Friday, February 2, 2018

Sheila Meyer called in to our KUCI studios to talk about what she is doing to #BlazeItForward!

LISTEN to Sheila Meyer share
she is doing to #BlazeItForward!

Sheila Meyer executive director and founder of A Time for Dance. The foundation for her lifelong love for dance began at age 5. She studied under many of Atlanta's finest dance professionals. After receiving a bachelors in psychology, Sheila took her dream and made it a reality by starting her own dance studio in Georgia in 2000. Moving to LA she made it her mission to start spreading her love for dance with the community in 2004. In 2010, she founded a non profit Yachad Dance west, an opportunity to give back to the community - doing outreach through dance. She even performed in the two ballets "the Spirit of Shabbos" and "Crown of Creation". Sheila truly enjoys working with her amazing staff and cherishes the relationships with her students and their families. She derives tremendous nachas from watching her students grow year after year.

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