Thursday, February 26, 2015

Had a great time at the The Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Del Mar!

Jen Cafferty, Founder and CEO of The Gluten Free Media Group, is currently helping manufacturers reach over 2 million consumers per year. Under Cafferty’s leadership, her enterprises both help the consumer live a gluten-free lifestyle, as well as meet the marketing needs of special diet manufacturers.

Cafferty and her team currently run
The Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expos,Find Me Gluten Free, and Send Me Gluten Free. I had a chance to attend the February 7th event in Del Mar and it was a TON of FUN! ...and delicious, too! Here is a glimpse of the expo.

The Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expos are the largest and fastest growing special diet consumer events in the United States with seven cities and 30,000 attendees per year. The Expos represent over 500 companies and allow those companies to showcase their products and services to consumers.

Find Me Gluten Free is the category leader for locating gluten-free friendly businesses locally and when traveling. The app was rated a Top-Ten Restaurant Finder App by Yahoo! With over 450,000+ searches per month and over 600 new downloads per day, Cafferty’s Find Me Gluten Free is a preeminent resource within the gluten-free community.

Send Me Gluten Free is a gluten-free goodies “of the month” club that introduces consumers to new products. Each month, members get 8-12 full and sample-size gluten-free items shipped straight to their doors. Products can include food, personal care items, supplements and household products that support the gluten-free lifestyle.

Here are some highlights of the expo!

To schedule an interview with Jen Cafferty, contact Laura Gruninger, Director of Media Relations at The Gluten Free Media Group via 847-284-9997 or laura

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sasha and Guy Boudreaux joined me Monday at 9:30am pst!

What a great way to start the week! 
On the second half of today's show, I was joined 
by special guests Sasha and Guy Boudreaux and and we chatted about their latest documentary "Addicted - The Universal Language of Music," their other incredible creative endeavors, why it's important to find your calling and be true to yourself, and so much more! If you missed the show, you can catch our conversation here.

From an early age, Sasha Boudreaux has always seen the world through the eye of a lens. Color, contrast, movement, life - she wanted to capture it all. She started saving her lunch money in elementary school for cameras and taking photos with her spare time. Her high school offered a renowned art program, in which she participated and competed around Washington State, winning many awards. Upon graduating, however, she felt she needed to pursue something more practical and went to college for eight years to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, all the while continuing to take photographs and paint.

Upon finishing her degree, Sasha quickly realized she needed to get back into art - full-time. She accidentally fell into documentary filmmaking when tagging along with her husbands project and a camera operator failed to show. Her husband, knowing her photography background, told her she already knew what to do. This led to a love of capturing moving images to tell a story. She was hooked.

Sasha began as a cinematographer and quickly progressed to director of photography, producer, and finally director. Sashas first documentary, Addicted: The Universal Language of Music (, won Best Documentary at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Beverly Hills and was named as one of the Top 10 Independent Films that Could Change the World of 2014 by the LifeChanges Network in Los Angeles. Her second film, her directorial debut, is Hair (, which has been submitted to film festivals worldwide and is set to be available to the public in the fall of 2015. A photo project was also completed for Hair, with photographs by Sasha and Michael Jacksons long-time personal photographer, Hamid Moslehi. The premiere of the film will also include the release of a photo book and a gallery-like showing of the photographs.

Sashas current project, Walking Tall, follows the miraculous journey of a man who sustained a life-threatening accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down. A few months into his recovery, after being told he would never walk again, he began to wiggle his toe. Two and a half years later he is golfing and rock climbing, against all odds. This journey has been documented since the beginning, through the ups and downs, the trials of life and recovery. This story will serve as an inspiration to all of those facing difficult times in their lives, showing them that with hard work, grit, and determination, you can overcome. You can live fully and completely, against all odds.

People are connected to each other and to this earth. We are not meant to exist in it alone. We are one. A greater collective is what is necessary for change and transformation. This is possible through the power that media holds. Visual media can teach and inspire; can lead to action and necessary transformation. This is Sashas mission. To effect greater positive change in the world through visual arts.

SASHA BOUDREAUX­boudreaux/9/91b/28a/en

For more information about Sasha's current project "Walking Tall" visit:


Guy Boudreaux is an award winning director, writer and producer. He started producing television shows about 5 years ago and just recently, in 2014, won best documentary at the Independent film makers showcase in Beverly Hills, CA, for his feature length documentary called “Addicted: The Universal Language of Music”. It was during the taping of a food competition pilot he co-­‐created, wrote and produced, that gave him the inspiration to create the documentary. In his own words, “ I needed more music in my life”.

Comedic actress and voice over talent Anna Vocino joined me Monday at 9:00am!

What a great way to start the week!
On the first half of today's show, I was joined
by special guest Anna Vocino and we chatted about improv, her 25+ appearances on Jimmy Kimmel, crazy character voices, her up-coming gluten-free cookbook, her battle
with celiac disease and more!
If you missed this inspiring show,
listen to our conversation


Anna Vocino is a comedic actress and voice over talent who recently starred in the original semi-improvised show Free Radio on Comedy Central. She has also appeared in The Crazy Ones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Children’s Hospital, andThe Lance Krall Show, a sketch comedy series for SpikeTV. Currently, Anna’s voice can be heard in campaigns for Toyota, Bud Light, UPS, Nintendo, Disney, and State Farm. You can also hear her on The Office, Celebrity Death Match, recurring on The Young & The Restless and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, plus network promo campaigns for ABC, CBS, Fox Sports, Nickelodeon, GSN, TLC, and Vh1, series narrations on WE, G4, and HalogenTV, and hundreds of video games. You’ve probably hung up on her when you’ve been frustrated at the automated telephone voice on the other end. Anna also produces and co-hosts the fitness podcast America’s Angriest Trainer. She will have a grain-free, sugar-free, gluten-free cookbook called EAT HAPPY out later this year, and recipes can be found at

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Clementine, the founding member of ZEPPARELLA, joins me Monday March 2th at 9:30am!

Really excited to see ZEPPARELLA perform this Saturday February 28th at The Roxy in LA! Monday morning, Clementine, the founding member of ZEPPARELLA, will be joining me on the show!

Hard Rock/Funk/Pop drummer Clementine adds her powerfully passionate style to every project. As a founding member of the road-dog metal band BOTTOM, she developed a heavy-hitting, dynamic sound. As Phyllis Rudd in AC/DSHE, her athletic and exciting playing helped garner the band top-grossing status in the Bay Area, and throughout the States and the UK.

Clementine is the founding member of ZEPPARELLA. She tackles the best rock drumming ever written with her own emotionally powerful style, bringing the Motown influence of the Bonham groove to the forefront. The musical connection established with Gretchen (guitar) in AC/DSHE creates the bond required to do this great music justice.

This connection seeded another project, THE HOUSE OF MORE, an original music project with all four original members of ZEPPARELLA. Compared to Pink Floyd, Tom Waits and Fiona Apple, Clementine contributed not only the drumset and songwriting collaboration, but also most of the lyrics to the debut album.

When THE HOUSE OF MORE paused, Clementine continued writing and ended up with a solo project, FRANCIS BAKIN. Writing the words and collaborating on the music with Gretchen Menn, a 10-song debut album was released in 2009. The songs are a combination of live and electronic drumming, slide guitar (Gretchen Menn and Ted Savarese), fretless bass (Robert Preston) and things that go “Boing.” The song “Cold Snap” won second place in the 2008 International Songwriting Competition in the Lyrics category.

Feeling the need to take advantage of the Bonham education in an original project, Clementine started another band in 2009, this a hard-rock machine ala The Cult and Black Crowes called THE SOLID. With guitarist Justin Caucutt (Baker’s Dozen), bassist Greg Randolph (Greenhouse Effect) and vocalist Brian Hagman (Black Lamb), the debut 5-song EP features the heavy groove that Clem has become known for.

When The Solid ended, Clem and Justin started STARS TURN ME ON, a songwriting collaboration that draws on country, soul and rock influences. The 11-song record was released January 1, 2012, and features Clementine on vocals, Justin on guitar, and Jim Bove, Judah Collins, Robert Preston and William Cameron filling out the other instruments. Clem and Justin perform the songs both as an acoustic duo and a full band.

In 2014, Clementine released The Collection, a compilation disc of various songwriting endeavors with guitarists Gretchen Menn, Jude Gold and Justin Caucutt.

TOURING/SHOWS: From the beginning of her musical career, Clementine’s goal has been to be onstage every night. BOTTOM was a touring machine, playing 320 shows in 2000 (8x around the States), the Warped Tour in 2001 alongside an evening club tour, 8 weeks and 10 countries in Europe in 2002, and a nearly continual live existence from the beginning of the band to the end. In AC/DSHE, Clementine flew and drove to events around the country and to the UK. ZEPPARELLA plays constant club shows and private events throughout the US. STARS TURN ME ON is playing regularly throughout the Bay Area.


Made In Voyage (Mudflap Records 2000) 
Feels So Good When You’re Gone (Mans Ruin Records, 2001) 
You’rNext (Smallstone Records, 2004)

Live at 19 Broadway (Bonny Boy Records, 2005) 
A Pleasing Pounding (What Are Records?, 2008)

The House of More (self-released, 2006)

Conversation with Francis Bakin (self-released, 2009)

Arrivals and Departures (self-released, 2009)

GoldRush (self-released, 2012)

The Collection (self-released, 2014)

Clementine is often hired for session recordings, and her drumming appears on many releases. For a partial list of such projects, see

Clementine plays Ludwig drums and Paiste cymbals.

How to honor the legacy of a band deemed sacred? To tread on holy ground is perilous, and must be done with the intent and spirit of a disciple—Pay attention to the intricacies of the magic, explore the far ends of the innovation, strive for ever-growing ability, and let the purity of the love for the music drive it all.

Drummer Clementine is the founding member of ZEPPARELLA. From the beginning of her musical career, her goal has been to be onstage every night. The pursuit of that goal has led Clementine to constantly tour the US and Europe in projects as diverse as Bottom, AC/DShe, The House Of More, The Solid, Francis Bakin, and Stars Turn Me On. She tackles the best rock drumming ever written with her own emotionally powerful style, bringing the Motown influence of the Bonham groove to the forefront. The profound musical connection established with Gretchen Menn (guitar), Angeline Saris (bass), and Noelle Doughty (vocals) creates the bond required to do this great music justice.

It was under the tutelage of classical guitarist Phillip DeFremery, a student of AndrĂ©s Segovia, that guitarist Gretchen Menn began her path on the instrument. Playing with tireless passion and constantly seeking out new challenges, her projects are often unconventional, genre-bending expressions combining elements of classical, rock, progressive, jazz, and metal. On influences, Gretchen has never tired of her initial inspirations—Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Frank Zappa, and Jeff Beck. But she has loved Jimmy Page’s guitar playing longer than she has played the guitar. It was through the music of Led Zeppelin that she found a gateway into music that resonated deeply with her, creating a love for guitar-oriented music, and, ultimately, the guitar.

Bassist Angeline Saris has musical passions that span jazz to speed metal, R&B to rock, Cuban to hip-hop, and flamenco to rockabilly. Angeline has done it all - and does it extremely well. It is this versatility, her rock-solid time, tastefully crafted bass lines, and unequivocal skills that give her the ability to bring cohesion to the eclectic Zeppelin catalog. Angeline credits John Paul Jones as a main influence, so it is no surprise that she shines as she interprets his thunder.

Finally, singer Noelle Doughty has found her way back to where she started, with a passion for Led Zeppelin’s music that was developed from as far back as she can remember, as the little sister in the room with the rocking older brothers. The kid who knew every word to every song has worked in classic rock cover bands, jazz bands, funk bands, and yet never lost her true love for Zeppelin. After moving to the West Coast from New York State, her fortuitous meeting with Gretchen Menn backstage at a Robert Plant concert brought the final puzzle piece to the Zepparella family. Noelle’s clear and powerful style and deep understanding of the emotional content of these great songs make the picture complete.

Now more than ever, Zepparella explores their own improvised magic within the framework of Zeppelin’s mighty songs!

Contact Clementine for booking at:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pamela Giusto-Sorrells, a third generation natural food industry pioneer, joins me Monday at 9:30am!

Pamela Giusto-Sorrells is passionate about food and passionate about people. So much so that in 1988, filled with compassion for eaters limited to tasteless food due to health considerations, she founded a company dedicated to baking gluten-free foods so delicious that no one would know the difference. To this day, she personally develops each of the products that bear her name, with new recipes continually under development, often based on customers’ inquires and needs.

Giusto-Sorrells is a third generation natural food industry pioneer who grew up in a family which included a natural food store proprietor and artisan bakers.

Established by Pamela’s grandparents in 1941, the Golden Crescent was one of the first health food stores in San Francisco. Years, later, her father grew the business into a wholesale bakery, where one of Pamela’s responsibilities was packaging a variety of cookies made with safflower oil (and no preservatives of course): sticky macaroons, molasses bars, and gluten-free confections made of rice and soy flour that her family had made since the 1940s. Pamela was seasoned in the values on which she would later build her own business: that ingredients must be wholesome, that customers must be able to know without a doubt that the product meets their dietary needs – however unique – and that recipes must be so delicious that everyone could enjoy them.

To the delight of customers seeking wheat-free cookies the whole family would crave, Pamela’s Products started by developing delicious tasting Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies and rich Peanut Butter Cookies. From the picturesque Ukiah Valley, Pamela’s Products now proudly offers an expansive line of baking mixes, cookies, fig bars, snack bars and her newest introduction, Graham-style crackers.

As the company heads into its twenty-seventh year, Giusto-Sorrells remains at the heart of a business that continues to lead the way in bringing home-baked, convenient indulgence through an ever-expanding array of delicious gluten-free choices for all to enjoy. Pamela’s Products. Gluten-Free Cravings Fulfilled Since 1988

For more information, visit:
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Molly Lynch, Shaun Boyle and Tong Wang from the UCI's Claire Trevor School of the Arts joined me Monday!

On the first half of this Monday's show at 9:00am, Molly Lynch joined me to discuss Dance Visions 2015 and "Billy the Kid."

Did you miss Molly on today's show?
Listen to our conversation here.

ABOUT Molly Lynch
Molly Lynch is an award winning choreographer and artistic director, with over 30 years of experience creating, producing, and presenting dance. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Dance in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine. She teaches ballet, pointe, partnering, ballet repertory, and dance management. Ms. Lynch is the Founder and Artistic Director of the National Choreographers Initiative, an internationally known project to nurture the development of new choreography.

She was the Artistic Director for Ballet Pacifica from 1988-2003. During her tenure, Ms. Lynch established Ballet Pacifica as Orange County's leading professional dance company and one of the area's top performing arts organizations. Among her innovative trademark programs was the Pacifica Choreographic Project. Under Ms. Lynch's direction, the company worked with forty choreographers, premiered more than forty new ballets and restaged some of America's most beloved classics by George Balanchine, Antony Tudor and Choo San Goh. Ms. Lynch has also choreographed over 30 concert and story ballets, 6 children's ballets and a full-length production of The Nutcracker. Ms. Lynch has recently created new ballets for Sacramento Ballet, Nashville Ballet, BalletMet (Columbus, Ohio), and Dance Collage (Hermosillo, Mexico).

She began her dance training with Lila Zali, received a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School and performed as a soloist and principal dancer with the Louisville Ballet and Ballet Pacifica for over 10 years. As a Fine Arts major at the University of California, Irvine, she studied with distinguished figures in dance such as Eugene Loring, Antony Tudor and Olga Maynard. Upon receiving her MFA in dance from UCI, she was named Outstanding Graduate Student - the first student from Fine Arts so honored. In 1992, Ms. Lynch was given the esteemed Outstanding Alumnus award from UCI and was named one of Orange County Metro Magazine's "Ten Women Who Make A Difference". She was also the recipient of the Red Cross Clara Barton Cultural Arts Award and the Boy Scouts of America Women of Excellence award in 1996. She was the recipient of the 2001 Choo San Goh Award for Choreography. In 2007 she received the Outstanding Arts Organization Award for her National Choreographers Initiative from Arts Orange County. And in April 2008 she was honored with the Irvine Barclay Theatre's prestigious Jade Award for her extraordinary leadership and creativity.

Then at 9:30am,  Shaun Boyle and Tong Wang discussed their individual pieces for Dance Visions 2015. Shaun and Tong will be premiering their choreographed pieces for the first time at DV15.

Did you miss Shaun and Tong on today's show?
Listen to our conversation

ABOUT Shaun Boyle
SHAUN BOYLE is a dance practitioner and educator with research interests in classical and contemporary ballet, modern/contemporary dance, and choreographic practice. Shaun has performed with dance companies including Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, BalletMet, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance, and The Dario Vaccaro Dance Project amongst others. She has also performed in projects such as David Dorfman's ‘Underground’ at the BAM Nextwave Festival and in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay performances in England. Shaun’s choreographic work has been showcased nationally and internationally at venues such as the Joyce Soho Theater in New York, The Bonnie Bird Theatre and The Robin Howard Theatre at The Place in London, Officina Giovani in Italy, Markgrafentheater in Germany, and Dance City and St. Mary’s Heritage in Newcastle, England. Shaun was also a recipient of The Field's Artist Residency grant in New York, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in California, and the prestigious choreographic initiative, DanceLines, at the Royal Opera House in London. Shaun received her BFA in Dance with Honors from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and her MA in Choreography with Distinction from The Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. In Fall 2014 Shaun joined the Dance Department of University of California, Irvine after having previously taught at the University of Utah, as well as other dance institutions in the United States and United Kingdom.

ABOUT Tong Wang
Following a successful career as a principal artist, Tong Wang has continued to devote his talents to the field of dance as a choreographer, dance professor and master teacher. In recent years, Tong’s creative works have continued to become notable internationally. While his choreographic works have received high praise from the nationally ranked dance departments of University of Utah, Butler University and University of California-Irvine, his work has also been performed by professional companies such as Ballet West, China Military Dance Ensemble, and Ballet Arkansas. His work Chase has been performed in the United States and China numerous times and was broadcast by China Central Television Station. One of his most recent works, Qiu Yie, won him an Outstanding Choreographer Award at the 2012 Youth America Grand Prix, the largest ballet competition in the world. Internationally, Tong has been teaching Master Classes and giving workshops to Science and Technology University of China, Fudan University, Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing Normal University, Tianjing Normal University and Shanghai Normal University.
After graduating with honors from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy in 1986, Tong Wang performed as a principal dancer with companies such as Shanghai Ballet, Tulsa Ballet Theatre, Dayton Ballet, Colorado Ballet, and, most recently, Ballet West. While dancing professionally, Tong completed his B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Ballet Teaching and Choreography with the University of Utah Ballet Department and also worked as a guest faculty member from 2000-2005. From 2005-2007, Tong served as Assistant Professor of Dance at Wright State University. He held the position of Dance professor at Butler University from 2007-2011. In fall 2011, Tong joined the distinguished Dance Department of University of California, Irvine.


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