Monday, March 29, 2021

Janeane speaks with MEAGHAN B MURPHY Editor-in-Chief at Woman’s Day and Author of YOUR FULLY CHARGED LIFE: A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy and Filling Every Day with Yay

A high-energy guide to living with presence, optimism, and joy--one yay at a time!

“If you want more energy and focus, read this book now. You’ll find simple, science-backed ways to feel better so you can achieve what matters most, while always staying true to who you are.”

--Marie Forleo, #1 NY Times bestseller Everything is Figureoutable

Ever wish you were one of those upbeat, positive people who embrace every day with a can-do mindset that motivates others and simply makes life more fun? Longtime magazine editor Meaghan B Murphy is one of those high-energy people--and she's here to share her secrets for finding more yay every day. Meaghan is the super successful supermom (recently promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Woman's Day) who does it all with a smile. And it’s not about doing the most or being the best – it’s about changing your perspective and making small changes that have big results.

Janeane speaks with


Editor-in-Chief at Woman’s Day and Author of


A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy

and Filling Every Day with Yay

Video of Meaghan as a contributor on the TODAY Show:

How to host a movie night in your backyard

YOUR FULLY CHARGED LIFE is Meaghan's practical guide to bringing your best self to every moment, even when the pressures of daily life leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and wallowing in negative thoughts. Spanning health, work, family time, and more, this book reveals small changes in outlook and habits that yield big results, without ever sacrificing who you are.

Informed by the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and inspiring examples of women and men who live fully charged every day, YOUR FULLY CHARGED LIFE goes beyond platitudes and shallow Insta-inspiration. This inspiring and empowering book provides a blueprint for feeling less stressed and genuinely making the most of your every day.

In an interview, Meaghan can offer advice including:

· Say YES to More Things You Love: Rather than just saying NO to things you don’t enjoy and freeing yourself from undue burdens or anxieties, fill your calendar with things that make you happy.

· Work/Life Balance – Forget it! Rather than worry about work/life balance, embrace integration and connect parts of your life with your job. Allow all of your different personas (career self, mom self, etc.) to co-exist and cooperate.

· Celebrate Everything: Meaghan is all about high-fiving ALL holidays because they’re excuses to have fun and remind yourself and your family how important fun really is. Taco Tuesday has become a Team Murphy National Holiday during the pandemic. In those early days of lockdown, it was all we had to look forward to! They now have t-shirts, string lights, 5 types of garland, taco plates and napkins, and a singing taco cat.

· Tap into Flower Power: Buy yourself the $1.99 carnations on your next grocery run and cut them short and tight in a mason jar and plop those bad boys on the kitchen table to spark joy. Meaghan even cites Harvard research that talks about the mood magic of putting flowers in the house.

· Dress Up to Feel Up: On her crappiest days during the pandemic, Meaghan would shower, beach wave her hair, and throw on some mascara – it’s what she calls “dopamine dressing!” She made all of her mom friends get out of their sweats!

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Meaghan B Murphy is a longtime magazine editor, writer, on-air lifestyle expert, podcaster, and certified trainer. Currently the content director at Woman's Day magazine, Murphy is a media veteran who previously served as executive editor of Good Housekeeping. She lives with her husband and their three children and fur baby in Westfield, New Jersey.

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