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Los Angeles– January 6, 2023 – SonMax Music announces the Founder of Rock Autism, Max Muscato, is now launching a tour for Autism Acceptance and will feature an exclusive night of live music also featuring Dave Nolf Band at The Hotel Cafe Los Angeles on February 5th that will also benefit Torrance’s Center For Learning Unlimited.

Muscato developed a new wave of music and film opportunities for youth with Autism and is taking the nonprofit with him on tour. Along the way, he will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to Rock Autism Multimedia Vocational Programs - music and film production workshops and internships for students on the spectrum.

Max’s story is entwined with his brother Sonny, a gifted drummer with Autism who was physically and mentally abused in assisted living facilities, used as a drug mule for drug dealers, tossed in and out of jail and shot by a drunk corrections officer. Max led the charge for change to save him by founding Rock Autism, to develop young leaders within the Autism community by providing music and film workshops for autistic youth, keeping them free from depression, isolation, addiction and suicide -- all very real issues affecting the Autism community today.

“After my brother was shot, he struggled with addiction and thoughts of suicide.” Muscato says. “I'm ready to take the stage at The Hollywood Bowl and share these songs with the world.” Max's powerful songs written about his brother's struggle with Autism and addiction is a deep-rooted catalyst that drives his passion and career.

As a professional singer-songwriter who cannot read music, Max Muscato is the embodiment of a burning fireball inside a master-of-your-own-destiny-attitude. Armed with a Fender American Stratocaster, fierce determination, and a broad network of connections, he is the last man to bet against. Max’s anguish for his family coupled with his enthusiasm and passionate belief in a better way for his brother stirs a movement within a community to raise awareness for adults with Autism like Sonny who have been left behind by a broken system.

Max's song, “Sonnyboy” sounds a warning to the public of the life-and-death situation youth with Autism face, a song that becomes the anthem of a movement: Rock Autism. Max’s mind is a missile that flies ferociously to free his brother from the poisonous grip of addiction and gang life. He envisions a world where Sonny could have a place living and working, in music and society. A place that trains youth with Autism in music, film and technology so they can not only survive, but thrive in the world creatively. Rock Autism, a miniscule nonprofit, is going to change the future and is just the kind of underdog story people can get behind. Max sees all of it: Sonny Muscato back behind the kit performing with his family at the legendary Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

That's the climax of “Night of Sunnyboy” the documentary in the works that will tell the story of Max, a young musician, and his father bonding through playing music with their struggling autistic brother and son, Sonny. After Sonny is almost fatally shot, the family is forced to build a movement to save him from crime, addiction, incarceration and suicide. The Muscatos, relatable underdog characters, express the pain of living behind an invisible curtain in the special needs world and step up to reveal Autism at its fullest potential on stage in the spotlight. The movie shifts our empathy and communicates the real story of Autism in the only way that makes sense - music. Perseverance through adversity will be a major theme in the film and the only way this family knows how to operate.

Their Rock Autism mission is to support individuals on the autism spectrum to develop a craft in music, film, and the multimedia arts that leads to employment in their given field of interest; keeping them free from isolation, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, and suicide. Rock Autism aims to donate to local Autism and Children’s Centers in each city on Max Muscato's Night Of Sonnyboy Tour, and also invite the Autism community to become a part of the production crew for the night, shooting photos and video of the event that could be featured in the documentary.

Tickets can be purchased here

For more information about the Night of Sonnyboy Tour or to interview Max Muscato, please contact Deborah Gilels at

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