Sunday, August 4, 2013

Get ready for a powerhouse show Monday morning with special guest Julia Pimsleur!

If you missed today's show with Julia Pimsleur, listen to the entire conversation here.

ABOUT Julia Pimsleur

Julia created a company called Little Pim for her own two boys and out of a desire to democratize language learning for kids. All children deserve the benefits of being multi-lingual in today’s global economy and Little Pim makes that fun, easy and affordable. Little Pim is one of the few women-run businesses backed by venture capital in the country, with an expanding international footprint. The company’s mission is to transform how children learn languages. The series has won 25+ awards for its proprietary Entertainment Immersion Method® and can be found at Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, on Leapfrog tablets, in iTunes, Nook and other digital devices.

Julia is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs get further faster. Her personal motto is “Fortes fortuna juvat” (fortune favors the brave), a message she is taking to women across America through her blog and workshops about raising angel and venture capital. Julia is helping hundreds of women entrepreneurs access capital via her Double Digit Academy quarterly boot camp (

Prior to founding Little Pim, Julia was the co-founder and CEO of a film production company, which produced social justice documentaries sold to HBO, Cinemax Reellife and PBS. Julia’s dedication to social change took the form of fundraising as well as filmmaking, and she drove $20M in contributions to international human rights organizations. Julia is an award-winning filmmaker who grew up in the language teaching business, as the daughter of language teaching pioneer, Dr. Paul Pimsleur.

Julia currently serves on the Advisory Board of Global Language Project, a nonprofit which brings free foreign language instruction to kids in disadvantaged public schools, and as Communications Chair of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Julia earned her B.A. from Yale University, an M.F.A from the French National Film School in Paris and attended Harvard’s Executive Education Program. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two young boys.

Past speaking engagements include: Stanford University, Yale University, NYU Stern Business School and Women Entrepreneurs Festival.

Julia is a regular contributor to the Forbes Entrepreneur section and has been featured on TODAY, NBC Weekend Today, Fox News, in Business Week, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth. You can follow her at @juliapimsleur.

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