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Sunday, March 18, 2018

3/19/18 - 9:45am PST - Maxwell Jacobs joins Janeane to talk about his new thriller, "In Another Country, and Besides."

Maxwell has traveled extensively across Europe and tied many things he learned in his journeys into his new book, In Another Country, and Besides.

Maxwell will discuss many fascinating topics -- among them:
  • Writing from the point of view of an unreliable narrator
  • How traveling influences his writing
  • Separating fact from fiction while writing a book that’s partially based on real-life experiences
  • “In Another Country, and Besides,” comes out next February, and is a suspenseful ride through post-war Europe with troubled writer Harry Hoffman. He meets the intriguing Cleo as he’s struggling to leave his past behind him, but his intense fixation on her may lead to his undoing.
  • In Another Country, and Besides, tells the confessional story of Harry Hoffman, an expatriate living in post-war continental Europe.

During a time of moral bankruptcy, dissolution, and unrealized love, Harry is a lost soul with a sinister past.

Our story begins in Venice, where our protagonist meets Cleo, who offers him an unexpected love affair and a chance to start over. But when this newfound happiness is threatened and their affair is strained by new passions, jealousies and other men, Harry slips back to his old ways and plots his revenge. This takes him on a great variety of adventures and experiences -from Zurich, and the Swiss Alps, to the Cote d’Azur and finally to Paris, irresistibly drawn back to the great, sprawling city he had once fled in bitterness and disgust.

From its violence, ignorance and cruelty, to its joy and mystery, In Another Country, and Besides is told in a language of great simplicity and power of loyalty and courage, love and defeat and the tragic death of an ideal that shows vividly Jacobs own expatriate experiences and by doing so, has created a story with the mass and movement of an epic novel.

3/19/18 - 9:30am PST, author John Nuckel, joins Janeane to talk about his new book, Drive - a cross between a thriller, historical fiction, and white collar crime.

John will talk about his days in Wall Street (he always says he heard enough stories there to fill dozens of books), or his experience working his way up from welfare, or the research he did for Drive (it was a lot!). Plus he used to host his own radio program, so he’s a natural on air.

In this crime thriller, history and current events unite through a New York secret society, established in the late 1800s by the country’s elite. The purpose of The Volunteers is to intercede when typical rules of justice cannot. NYPD officer Annie Falcone becomes the latest key component in the ongoing work of The Volunteers.

Et Omnia Recta—to make things right.

In the late 1800s, a secret society is formed by a captain from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders with the support of the nation’s leading industrialists and bankers. Over a century later, the tradition continues, in the same saloons and boardrooms of New York City, where it all began.

In this crime thriller, where history and current events unite, Woodbury Kane, Jacob Riis, and Roosevelt himself fight the tyranny of Tammany Hall in the first mission of the Volunteers during the turn of the last century.

In today’s New York, the descendants of the Volunteers recruit Annie Falcone, a New York police officer, who takes the oath: Et Omnia Recta. She is to provide protection to one man, America’s top technological mind, from his longtime adversary, Sheng, China’s most brutal hacker.

Annie is unaware that she’s merely a decoy to draw Sheng out for the hit squad that was sent ahead of her. Her instincts alone will be the force behind the success or failure of the mission.

Like so many other Volunteers before her, Annie’s survival depends upon her courage, her skill, and her DRIVE.
Tags: computer hackers, crime thriller, hi-tech, historical thriller, justice, Martha's Vineyard, New York City, secret society, white collar crime

3/19/18 @ 9:00am PST, Veera Hiranandani joins Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm to talk about her deeply personal and emotionally resonant new novel, THE NIGHT DIARY.

Inspired by Hiranandani’s own father and his family’s journey, THE NIGHT DIARY tells the story of India’s partition, a division that spawned vicious xenophobia and caused the upheaval of more than 14 million lives overnight in what is known to be the single largest human migration in history. 

THE NIGHT DIARY is told through letters written by 12-year-old Nisha, half-Muslim, half-Hindu. It's 1947, and India, newly independent of British rule, has been separated into two countries: Pakistan and India. The divide has created much tension between Hindus and Muslims, and hundreds of thousands are killed crossing borders. Nisha doesn't know where she belongs, or what her country is anymore. When Papa decides it's too dangerous to stay in what is now Pakistan, Nisha and her family become refugees and by train and by foot to reach their new home. The journey is long, difficult, and dangerous, and after losing her mother as a baby, Nisha can't imagine losing her homeland, too. But even if her country has been ripped apart, Nisha still believes in the possibility of putting herself back together.

This all-too-recent history is more important than ever as the daily news headlines are filled with heart-wrenching stories of the refugee crisis, devastating reports of acts of xenophobia, and a lack of empathy towards fellow humans. With THE NIGHT DIARY, Hiranandani has created a stunning new classic for middle grade readers and a reminder that hope will always lie in the struggle for unity, even in the darkest of hours.

Veera Hiranandani earned her MFA in creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She is the author of The Whole Story of Half a Girl, which was named a Sydney Taylor Notable Book and a South Asian Book Award Finalist. A former book editor, she now teaches creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College's Writing Institute and Writopia Lab.


Author and writing teacher. THE NIGHT DIARY (Dial, 2018) THE WHOLE STORY OF HALF A GIRL (Delacorte) and PHOEBE G. GREEN (Grosset & Dunlap). Rep'd by @saraagent.

New York • veerahiranandani.com

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Amberly Crouse-Knox, Senior Director Creative & Marketing BMG Production Music Department, joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm!

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Amberly Crouse-Knox of BMG Music!

www.bmgproductionmusic.com | Facebook | Instagram

Amberly Crouse-Knox and Janeane talked about:

  • How she made her way to BMG music
  • What she does at BMG
  • Is this something she always wanted to do?
  • What it was like being honored at the She Rocks Awards, produced by the Women's International Music Network (WIMN)
  • The speech she gave at the recent She Rocks Awards January 2018 - House of Blues, and how she mentioned her Mom. Why that evening was such an important moment for Amberly.
  • What advice she would give singers/songwriters who are trying to make it in this biz because it is filled with FUNKS/ups and downs and uncertainty.

Janeane had a chance to chat with Amberly at the recent
2018 She Rocks Awards where Amberly was one of the honorees! The sixth annual She Rocks Awards took place at the NAMM Show at the the House of Blues Anaheim, on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
The 2018 She Rocks Awards recipients included:
Lisa Loeb, Platinum-selling singer-songwriter, touring artist, author, and philanthropist
Karla Redding-Andrews, Executive Director for The Otis Redding Foundation
Exene Cervenka, vocalist for the iconic punk band, X
Amberly Crouse-Knox, Senior Director of Creative and Business Development, BMG Music Production
Jean Millington Adamian, June Millington and Brie Darling, of the pioneering all-female American rock band, Fanny
Candace Stewart, Studio Manager, EastWest Studios in Hollywood
Dawn Birr, Channel Manager for the Americas, Sennheiser Business Solutions
Fabi Reyna, Founder and Editor of She Shreds Media
Vanessa Mering, Marketing Manager, HARMAN Professional
Kristy Porter, Guitar Center's Director of Merchandising, General Accessories & Media

Sir Ken Robinson New York Times bestselling author of The Element and Creative Schools shares an essential book for parents to help their children get the education they need to live fulfilling, productive lives

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Parents everywhere are deeply concerned about the education of their children, especially now, when education has become a minefield of politics and opposing views. Ken Robinson, one of the world's most influential educators whose TED Talk How Schools Kill Creativity has had over 47 million views and remains the most viewed TED talk of all time, has had countless conversations with parents about the dilemmas they face with regard to finding the best school, teacher and curriculum for their child. Now he shares his new book, YOU, YOUR CHILD, AND SCHOOL: Navigating Your Way to the Best Education, co-authored with Lou Aronica, which guides parents with prescriptive and sometimes controversial advice on how to help their children get the education they need and deserve.
Ken Robinson offers clear principles and practical advice on how to support your child through the K-12 education system, or outside of it if you choose to homeschool or un-school, including:
  •  What parents should look for in their child’s education
  •  How to tell if their school is right for them and what to
     do if it isn’t
  • How to tell if their child is stressed out and what can be done to alleviate their stress
  • The value of play
  • The role of sleep and how much kids should be
    getting each night
  • How much homework is too much, and what can be done to reduce it
  • How dance is as important as mathematics
  • What to do about bullying in school
  • How social media affects children’s relationships at school, and how to limit a child’s screen time.
Ken Robinson shares what the future of education of America looks like, and what needs to change on a policy level to get us on the right track. Dispelling many myths and tackling critical schooling options and controversies, he inspires teachers, parents, and policy makers alike to rethink the real nature and purpose of schools and education.
Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation, and human potential. For twelve years, he was professor of education at the University of Warwick in the UK and is now professor emeritus. He advises governments, corporations, education systems, and some of the world's leading cultural organizations. He is also the author of The Element (which has been translated into twenty-three languages), Finding Your Element, and Creative Schools. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Melissa Reiner, one of the top behavioral and Autism consultants in California, joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm!

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Melissa Reiner is considered by leading Pediatric Neurologists and Developmental Pediatricians as one of the top behavioral and Autism consultants in California where she is the proud mother of three young boys. With her certification as a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Consultant and her Master’s Degree in Special Education, Melissa is an expert at helping clients improve relationships by “Shifting Communication Style.” In 2004, Melissa founded Bridging Pathways Autism and Behavioral Consulting; a practice to bring effective communication techniques to individuals, families and organizations looking for more successful relationship and communication solutions.

With expertise in working with those diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, Melissa is often retained as Hollywood’s Autism Expert and credited as the Autism Consultant for the television show, “The Good Doctor,” airing on ABC. She is the author of several books and a frequent speaker on expert panels, at corporate events, seminars, and academic institutions. To see Melissa's other books, resources and contact information please visit www.AskMelissaNow.com

Melissa Reiner M.Ed.
Certified RDI Consultant



Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman, who recently made headlines for breaking the sexual assault allegations against James Franco, Brett Ratner, and Russell Simmons, provides the first definitive, unauthorized, behind-the-scenes look at ABC’s The Bachelor and its spin-offs in BACHELOR NATION: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure

LISTEN to today's conversation with Amy Kaufman!

For sixteen years and thirty-five seasons, The Bachelor and its spinoffs (The Bachelorette, the late Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, and now, Bachelor Winter Games) have been mainstays in American TV viewers’ lives. Since it premiered in 2002, the show's popularity and relevance has only grown with more than eight million viewers tuning in to see the conclusion of last season’s The Bachelor.

For BACHELOR NATION, Kaufman interviewed dozens of former cast members and producers, relationship experts and sociologists, and celebrity fans including vocal feminists Amy Schumer, Diablo Cody, and Allison Williams, to give readers never-before-told details of the show's inner workings. Kaufman gets to the bottom of how the show is made and why, despite the lack of successful relationships, and the negative reinforcement of gender roles, women and men alike can’t stop watching.

In an interview, Kaufman will discuss:

· The history of reality dating shows, from The Dating Game to Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire, and how Mike Fleiss changed the game forever when he created The Bachelor;

· The rigorous casting and auditioning process, which includes an invasive questionnaire, a medical examination, a psychological evaluation, and isolation, culminating in a contract you’ll have to read about to believe;

· The Tuscan estate in Malibu that serves as the infamous bachelor mansion, and life inside “the bubble” where contestants have no cell phones and are completely isolated from the outside world;

· The brutal world of producer manipulation, including defining roles (villain, virgin, party girl) before the show even begins taping, the one-on-one ITM (In the Moment) interviews, and even the tracking of female contestants’ menstrual cycles;

· The editing technique dubbed “Frankenbiting”—re-cutting a soundbite so that it has a different meaning and plays into the show’s desired narrative;

· How the extravagant dates, from helicopter rides to beach-side resorts, are planned and paid for, and the science behind the high-adrenaline nature of the rendezvous;

· Just what goes down (or doesn’t) in the fantasy suites;

· Life after The Bachelor: from spin-off shows to hosting podcasts to becoming Insta-famous, and why it rarely involves the Happily Ever After the show sets up.

· How her reporting for the LA Times has often coincided with her enjoyment of The Bachelor, particularly as she reported on the sexual assault accusations against Bachelor in Paradise last summer.

About the Author

Amy Kaufman is a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times, where she has covered film, celebrity, and pop culture since 2009. On the beat, she reports from industry events like the Academy Awards, the Sundance Film Festival and the Grammys. In addition to profiling hundreds of stars—Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, Stevie Nicks, Jane Goodall—she has broken major investigative stories on sexual harassment in Hollywood. Amy currently lives in Los Angeles with her Australian Shepherd, Riggins, and dreams of living in a Laurel Canyon tree house.

Follow Amy on Twitter @AmyKinLA