

Set in India, the story is about Iris, an American who is visiting India for the first time with her fiancé and not enjoying the trip. When she steps down from the train at Shambala Junction to buy a bottle of water, little does she know that her life will radically change. Stranded at the small town, she becomes involved in a local stall-holder’s battle to recover a lost child - one which is about to be sold to a rich Westerner. Along the way, she discovers not only herself - but friendship, courage and a love of India.

Dipika Mukherjee's debut novel was long-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize then published as Thunder Demon (Gyaana, 2011, South Asia) and Ode to Broken Things (Repeater, 2016). She has one short story collection, Rules of Desire (Fixi, 2015) which is a bestseller in Malaysia, and has edited three anthologies on Southeast Asian fiction: Champion Fellas(Word Works, 2016), Silverfish New Anthology 6 (Silverfish, 2006) and The Merlion and Hibiscus (Penguin, 2002).
She won the 2014 Gayatri GaMarsh Memorial Award for Literary Excellence (USA) and the Platform Flash Fiction competition (India) in April 2009.

She is Contributing Editor of Jaggery and curated an Asian/American Reading Series for the Guild Literary Complex, Chicago. She holds a doctorate in English (Sociolinguistics), has taught language and linguistics in several countries and is a Faculty Affiliate at the Buffett Institute for Global Studies Northwestern University.

According to publisher Cheryl Robson:
“This novel was the clear winner of the Virginia Prize for Fiction in 2016 from over 100 entries from around the world. It’s surprising for a novel to have such a light touch when dealing with the serious subject of child-trafficking, and the author manages to entertain us with the plight of the central character, a wealthy but naïve Asian American, who finds herself in the middle of a crisis, when the poor family who ‘adopt’ her have trouble regaining possession of their own baby.”
Dipika Mukherjee says in an interview for Rumpus( “Here’s the truth: We have a problem with the trafficking of female children in India. People should be – and some are – fighting it. The feticide numbers for girls are horrifying. Telling a human story, with individuals experiencing the effects of an actual political issue – that’s my part in shaking the ground.”

Writer/Producer Sarah Simi speaks with Janeane Bernstein about the film “The Adventures of Woollyfoot & Friends” an Official Selection in the 4th annual Dances with Kidz Festival, sponsored by the prestigious Dances With Films!


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chat with Writer/Producer Sarah Simi!

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Stop Motion Animation short for pre-schoolers making festival debut in Hollywood

Los Angeles, May 22 - The British multi-award winning animation company Woolly Vision will present their new stop-motion animated short film “The Adventures of Woollyfoot & Friends”, an Official Selection in the 4th annual Dances with Kidz Festival, sponsored by the prestigious Dances With Films, on Saturday, June 10th at 3PM.

Written and produced by Sarah Simi and Ed Hartwell and directed by Ed Hartwell the film tells the story of Woollyfoot, a loveable monster living in the wilderness who explores his environment and makes friends through music, dance and the discarded objects he finds in the forest.

As follow up to their hugely successful comedy (stop motion animation) adult comedy series “nudinits”, the duo decided to take their unique product into the realm of children’s programming. Both projects are the brainchild of writer and designer Sarah Simi, who explains: "I came up with the idea of an entirely knitted world and thought it would make a great animation. So I collaborated with animator Ed Hartwell and together we have made these films.”

Now in its 4th year, Dances With Kidz, part of Dances With Films, highlights films both made for kids and made by kids, presenting the most creatively inspired kid and family focused films on the indie circuit.

“The Adventures of Woollyfoot & Friends” will screen on Saturday, June 10 at 3PM, at the Chinese 6 Theater, 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. Tickets can be purchased online at

For more information contact Deborah Gilels, LA Media Consultants at 818-758-6509, email

Feeling in a career funk? Want to learn more about how mobile, games and video are playing an important role in our learning and performance? That makes two of us! Here's the scoop on a great event called FocusOn Learning 2017 - and did I mention part of the event is FREE?!

FocusOn Learning 2017: Mobile, Games, Video
June 20-21 in San Diego, CA!

The world of learning and performance is constantly evolving. Our dynamic industry demands an event that targets these changes, enabling us to incorporate them into our strategies and practices. FocusOn Learning 2017 Conference & Expo takes a deep dive into these trends and technologies, exploring examples of best practices so you learn how to harness these technologies in a way that’s right for you.

Looking to make a career change, get inspired, and learn all about the latest in mobile, games and video learning? Come join me as I explore FocusOn Learning 2017!


FocusOn Learning is designed to help you make sense of today’s most disruptive technologies and strategies. This event targets the topics most organizations are exploring to enhance their approaches to learning and development: the reliance on mobile as a primary technology to interact with content, the growing usage of video as an interactive medium for learning, and the expanding world of games and gamification to improve performance and employee engagement. Whether you are working in a corporate, academic, or government setting—and whether you’re focused on setting the strategy or leading the development effort—you’ll find the ideas, information, and connections you need to succeed at FocusOn Learning.

Senior executives (CLOs, VPs, deans, etc.)
Training/eLearning directors and managers
Curriculum managers
Learning systems analysts
Interface and multimedia designers
Education specialists
Education program managers
LMS/LCMS administrators

Instructional designers
Instructional developers
Curriculum development specialists
eLearning media specialists
IT and computer training managers
Learning and training coordinators
IT coordinators supporting learning systems

Plus many others looking for new tools, technologies, strategies, and practices to enhance their knowledge, expertise, and capability with mobile, games, and video.


DemoFest is a collective explosion of inspiration, learning, and networking unlike any conference activity you’ve ever seen!

DemoFest is your chance to explore mobile, games, and video in action and see a wide variety of solutions in which these technologies and approaches were used to address common challenges we all face. Move from table to table and check out dozens of real-world projects created by peers and pioneers in the field, meet the designers and developers who created these solutions, and learn about the tools, technologies, and processes used to build them.

Don’t miss DemoFest, Wednesday, June 21, 5:00p to 6:30p!

The Expo runs from 9:30 – 6:30 on Tuesday June 20. The Expo reception starts at 5pm, and then on Wednesday June 21, the Expo runs from 9:30am – 3pm, DemoFest starts at 5pm and is FREE!

Kate Brown, Content Coordinator at The eLearning Guild, shares the Top Ten Reasons to Join
FocusOn Learning in San Diego!

At FocusOn Learning, you’ll discover best practices you can apply in your own context, and you’ll learn how to use mobile, games, and video successfully the first time around. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should join us in San Diego, California June 2017!

1. Get your hands on actionable content that will influence your work in the ways you need.
2. Keep up with all the recent changes in mobile, games, and video, and don’t fall behind on a thing!
3. Discover which mobile, game, and video strategies are right and wrong for your organization.
4. Learn from peer experiences that only come from networking, and head back to the office with resources that you can reach out to after the conference.
5. Explore an expo filled with 30+ leading industry suppliers, ready to show you how their tools, technologies, products, and services can help you in your work. Can’t make it to the full conference? Sign-up for a complimentary Expo+ pass today:
6. Gain skills and knowledge that you can immediately put to work in your organization.
7. Learn from experts about opportunities presented by mobile, game, and video technologies.
8. Gain a better understanding of how various technologies can enhance and support learning and performance.
9. Enjoy the most comprehensive program on mobile, games, and video that our industry has to offer.
10. Leave with new ideas and an understanding of where you and your team should focus your time and energy.

Discover even more reasons to attend FocusOn Learning:

Expo information page:

Expo registration:

FocusOn Learning website homepage:

LIVE on KUCI - 7/17/24 9:00am - Janeane chats with Producer Jay Silverman about his latest film CAMERA, starring Beau Bridges

LISTEN ‘CAMERA’ starring Beau Bridges, centers around a young mute boy who uses an old film camera to express his point of view, with the h...