Sunday, December 20, 2020

Coming up 12/21/20 at 9:00am pst -- Multi-talented Los Angeles writer, BJ (Beverly) Graf, shares details about her debut novel - GENESYS X

Los Angeles, CA

LA Based writer BJ (Beverly) Graf’s debut novel GENESYS X is available now at,, www.b&, and any independent bookseller near you.

Part noir science fiction and part twisted new take on Greek myth, GENESYS X is a page-turning police procedural featuring Eddie Piedmont, the youngest Homicide Special detective in LAPD history. L.A. is under siege from a gang war which has flooded the streets with a powerful drug called green ice. And there’s a new plague; Alzheimer’s has spawned a virulent new strain, Alz-X that attacks children. No one knows why.

When Eddie takes on a case of fatal overdose, he is drawn into the nefarious world of cutting-edge reproductive technology, only to discover terrible secrets at the heart of his identity and family history that will pull him much closer to the murderer than he could ever have imagined.

Some early reviews have come in and agree that the novel is a winner!

“Clever, twisty, and entertaining. A remarkable debut.”

Matt Coyle, Author of the RICK CAHILL SERIES

"From the opening page, readers will love Eddie Piedmont and Shin Miyaguchi, ace homicide investigators in a vision of future Los Angeles we've never seen before. Miraculous technological advances run parallel with the cracks threatening to crumble society, and every move Piedmont and Shin make hammers those fractures a little more. GENESYS X is brilliant, thrilling, and filled with twists that will leave fans gasping. B.J. Graf has made a spectacular debut."

Glen Erik Hamilton, Author of THE VAN SHAW SERIES

“Action-packed, futuristic and unpredictable. Crime fiction has a new voice.”

John McMahon, Author of the P.T. MARSH SERIES

“A noir-thriller with a hefty dash of future technology. Witty and well-written. Looking forward to more from B.J. Graf!”


B.J. Graf (aka Beverly Graf) lives in Los Angeles with her family and a menagerie of four-footers. Her near-future-mystery-novel, GENESYS X, featuring Detectives Piedmont & Miyaguchi, will be published 11/10/2020 by Fairwood Press and is available for pre-orders now at,, www.b&, and an independent bookseller near you. She also has 4 short stories already published including Deus ex Machina, which follows in the wake of Sandman, Blood Shadows and Shikata Ga Nai. In her alternate identity Dr. Graf is an Adjunct Professor who teaches Film Studies and Classical Mythology at Pepperdine, UCLA, and CSUN. Previously, she worked as V.P. of Development for Abilene Pictures where they produced several features and television projects including Primal Fear, Frequency, Fallen, Fracture and NYPD 2069.

To learn more about the author check out her website:

To interview BJ Graf please contact Deborah Gilels, LA Media Consultants, at

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