Friday, July 23, 2021

Stacia Deutsch - #1 NYTimes Best Selling Author, who has written more than 300 kids books, ghost writer and more!

Stacia Deutsch is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 300 children’s books. She writes mostly chapter books and mid-grade, often for licensed characters. Stacia loves playing with known characters in worlds that already exist. Her career started with her own, award-winning, Blast to the Past series about four kids who time travel and meet famous people in history which was a result of her obsession with time travel stories! 

Stacia's first movie novelization was Batman: The Dark Knight and since then she has written many more. Most recently, she wrote the movie novel for Boss Baby 2. Mystery books are also a big love! She’s lucky to be one of many Carolyn Keenes having written several Nancy Drew and then, Boxcar Children written as Gertrude Chandler Warner. Currently, she is launching the Boxcar spin-off The Jessie Files. 

Stacia's newest titles include the Friendship Code for Girls Who Code/Penguin, seven novels for Spirit: Riding Free (Little Brown/Dreamworks), and LEGO stories, of course! Stacia lives on a California ranch with 4 horses, 3 dogs, and a cat that makes her sneeze.

Instagram: Staciadeutsch_writes
twitter: @staciadeutsch
RealMahjongg: Stacia_writes

Stacia's website

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