Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jamie Cat Callan, author of PARISIAN CHARM SCHOOL: French Secrets for Cultivating Love, Joy, and That Certain je ne sais quoi (TarcherPerigee) joined host Janeane Bernstein 1/29 live on KUCI 88.9fm!

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In this engaging title, Cat Callan (French Women Don’t Sleep Alone) observes how our society has lost regard for charm and the joy that it contributes to our daily lives. It seems that Tinder and “Netflix and Chill” have replaced the subtle and intoxicating process of getting to know someone new; a splurge on fresh flowers for our table is deemed wasteful; and conversation on a need-to-know basis has replaced the deliciously flirtatious volleying that comes with more relaxed encounters.

Cat Callan is herself charming, and can expound on several talking points, including:

· Why French women don’t date

· How to bring charm into your home on a budget

· Why the French are not goal-oriented in their relationships

· How to go gray and stay alluring well after fifty

· How French women sustain tension and passion in long-term relationships

· 8 ways to slow down and bring charm into our lives


In an age where potential relationships are pursued with the swipe of a finger, conversations consist of emoji-filled texts, and dinner and a movie have been replaced by “Netflix and chill,” the notion of “charm” seems like a relic of a bygone era.

Yet, if we reintroduce charm into our lives – in the way we consume, in the way we socialize, and in the way we approach relationships – we can become more mindful of an element of beauty and mystery that we were previously blind to and which, in turn, makes us more alluring ourselves. In PARISIAN CHARM SCHOOL: French Secrets for Cultivating Love, Joy, and That Certain je ne sais quoi (a TarcherPerigee Hardcover; on sale January 2, 2018, ISBN 978-0-143-130963), bestselling author Jamie Cat Callan reveals how her interactions with Parisian women, and their ability to incorporate charm into seemingly all aspects of their lives, showed her how this unassuming attribute was integral to their irresistible appeal. In this engaging guide to cultivating inner beauty, mystique and je ne sais quoi, Callan shows readers:

· The allure of French self-reliance

· Why French women prefer dinner parties to dating

· The art of French flirtation

· How French women sustain tension and passion in long-term relationships

Filled with advice and insights from Parisian women, PARISIAN CHARM SCHOOL reveals how we can cultivate charm in all aspects of our lives so that we can embrace more love, passion, and joy in our relationships with others and with ourselves.


Jamie Cat Callan is the author of the bestselling books French Women Don't Sleep Alone, Bonjour, Happiness! and Ooh La La! French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day. Her books have been published in twenty-one countries and have been featured in major magazines, including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Time. Jamie makes her home in New York's Hudson Valley at La Belle Farm, where she and her husband have created a little bit of France and grow lavender, sunflowers and produce their own brand of French sparkling apple cider.

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