Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Lisa Carey, founder of Intentfully FiT, a well-being platform for women over 50 joins host Janeane Bernstein on KUCI 88.9fm



Saying yes to new adventures has propelled Lisa Carey through three careers, and she’s just getting started.

In her latest role as founder of Intentfully FiT, a well-being platform for women over 50, Lisa is redefining the anti-aging narrative by creating a community that finds joy in the age of NOW. She sees the journey of becoming the best versions of ourselves as a celebration of ageless authenticity in each moment along the way.

 Lisa’s first act began at 17 when she said yes to talent scouts who recruited her to join the Ice Follies. “I was a National Figure Skating Pairs Champion who had just missed my try at the Olympics and they wanted to match me up with another partner professionally. It was all very ‘kismet-esque,’ but I remember boarding the plane to leave home and seeing my dad cry for the very first time. Still, I couldn’t believe I was actually getting paid to do something I loved to do with all my heart.”

 Thus, started a decade of travel as a professional athlete -- touring with Ice Follies, Ice Capades and Scott Hamilton’s Stars on Ice; capturing a National Professional Pairs Championship and World Silver Medal, and representing the U.S. in events in China, South Africa, and Spain.

Returning to Los Angeles at age 27, Lisa resumed her education with evening courses in marketing and public relations at UCLA. One night after class a guest lecturer offered her a job interview and she said yes to career adventure number two. She worked her way up to Agency General Manager, then became PR Director of the Harlem Globetrotters, before establishing Lisa Carey Public Relations when her first of two children was born.

“My agency specialized in event marketing, and I loved highlighting events that brought families together,” she said. “My dream come true gig came in 2009 when my agency represented the World Figure Skating Championships at STAPLES Center. It was like returning home, full circle, but behind the scenes, at the pulse.”

When Covid hit and event marketing was on hold, Lisa retired her agency of 27 years to focus on her passion project. 

She says, “I’m really excited about where I find myself at this stage of life. I’m a few months away from enrolling in Medicare, and I’ve just launched a media platform that honors our evolving identity as women. I brought the best parts of my two previous careers together and sort of repurposed them into something totally new. Intentfully FiT is where I landed.”

“I wanted to open up a conversation with women of age that is empowering verses age-defying. It’s an online oasis where women over 50 like me, share stories and curiosities about this chapter of our lives in themes around Lifestyle, Fitness, Mindfulness, and Wellness.”

“The concept hit me when I let my hair go gray,” Lisa said. “It was surprising how liberating it felt to be more in touch with the real me. I wanted to see what else was limiting me, so I set out to refresh the lens I viewed my life from.”

“To me, it’s my turn to create a joyful life of my design. Everything I need is already right where I am, so I’ll see where this new adventure takes me.”

Lisa was just featured in Shoutout LA.

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