Sunday, May 10, 2015

Phil Hessler. producer of the documentary Far From Home, joined me on today's show!

If you missed Phill Hessler on today's show, listen to our conversation here!

Far from Home tells the inspirational journey of Phil's adopted brother Brolin Mawejje in his quest to become the first snowboarder to ever represent an African country in the Winter Olympics while also training as an orthopedic surgeon.
This is the incredible journey of Brolin Mawejje, a Ugandan immigrant and pre-med student, who hopes to become Africa's first Olympic snowboarder. Follow the unlikely community that helped him rally the support of an entire nation in his quest to make history for the African continent.

You can watch the trailer here at

The film was shown at the Newport Beach film festival on Monday April 27th at the Island Cinema,

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