Wednesday, May 22, 2019

5/22/19 - Janeane spoke with Leonard Kim, managing partner at InfluenceTree, a brand accelerator where Kim and his team build and develop your (personal or business) brand. Kim also shared details about his up-coming book he co-authored with Ryan Foland called Ditch the Act.

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Use your failure, mistakes, and vulnerabilities to fund success―the proven guide to building a powerful personal brand through the fearless admission of just being human

Business professionals are finding it harder and harder to break through the noise. The problem is, most of it is just that: noise. What if you could gain more career success, respect, and a powerful digital presence by being your natural, flawed self instead of pretending to be perfect? Ditch the Act takes a strategic approach to this little-known secret to help you build an authentic, long-lasting personal brand. The authors―both marketing and communications experts―explain why exposure is important and how it cultivates more durable connections than any polished persona can, and they show how to use stories of failure and weakness in ways that build trust and loyalty from large audiences.

Inside, you’ll find an actionable, 7-step process for driving brand differentiation and growth. Actions include:

•Crafting a unique bio and creating an “exposure resume”
•Writing out stories and thought leadership insights based on the exposure resume
•Extracting key content pieces to turn into video scripts for posting, sharing, and embedding in existing content
•Fostering camaraderie in new relationships

People are getting weary of―and, frankly, seeing right through―the oversized egos dominating the business world today. By building a personal brand that is honest and authentic and that reveals personal struggles, you can build stronger, longer-lasting relationships―and achieve greater success.

Leonard Kim is managing partner at InfluenceTree, a brand accelerator where Kim and his team build and develop your (personal or business) brand. He also spearheads digital strategy for USC's Medical Enterprise. On the side, Kim is a keynote speaker and blogs at He currently resides in Los Angeles and loves cupcakes.

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