Thursday, November 4, 2021

Coming up! Laura Steuer and Donne Davis of Friendly Voices - Phone buddies for Seniors

Friendly Voices - Phone Buddies for Seniors

Improve seniors' well-being and reduce loneliness through phone friendship organization. Manage volunteer callers and senior clients based in three U.S. time zones. Organization featured in USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism and McKnight's Senior Living.

Phone buddies for seniors to reduce social isolation and improve well-being. Our weekly calls by trained, compassionate volunteers can serve seniors anywhere, whether living in facilities or at home. 

Laura Steuer, founder and director. 20 years' experience with nonprofit and education, including a decade of phone outreach programs.

Donne Davis, co-founder. Columnist, blogger, and nonprofit leader on grandparenting and intergenerational communication. Donne Davis, founder of the GaGa Sisterhood, a national social network for enthusiastic grandmas, and author.

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