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TV personality, game show host, host of the hugely successful NYC kids show Wonderama, world traveler, and author Sonny Fox!

Monday 9am pst on October 8, 2012 TV personality, game show host, host of the hugely successful NYC kids show Wonderama, world traveler, and author Sonny Fox joined me to talk about his latest book, You Made the Front Page! Wonderama, Wars, and a Whole Bunch of Life and how he has battled his own funks and went on to bigger and better endeavors. We aired live on KUCI 88.9fm and streamed on

If you missed Sonny on today's show, you can listen to entire interview here.

In his more than eight decades of his life, he has been a prisoner of war in Germany and a war correspondent in Korea. He has taped TV shows in Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Bolivia and Israel. Played the part of Papa Noel in Guayaquil, Ecuador and watched Jawaharlal Nehru in the nascent Indian parliament. He has ascended the heights of the television industry as a Vice President of NBCTV and Chairman of the Board of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and was fired as host of the number one show in the country, “The $64,000 Challenge.”...but throughout all this he got the funk out and went on to bigger and better things!

In Sonny’s words:
The experience of writing this book has taken me on the most complex and unexpected journey of my life—a journey into a time warp of memories, encounters, convergences, and interventions that finally brought me to the realization that my entire professional life seems to have been lived at the intersection of the impossible and the inevitable. I was born when Calvin Coolidge was president, grew up during the great depression, careened through WWII, started in radio and participated in the growth of the television industry from its earliest days, and today I am involved with the production of a digital soap opera.

Here’s what people are saying!

“Sunday mornings as a kid meant two things: I had to go to church (I went to Catholic School) and I HAD to watch Sonny Fox and ‘Wonderama’…. many of us were given so much by ‘Wonderama.’” —Whoopi Goldberg

I have gotten to know Senator Robert Kennedy, done a program with Harry Truman, and been
hit with a pie in the face by Bob Hope. —Sonny Fox

“For New York kids in the ’60s, ‘Wonderama’ was like ‘The Maltese Falcon’: ‘The stuff that dreams are made of.’ And while he doesn’t drink as much as Dashiell Hammett, Sonny Fox has still written a hell of a book.” —Lee Aronsohn Co-creator, “Two and a Half Men”

We will be talking about his forthcoming book, BUT YOU MADE THE FRONT PAGE!

As of September 15th, it will be available on Amazon, Google, B&N and other sources.

Learn more about Sonny Fox by visiting:

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