Friday, October 5, 2018

10/8/18 at 9:45am pst - accomplished writer, faculty member at the New England Conservatory in Boston, and author of numerous articles...Tracy Strauss! We chatted about all this and more...and of course, her forthcoming #MeToo-themed self-help/relationships book cum epistolary memoir I Just Haven't Met You Yet, a modern-day Bridget Jones's Diary-meets-Eat, Pray, Love

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Named by Bustle as one of eight women writers with advice to follow , Tracy Strauss is the author of the forthcoming #MeToo-themed self-help/relationships book cum epistolary memoir I Just Haven't Met You Yet, a modern-day Bridget Jones's Diary-meets-Eat, Pray, Love. 

Written as an open love letter to her future life partner, I Just Haven’t Met You Yet details Tracy’s dating history and her journey to dismantle the effects and stigmas of an abusive past, break free of destructive relationship patterns, and ultimately conquer her fear of truly being seen by the world, flaws and all. 

In her book, Tracy shares the transformative lessons she learned and self-empowerment she achieved while passing each hurdle (including her PTSD diagnosis and recovery) along the way to finding the love of her life. Tracy helps readers empower themselves by taking a challenging look at the ways the negative events of their lives, including sexual harassment and abuse, have shaped their self-perception and created obstacles to personal success, and how readers can change that troubled self-image along with their (love) lives. 

A book years in the making, after a Publishers Weekly Soapbox piece (subsequently reprinted in Ms. Magazine) aired about the cowardice of publishers to take on Tracy’s unflinching, all-too-real story, I Just Haven’t Met You Yet found a home with Skyhorse Publishing and is set to be released in May 2019.

The 2015 Writers' Room of Boston Nonfiction Fellow, former Essays Editor of The Rumpus, and winner of the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Award for Nonfiction, Tracy is the author of the recent article, "#MeToo: Crafting Our Most Difficult True Stories," a toolbox for nonfiction writers penning #MeToo-themed stories, published in the current September/October 2018 Poets & Writers Magazine. She is also the author of the six-month Ploughshares blog series, "Writing Trauma: Notes of Transcendence," as well as essays in Glamour, Salon, The Rumpus, HuffPost, xoJane, Poets & Writers Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, WBUR’s Cognoscenti, The Southampton Review, and other publications. In 2014, during television's "November sweeps," The Steve Harvey Show featured Tracy as a relationship blogger for HuffPost on a double-episode dating makeover series.

Tracy is currently full-time faculty in writing and liberal arts at the New England Conservatory in Boston. She moonlights as a Zumba instructor at the YMCA, Boston Sports Club, and Cambridge Athletic Club. For more info on Tracy, check out her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

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