Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flory’s Flame is about legendary 90-year old National Heritage Fellow, Sephardic musician Flory Jagoda screens at the NBFF!

This past week Flory’s Flame screened at the Zagreb Jewish Film Festival and was rated 4.95 out of 5.0 – the highest rating of any film at that festival! In January it was screened at the Library of Congress at a special event organized by the Embassies of Croatia and Spain and introduced by the Ambassador of Croatia. In the last few months since its launch, Flory’s Flame has also been an official selection at a number of festivals, including Palm Beach International, Garden State, Cine Las Americas (Latino film festival in Austin, TX – bridging the Latino and the Jewish Sephardic worlds), Rhode Island International (upcoming), Jerusalem, and many Jewish film festivals internationally. It has already been picked up for international distribution by Content Media.

Flory’s Flame is about legendary 90-year old National Heritage Fellow, Sephardic musician Flory Jagoda. The film weaves Flory's interesting life story (ancestral roots in Spain, grew up in Bosnia and Croatia, escaped to Italy in WWII, then to the US) with delightful and moving selections from a Celebration Concert at the US Library of Congress where she was featured in September 2013, performing with 25 colleagues.
Pamela Lavitt, Director of the Seattle Jewish Film Festival, remarked: "FLORY’S FLAME takes you on a luminous journey lit by Flory Jagoda’s inspired Sephardic song and story. Audiences will delight in her rich history and radiant afterglow, becoming, themselves ‘keepers of the flame.’” 
Like Pamela and Content Media, we think you will fall in love with Flory, her music, and her story if you come see the film!
For more information, please check out our website at Director Curt Fissel (cc-ed here) and I would be very happy to make ourselves available for an interview or to respond to any questions or thoughts you might have.
 · Sunday, April 26 at 11 am at the Triangle 2 theater and

· Tuesday, April 28 at 12:00 pm at the Islands 5 theater

After the one-hour documentary Flory's Flame, there will be a Q and A!

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