Sunday, March 2, 2014

Matt Paxton, founder of Clutter Cleaner joined me today on Get the FUNK Out!

Matt Paxton
Founder, Clutter Cleaner
joined me on today's show.
If you missed our conversation,
listen here!

Matt Paxton - Founder of Clutter Cleaner
Matt Paxton is not your typical organizer. When Paxton started Clutter Cleaner in 2006, it was intended to focus on cleaning houses for grieving widows and relocating seniors. But he quickly found himself sought out by extreme hoarders and now he and his crew clean out the messiest homes in America. Paxton is a “regular guy” who understands both hoarding and addiction issues first-hand.

Shortly after college Paxton spent a year gambling at Caesar’s Palace in Lake Tahoe, when he ran up $40,000 in gambling debt that he couldn’t pay. After a run in with his bookie, Paxton admitted his problem and sought help. Paxton and his Clutter Cleaner team have cleaned over 300 hoarded homes and have developed a “no nonsense” style of helping aging seniors and hoarders alike.
Paxton is a featured organizer on A&E’s Hoarders and speaks nationally on hoarding and senior relocation. Paxton’s incredible stories have been highlighted in various publications including the WSJ, Inc., Playboy and Bloomberg Businessweek. Matt has written a book for family members and the general public to better understand hoarding. “The Secret Lives of Hoarders” hits stores May, 2011. He and his wife Sarah live in Richmond, Virginia with their son, Cooper.

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