Sunday, April 5, 2020

4/6/20 - 9:45am pst - Actor/Writer/Producer Mandy Kaplan joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm - streaming

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In Ms. Madden's second grade open house when other kids showed off their artwork and told knock knock jokes, Mandy sang a powerful acapella version of “What I did for Love”. The crowd (aka Mandy's mom) went wild. Her fate was sealed.

She has been performing ever since. After dazzling the locals in summer theater camp, Mandy earned a BFA in Musical Theater from Ithaca College. Then it was on to NYC to sing and dance...and do a ton of nannying/bartending/unpaid theater and establish her voice over career.

Now in LA, her VO career has been going strong and supporting her acting/writing/producing projects like her feature film 30 Nights, and her long-running stage show “Miscast: Right Singer Wrong Song.” (Things have really come full circle, huh, Ms. Madden?)

Also, if anyone needs it, she can recite the entire final episode of The Golden Girls and cries every time. EVERY TIME.

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