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Joe Cipriano joins me Monday November 25th at 9:30am!

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Joe Cipriano began his career as a broadcaster in Waterbury,  Connecticut, while still in high school. Since then Joe has worked on  the air for the Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS TV and Radio networks, achieving success on and off camera.

For over 25 years now Joe is known as the Original and best known “Voice” of FOX.

Joe Cipriano is the "Voice" of the Fox TV Network
For  the last 16 years Joe has held a similar position as one of the  Signature Voices at CBS.
He also spent two years as the voice of NBC  Dramas from 2005 to 2007. Wow, this guy gets around!

In the past several years Joe Cipriano has also been the “live”  announcer for many of television’s biggest events such as the  prestigious Grammy Awards which is broadcast live from Los Angeles to  195 countries reaching an estimated 1.7 Billion viewers. Joe Cipriano voiced Emmy Award telecasts Joe has also been the live voice of the 57th, 59th and 60th Annual  Emmy Awards broadcasts. Other highlights include “The Blockbuster  Entertainment Awards”, “The VH1 Honors”, “GQ Magazine’s Men of the  Year Awards”, “Elton John Live” and many other live Television events.

In 1988, the Fox Television Network chose Joe Cipriano to be their  ”Image Voice”, as the fledgling company attempted to become a  bonafide fourth network. With the help of Joe Cipriano as their  youthful-sounding voice, Fox was able to establish itself as a winner  and today Fox is the Number 1 Television Network in America with  adults 18-49.
In 1997 the CBS Television Network looked to Joe to assist in  changing its image to attract a younger audience. His voice is  closely associated with some of CBS Television’s brightest comedies  such as “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “The King of Queens” and today  continues to voice promos for “Two and a Half Men”, “Rules of  Engagement” and “Mike and Molly.”

In 2005 Joe headed to Burbank for a two-year stint as the Signature  voice for NBC dramas including, Heroes, ER, and Law and Order.Joe Cipriano Voice of The Food Network. Joe continues to voice promos for outlets such as ABC, Blockbuster  Ticket, Disney and for years was the signature voice of The Food  Network.

He is also heard as the image voice of radio and TV stations all over  the country including CW50 Detroit, MY24 Baltimore, Fresh 102.7 New  York, WCFS Chicago, Boom 973 Toronto and Star 94-1 San Diego to name  just a few.

From 1993 to 2003 Joe served as co-host on the very successful,  internationally syndicated radio program,   “The World Chart Show.” This weekly two-hour count down show featured the planet’s hottest  hits on 250 Radio Stations Worldwide with stories about and  interviews with international music stars and celebrities.

Talk about  good Karma, “The World Chart Show” dedicated itself to generating  international support for preservation of the planet’s reefs and  rain forests, by joining in a global effort with The Nature  Conservancy, a private non-profit organization.

Joe has also filled-in for Casey Kasem on American Top 40 which is  heard on top radio stations all across America and Worldwide.

Joe Cipriano on American Top 40

Joe has achieved success on-camera in Hollywood , in commercials with  several national spots, and in acting for TV and movies. In 1990, Joe  was a co-star in the NBC sitcom, “Knight and Daye” starring Jack  Warden, Mason Adams and Hope Lange, produced by Babaloo Mandel and  Lowel Ganz.
From 1987 to 1992, Joe produced and hosted two popular shows that  aired in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kobe, Japan . The “LA Express”  and “Toyota California Classics” scored record ratings in their time  slots and enjoyed a long, successful run on the air in Japan.

Today, Joe and his wife Ann along with their two children live in Bel  Air, CA. Joe is an avid tennis player and supporter of the game who  lends his time to hosting and MCing benefit tennis events throughout  Los Angeles. He is also the Founding Member of the Don LaFontaine  Voice Over Lab at the SAG Actors Center. The Lab is a tribute to  Joe’s good friend Don LaFontaine, who passed away in September of 2008.

In 2010 Joe was awarded the very first Don LaFontaine Legacy Award which recognizes a voice of impact as determined by a specialized  industry committee. Through the criteria of character, longevity,  talent, professionalism and the passion for giving back, the voting  committee agreed that Joe embodies much of Don’s defining legacy.

Joe Cipriano has worked as an on-air personality for the following  radio stations.
KIIS AM/FM Los Angeles
KKHR FM Los Angeles (CBS Hitradio)
KHTZ FM Los Angeles (K-Hits)
WRQX FM Washington , D.C. (ABC-Q107)
WKYS FM Washington , D.C. (NBC)
WDRC AM/FM Hartford , Connecticut
WWCO AM/FM Waterbury , Connecticut

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