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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Author Cathy A Kurtz joins me Monday at 9am pst!

   Cathy A Kurtz, author of “Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me, joins me this coming Monday at 9am pst!

If you missed Cathy on today's show, you can hear our conversation here.


Healing Hart Publishing

Cathy is a native Houstonian. Her father Dewey Compton was a famous radio and television personality along with his son Ronnie. Tragically they both perished along with Dewey's wife Curtis, and Ronnie's wife, Hart, in a private plain crash in late 1976. Cathy graduated in 1980 from Texas A&M with a BBA in Finance and a double minor in Economics and Management. In 1987, she moved to Southern California for a fresh start trying to escape her prior traumas. Eventually she moved to Sacramento, California where she settled in as a single mom, raising her son Nick.

In 1990, she graduated with honors receiving an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University. While working for the State of California, she received three different appointments from two sitting Governors and has accumulated twenty-one years of Executive Management experience. She has 30 years of overall management experience gained in the public, for-profit and non-profit sectors and has traveled the ten western States providing technical assistance as well as providing financial/accounting presentations to rural communities.

Cathy is currently involved in developing her second career as an accomplished writer and motivational speaker. She is a member of the National Association of Female Executives, the National Association of Professional Women, and the Texas A&M Association of Former Students.

Cathy's hobbies include gardening, reading and traveling. She and her husband, Dusk, are actively involved and drawn to charitable organizations such as Light Africa, the Wounded Warrior Project, the World Wildlife Federation, the International Primate Protection League, Helping Hands, Friends of the NRA and various other charities. Recently, she and Dusk, raised $38,000 to help construct a high school in Kampala, Uganda and also sponsor the education of two children in Kampala: Alexandra and Sam.

During the last four years, Cathy has focused on writing her memoir, “Living Through The Pain – The Lonely Me,” fulfilling a dream she has had. “My suffering has provided me with a unique lifetime awareness of what enormous pain an individual can live through and still be able to propel your life forward in a productive manner. I found inspiration through my Christian upbringing which provided me my only outlet to find peace and the ability to live through the pain. I now consider my in-depth understanding of pain as a calling from God whereby I focus my energy on serving others and assisting them in finding the courage to move forward.”

Monday, June 30, 2014

Tina Sadri M.A., MFT joins me this morning on Get the FUNK Out!

Tina Sadri joined me this morning on Get the FUNK Out!
If you missed this great conversation about social media, facing the ups and downs of life, learning about the power of "talk therapy" and more, you can listen to the entire show

Therapy with Tina Sadri M.A., MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  (Social Media Disorders)

Tina Sadri’s work experience and training includes working at F.A.C.E.S (a non-profit agency) as part of her internship and being trained to treat clients with cognitive behavioral therapy- her training included doing therapy with low income families dealing with a variety of problems, including but not limited to; divorce, co-parenting, court-ordered reunification cases, co-parenting for divorced parents, play therapy with children, individual suffering from symptoms of anxiety & depression, and couples therapy.

Later in her training, she worked at a private practice under the supervision of Bernard Schwartz treating a variety of cases with individual, couples & families furthering her training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

· Bachelors in Psychology from the university of Irvine California

· Masters of Science in the field of Marriage and Family therapy from Alliant International University

· Licensed by the board of Behavioral Sciences

Specializing in: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Problems, OCD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder,

Eating Disorders, PTSD, Addictions, Relationship Issues, Women’s Issues,

Child and Family, Marriage Counseling, Social Media Disorder (SMD)

What is Therapy?

Psychotherapy is a process that’s a lot like learning. You discover ways to overcome difficulties, develop inner strength and skills to deal with stressful situations.

What do Therapist Do?

Therapy includes talking and listening, building trust, and receiving support and guidance. At the beginning sessions are focused on discussing what you'd like to work on and setting goals.

What is Talk Therapy?

Tina Sadri is a compassionate therapist with the education and professional training to understand problems, concerns and symptoms that you may be having. She works with you during "talk therapy" to develop inner strengths and skills, or make changes. She has addressed the current issues on social media by helping parents and children to identify and deal with social media disorders (SMD).

Her book will be a tool that identifies symptoms and provides solutions. Understanding how to navigate social media in a healthy manner is necessary since more and more people have accepted online communications into their personal life. Learning to socialize using the spoken word is new for the current generation. Tina’s advice to clients and parents is to turn off the phone and talk the old-fashioned way.

What is SMD?

Social Media Disorder is anything that affects you in an addictive manner or makes you feel digitally devastated.

When someone is having problems they often feel isolated and alone. This has become more of an issue due to the excessive use of social media which has changed has we communicate with cyber “Friends”. More and more people feel isolated and relate to the world based on unrealistic feelings of popularity. In fact, by posting a “Selfie” (self photo) they are exposing themselves to strangers whom may express criticism or false praise. The person posting the photo is now emotionally affected by the results. As parents we tell our kids to not speak with strangers. Unknowingly, parents have allowed “internet strangers” to communicate while remaining undetected. Many kids want to feel accepted and communicate daily to hundreds if not thousands of strangers. You can just imagine how this desire for acceptance presents potential harm. There are many Social Media Disorders that have come about in the last 10 years due to expansion of online communications. Young kids are given phones and told to not lose it so and they carry it around with them constantly. This relationship with the phone started the day you gave the phone to your child.

The concern for “cyber-relations” is not limited to the United States. We are now faced with addictive social media junkies who now need to learn how to take a digital pause.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wrapping up my three part series about filmmaking with Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh at 9am!

Creative team Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh were back on the show in part three of my three part (pre)summer series! 

If you missed this dynamic duo, listen to our conversation here!

Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh of Giddy Welshmen Productions are back on today's show. Last week (June 9), they talked about the film production process, and today we are chatting about post-production! LIVE on KUCI 88.9fm and streaming on

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lisa Hamilton, founder of the Esther Project, V.I.N.E Foundation and freelance writer for the LA Times joins me Monday!


If you missed Lisa on today's show, listen to our conversation here.

As an inspirational author/speaker Lisa’s passion is to encourage women to live life to the fullest with her newest release of her candidly inspirational book UNSTICK YOUR STUCK LIFE .
Lisa’s honorary title of Ms.coastal 2014 recognizes her voice in the community as Founder of the Esther Project, founder of the V.I.N.E. FOUNDATION for charitable causes, as well as a freelance writer for the L.A. TIMES. She has also received the 2014 nominee Woman in Business award.

After a life changing experience earning her a M.B. degree, Lisa speaks from the heart about
finding your Core Essence and living a proactive life from the inside out. She believes “a woman
should have it all. It is her God-given destiny to live an abundant life in health/beauty, on purpose,
in passion, with prosperity, in loving relationships and connected to God.

Anything less than that is Stuck! As a philanthropist, Lisa’s latest case is a story about a boy who recently underwent an urostomy surgery where he is destined to live with a urine bag just after graduating from high school.“ There is one doctor , though not covered by insurance, that can operate and perform a reversal.
“ I have absorbed the costs of the books, as well as all the profits from my book sales at the recent ESTHER PROJECT CONFERENCE at Fashion Island. I have raised $3500, with my final
goal $10,000. I will do anything to get this young boy an operation, and I will not quit until I do.

I want to give him a new life, as his life has barely begun.”

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ready for PART DEUX?? THEY'RE BACK! Creative team Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh are back on the show in part two of my three part (pre)summer series!

THEY'RE BACK! Creative team Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh were back on the show in part two of my three part (pre)summer series!

Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh of Giddy Welshmen Productions were back on today's show. Last week (June 2), they talked about the pre-production film process, how to make your ideas and concepts are reality, what to expect in the process, the experiences they have had in their previous projects and their current productions, and more. Today, they were back on the show talking PRODUCTION! What to expect when you are expecting...a film to go your way...and perhaps &^%$ happens, because we all know it does, but how do you deal with it? Justin and Ryan shared what they have faced along the way and some tips of the trade. 

If you missed today's show, you can listen here.

Next week, they will wrap-up the three part series by discussing the post-production process. Get ready for lots of great advice and tips for entering the post production zone! Monday 9:00am pst on KUCI 88.9fm, streaming LIVE on And after the show...I will upload our conversation here!

Nikki O’Neill, a Los Angeles-based performing/recording artist, guitar player and singer-songwriter joins me Monday at 9:30am!

Thanks to special guest Nikki O'Neill for joining me on today's show! If you missed her, you can listen to our conversation here!

Nikki O'NeillNikki O’Neill is a Los Angeles-based performing/recording artist, guitar player and singer-songwriter who has co-written songs with reggae icons Sly & Robbie (including the song “Higher Levels”). Her guitar video lessons have been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube.

Nikki is also the author of Women’s Road to Rock Guitar---an instruction book that prepares guitarists for playing rhythm and lead guitar in rock bands, writing songs, using gear and dialing in their sound.

In addition to being an artist/songwriter, she has interviewed many top guitarists like Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde for musician magazines in Europe, and is a contributing writer to the ebook series Songwriting: Get Your Black Belt in Music & Lyrics.

Nikki has enjoyed many opportunities to coach and inspire other female guitarists. She has been an international guest clinician at ELLA, an all-female rock music college in Sweden. She also created and taught the university-level class “Women’s Contemporary Rock Guitar” at The New School in Manhattan in New York City.

Nikki O’Neill endorses Daisy Rock Guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups.

For more on Women's Road to Rock Guitar, visit and watch the trailer on YouTube.

*Photo credit: Laurel Geare

Monday, June 2, 2014

THEY'RE BACK! Creative team Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh are back on the show in a three part summer series!

Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh of Giddy Welshmen Productions are back! Starting today (June 2), they talked about the pre-production film process, how to make your ideas and concepts are reality, what to expect in the process, the experiences they have had in their previous projects and their current productions, and more!

If you missed these Giddy Welshmen, you can listen to our conversation here! And they will be back next week, talking about the production process Monday June 9 at 9am PST on KUCI 88.9fm or stream us LIVE on

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