Saturday, September 23, 2017

9/25 @9:15am pst, Adrien Finkel joined host Janeane Bernstein to talk about her project and forthcoming book, "The Naked Truth Project."

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For as long as I can remember, I have been writing down words that strike me in the heart. I will never forget the first mantra that blew my mind when I was a kid. "Bloom where you are planted." I wrote those words on bathroom stalls, restaurant napkins, and in all of my diaries. From then on, I lived for that thrilling moment when I heard something inspiring from a book, song, or person. I furiously scribbled on my notebooks, soles of my shoes, hands and arms, making sure I was logging what moved me. These sayings and quotations became my navigation system for any roadblock. They have dragged me out of heartbreak, hurdled me into uncharted waters, and grounded me when all has felt pointless.

In the midst of my twenties, I began to feel deeply under water while trying to make a life worth living. The idea of a nine to five job, a serious relationship, and a savings account felt like the opposite of "life goals." My sticky note piles of wisdom felt stale and replayed. For answers, I turned to friends and family. I started to seek out what words help them find peace and resilience. Responses poured in in abundance. People started to ponder. Everyone wanted to share.

I didn't have much. Just a camera, a marker, and desperation for some guidance. With trust and an open heart people started sharing the words and quotes they hold most dear to them. This purge of passed down wisdom quickly turned into personal confessions and secrets revealed. Together we found connection, relief, and breakthroughs at every turn. Friends introduced me to strangers, who introduced me to their friends, and before I knew it I had sat across from over 200 beautiful souls carrying notebooks and open hearts. We cried, we laughed, and I learned that listening might just be the key to my own growth and healing.

These conversations, catapulted me into a new phase of my life. I am filled with more confidence, sympathy, and courage as each day passes. However, my endless thirst for connection, reason, and wisdom still beats within my chest. What are we here for? How do we make our days meaningful? How do we live enriched, full lives with all of the pressures of the world in tow? That is where you come in. My Naked Truth is that I have hard time letting go of the fact that I can't control my future. What is your Naked Truth? Let's chat.

National CPR and AED (Automated External Defribrillator) Awareness Week is June 1st through 7th. Janeane will be in conversation with a cardiac arrest survivor, Steven Munatones, and Dr. Shira Schlesinger.

According to, back in 2007, the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council collaborate...