Monday, July 25, 2022

Coming up 7/24 9am pst - Susannah B is an accomplished singer-songwriter, screenwriter and writer John Anderson talk about their latest project Daddy's Eyes

Sacrifices must be made to make it to the top of the music world. No one knows this better than Dixon James, who promised his wife they would get there. In this haunting message of hope and despair, mother and daughter singers have been separated for over twenty years by race, wealth, fame, and a heroin addiction. They long to find one another…. Before it’s too late. In the tradition of a Greek tragedy, the journey is never straightforward.

Susannah B is an accomplished singer-songwriter, screenwriter and actor. A Los Angeles resident for most of her adult life, Susannah (aka Susannah Blinkoff) grew up in Manhattan as the daughter of well-known Broadway composer/lyricist Carol Hall. From an early age, Susannah was acting off-Broadway and singing professionally in NYC clubs. At Brown University, she met her longtime friend, director Drew Ann Rosenberg. As an actor, Susannah has appeared on Broadway and in film and TV. She co-wrote the film BELLYFRUIT and collaborated on the title song with composer/producer Stephen Bray (Madonna, THE COLOR PURPLE).

She is currently writing a comedic musical TV series with author Annabelle Gurwitch. As a singer, Susannah B has performed at many clubs in L.A. including Hotel Café and Catalina Jazz Club. She has released six albums of her own pop songs as well as an album of retro jazz standards. Most recently, Susannah B released an EP of techno house remixes with DJ/producer j. wells and the duo have a new electronic single “Moon & Sand” dropping later this summer.


John Anderson grew up in Erie, PA and received degrees at UC San Diego in biology, biochemistry and acting. He found his love of writing when he discovered Microsoft Spellcheck. John was winner of best film and best script at the 48-hour film project for "Scared Slim". He was also a series writer on Presumed Innocent, an episodic based on real-life cases from the Innocence Project. Among his many writing credits, he co-produced the horror film, Maneater starring Dean Cain. John was writer/director on the movie, This Town and short film Corgi Conspiracy, which premiered at Santa Barbara International Film Festival

"I first heard Susannah B’s music in a small, crowded jazz club in Hollywood. Her sultry voice and wistful lyrics transported me to a lonely barroom, where I found myself bathed in the opium-den-like company of other lost souls, longing to escape. My wife, director Drew Ann Rosenberg and I have experienced the pain of the opioid crisis firsthand as friends struggled with addiction or died from overdoses. The loss of these vibrant, talented people was tragic and senseless. Could we have done something to give them a ray of hope and shown them how much they had to live for? Life can change in an instant and often-times when you least expect it. My wife discovered this simply by spitting into a DNA collection test tube, where she found new family members and made a deep, meaningful connection. Using these themes, I wanted to craft a modern Greek tragedy, centered on a world where Susannah’s lyrics guided us through the darkness of my imagined inner-city club and while tragic and filled with regret, always holding that spark of hope that comes with the belief that ‘things may get better if you just hold out a moment longer.’ John K Anderson - Writer

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