Sunday, December 21, 2014

Teacher, Master Gardener, Musician, and fellow KUCI DJ Ann Lui joined me Monday at 9:00am!

Thanks to special guest Ann Liu for joining me this morning for a fun conversation about gardening, music and more! If you missed the show, listen here.

About Ann Liu
Ann was born and raised in Los Angeles of immigrant Chinese parents who were rice farmers before immigrating in 1924 and 1936. She taught 37 years in Alhambra School --both general education and special education- Deaf and Hard of Hearing. After retiring in 2009, Ann was trained as a Master Gardener with the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) in Orange County. She has volunteered in many different venues, such as the Heritage Museum rose garden, South Coast Research Center- fruit trees and sustainable garden, Food and Farm Lab at The Great Park, Speaker’s Bureau, and most recently – KUCI DJ for “In the Garden” show on Thursdays at 8:30-9:30.
Ann and her husband decided to re-do their entire Irvine home landscape in 2010 to make it more drought tolerant and sustainable. (No more lawn!) They changed their irrigation methods to fit the different micro-climates in their yard and include edibles in their landscape. They have a large area of all edibles mixed with California natives on the west facing side. They also have a long “Berry Wall” on the south side where they enjoy blackberries and raspberries April-July and then have grapes, mints, and fennel the rest of the warm season. They also have three large blueberry pots near their acid loving shadier plants. Altogether, they have 13 fruit trees.

Gardening and music (flute and piano) are her big favorite past times. Ann's four children are now all grown and live in Seattle, Davis, Sacramento, and Allentown, PA. Ann lives at with her husband, John, and they care for John's 101-year old mom, who enjoys their beautiful garden every day with them.

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