Thursday, November 20, 2014

Johnny Schillereff, founder of Element and recent TEDx Orange Coast Speaker, joined me Monday at 9:30am!

Great show today featuring Johnny Schillereff! 
If you missed my conversation with Johnny, listen here.

About Johnny Schillereff
At the age of four, Johnny Schillereff got his first skateboard and a lifetime passion was discovered. Escaping the turbulence and dysfunction of a troubled childhood, Johnny began to find solace in world of skateboarding and its subcultures. Ironically, the path that most people frowned upon and attempted to detour him from was the very path that saved him. The few things that kept him grounded were his passions for the outdoors, art, and the skateboard under his feet. In pursuit of these disparate passions Johnny merged this unlikely marriage of our urban culture and the natural environment – and Element was born.

Element was created out of a passion and an unwavering dedication to making a positive difference. The brand continues to grow while honoring its deepest roots of skateboarding and the lifestyle that surrounds it. From team riders and advocates to product, Element embodies the unbounded potential of creativity and imagination. Today Element, identified by the iconic tree logo Johnny created, is now sold in more than 100 countries and has developed into a lifestyle brand spanning skateboards, accessories and apparel for men and women. Johnny’s entrepreneurial spirit and vast achievements have made him an industry maverick and pioneer that continues to shine today.

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