Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday May 5 at 9am pst, Lynn Gissing, founder of Light in Africa Children's Homes, and author of "A Light in Africa" joined me!

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During times of challenge, how do you move forward? How do you view things differently in times of crisis? Does society view our decisions as crazy when life gives us a shift in direction? How do you adjust to your surroundings?

Lynn Gissing, founder of Light in Africa Children's Homes, an NGO (Non-Government Organization) that provides fundamental care for vulnerable children in the Kilimanjaro and Manyara region of Tanzania, released her first book, “A Light in Africa”. 

Mama Lynn changed her life by receiving a "spiritual calling" to go to Africa. She had no idea why AND she didn't know what she'd encounter when she got there, but she had faith. In her book, "A Light in Africa" - she reveals her journey from being an average Christian wife and mother living in the UK to selling all her worldly possessions then moving to Tanzania, Africa living with the Chagga Tribe nestled 6000 miles up Mount Kilimanjaro.

 A Light in Africa is about one woman's faith and how by the grace of God she is now operating eight children's homes. Over the past 14 years Gissing has served over 1,565,450 meals to children in Tanzania; the outreach food kitchen operating in the mining area for vulnerable and street children has served over 728,000 meals in a ten year period. A medical outreach program has provided free medicine, medical and health treatments to the poor who are unable to access any medical treatment and to date over 210,000 have received medical aid.

She tells about experiencing the miracle of a child who was near death, dying of HIV/AIDS, who - having being prayed for, awoke from his unconscious state and is now living a normal life. 

The book highlights five unexplained miraculous recoveries. How she witnessed disabled children, some living in locked sheds, starving and near death. Gissing brought them to Light in Africa, the children’s homes she founded, giving them food, love and care where they are now experiencing life to the fullest.

Here’s a link to the press release announcing her book: 


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