Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jared Nichols, futurist, consultant, speaker, and coach joins me on Get the FUNK Out!

I had a great time chatting with Jared on today's show!

If you missed any part of the show, listen here.

About Jared:
Jared Nichols is a futurist, consultant, speaker, and coach who has spent over 13 years helping companies identify and create their long-term successful future. Jared regularly advises organizations, businesses, and individuals in various realms of systems implementation, risk management, and long-term development strategy.

Jared has published over 20 articles and is the author of Leading the 21st Century: The CEO’s Guide to Thriving in a Volatile and Uncertain Environment, and Four Futures for the 21st Century Non-Profit. Jared is 1 of 12 thought leaders from the U.S, Canada and England selected as advisors for the holistic crowdsourcing curriculum project launched by Graceland University and the Center for Communities of the Future.

Jared also holds a Master's Degree in Strategic Foresight and is regularly quoted in the media on a wide variety of issues which, have recently included the future of entrepreneurship, the changing face of the news industry, capitalizing in uncertain times, the information economy, and the future of the workforce and education.

Jared is also a musician, competitive cyclist, and trail runner living in Boone, NC with his wife and 2 year-old son.

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