Sunday, May 15, 2016

Diane Morgan, an award-winning cookbook author, freelance food writer, culinary instructor, and restaurant consultant, joined me Monday at 9:30am!

Diane Morgan 9:30am Monday!

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Salmon is the third-most consumed seafood in North America, not only for its exceptional flavor and versatility, but for its undeniable health benefits. Rich in Omega-3s, it's a rich protein source for those looking to eat healthier, consume less meat, or transitioning to a paleo or pescatarian diet.

In Salmon, acclaimed author Diane Morgan has crafted a go-to reference for home cooks who want to add more creative preparations of salmon to their repertoire. The book provides the basics as well as tips including Wild versus Farmed Salmon, Know Your Species, Salmon and Health, and a Salmon Preparation Primer.

Then it is on to 45 recipes that showcase the best ways to prepare this luscious, accessible fish. The recipes span five categories:

Raw and Cured including Salmon Tartare with Fresh Herbs and Cucumber Ribbons

On the Stovetop including Crisp Rice-Coated Salmon with a Citrus Sriracha Sauce

In the Oven including Slow-Cooked Salmon with Spring Vegetables

On the Grill including Salmon Grilled on a Bed of Herbs

Second Helpings including Salmon Risotto with a Parsley and Orange Gremolata

Informative and full of recipes that will work for both beginners and those looking for new ideas for a favorite fish, Salmon is off the hook.

Diane Morgan is an award-winning cookbook author, freelance food writer, culinary instructor, and restaurant consultant. She is the author of over a dozen cookbooks, including the James Beard and IACP winning Roots. She lives in Portland, Oregon.
Leigh Beisch is a San Francisco-based food photographer.

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