Sunday, December 8, 2019

12/9/19 @9:30am pst - author Cheryl Hale joined host Janeane to talk about her new book, Girl Be Brave - 100 Days to Chart Your Course.

With all the negative, politicizing news out there, most of us our looking for some inspiration, kindness and joy---this fall we hope you'll consider an interview with Cheryl Hale,
who's Girl Be Brave movement is touching the lives of women all over the country.

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featured guest Chery Hale.

When Cheryl Hale discovered a note from her grandmother, written in a family Bible and ending with the phrase “girl be brave,” she found the inspiration she needed to push through her fear and chart a course for her life. Her hope was for her grandmother’s words to reach every girl and woman who needs a reminder of their own bravery. In 2016 Hale launched the Girl Be Brave movement, online community, and brand that now encourages 100,000+ women every day.

Inspired by the movement of the same name, Hale’s new gift book, Girl Be Brave: 100 Days to Chart Your Course, shares 100 days of encouragement, quotes, and photos, calling women everywhere to embrace lives of bravery. Hale helps readers chart their course to a more passionate and satisfying life with reflections accompanied by powerful images of brave women in action.

The 100 reflections in Girl Be Brave encourage women to face their fears, embrace their future, and discover that they are braver than they ever thought possible.

Cheryl Hale is a writer, blogger, and business owner who founded the Girl Be Brave online community, website, and product line in 2016.

She started Girl Be Brave after reading a note that her grandmother, Frances, left her mother in her Bible, which ended with "girl be brave." Cheryl's hope is that Frances' words reach every girl and woman who needs a reminder of her own bravery. Hale lives in Mobile, AL.


“It struck me like lighting, and I knew in that moment what I had to do. Other people needed to hear these exact words. I wanted to shout them from the mountaintops, and I still do. That’s why I founded the Girl Be Brave movement. I wanted Frances’ words to vibrate through generations. We are able to maximize her impact by donating a portion of the proceeds of Girl Be Brave items to charity. It’s a part of my vision to establish a Frances Hamilton scholarship fund for girls who don’t have financial means.”

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