Sunday, January 17, 2016

Natalie Avital, producer of the documentary Three Hikers, joins me at 9:00am pst!

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The Three Hikers - Synopsis:
In 2009, when American hikers Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal mistakenly wandered off the beaten path near Iraq’s poorly marked border with Iran, they quickly experienced the draconian consequences of their error. This gripping chronicle of the ensuing two-year prison ordeal for them and their families is an intimate, inspiring look at loving perseverance that sheds new light on the delicate diplomacy behind the trio’s release set against the backdrop of the complex geopolitical stalemate between the United States and Iran and the emergence of their crisis as an international news story.

A couple of reviews:

The Three Hikers is my first film as a director- at the festival q n a's so far, people seem to like to hear about how I got involved and what the five year process was like

We're currently fundraising to raise distribution funds the documentary- so anything we can say about the campaign would be great- here's the link:

About Natalie Avital
The Three Hikers is Natalie's directorial debut. Natalie's prior industry experience is both as actress and as a freelance casting director. She has performed on the stage, in independent film and television and has cast features, commercials, music videos.

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