Thursday, March 14, 2019

3/18/19 @9am pst - Clinical Hypnotherapist Georgia Foster joined host Janeane to talk about her latest book Drink Less in 7 Days

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Clinical Hypnotherapist Georgia Foster has been a long sought after expert commenter on the subject of how to drink less in her home country of Australia, and in the UK where she now lives. February is "boost your self esteem month" and her angle on drinking too much is that people think self-critically and unhealthfully which leads to over-drinking, so her message has particular resonance this time of year! Here she is last January on Sky News (major London news source) talking about binge drinking and why culture’s of drinking occur:

She released her new research-based guidebook, “Drink Less in 7 Days” (Red Door Publishing, February 1, 2019) to assist a unique and often neglected audience: those who feel like they are drinking too much but who are by no means alcoholics.

A specialist in the myriad of unique problem-drinking behaviors, Foster sought to create a personalized approach to cutting back alcohol consumption. By addressing the emotional roots of over-drinking behaviors, Foster can help rewire your brain to enjoy alcohol in moderation instead of using it as a crutch.

In an interview Georgia discusses:

The importance of focusing on our thinking (instead of our drinking) in managing alcohol consumption

  • Her own background with emotional drinking
  • The role an “Inner Critic” plays in our drinking habits
  • How some former “problem drinkers” are able to manage drinking without cutting it out completely
  • Hypnotherapy and its role in her 7-day drinking program

Increased alcohol consumption in society today is rarely out of the news. But it seems that most therapies and therapists offer an all-or-nothing solution—give up completely or give in to the drink. However, for those of us who would like to reduce our intake without giving up completely, clinical hypnotherapist Georgia Foster offers a middle way—and even better, it takes just seven days! Georgia is a world-leading therapist, specializing in overdrinking behavior (as well as anxiety and self-esteem and other issues). Her drink less courses have a high success rate (95% of attendees report reduced alcohol consumption) and here she shares the secrets of this success. Georgia uses short questionnaires and tick boxes to help the reader establish how they currently relate to alcohol and then gives simple, practical steps to help the reader take back control of their drinking.

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