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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Artist and actress, Keiko Agena, spoke with Janeane about her inspiring workbook, "NO MISTAKES: A Perfect Workbook for Imperfect Artists"

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What if there were no mistakes? OK, that's impossible--but what if you learned to view your mistakes in a whole new light? In this inspiring workbook, artist and Gilmore Girls actress Keiko Agena guides you through simple exercises based on one of the founding ideas of improv: Any misstep is an opportunity for growth and creativity. Interspersed with coloring pages and original artwork by Agena, each exercise teaches you to confront your emotions, rethink your art, and take mindful breaks to recharge in her own playful, encouraging voice. Keiko Agena is best known for the TV show, Gilmore Girls, where she played Lane Kim for seven seasons and reprised the role in 2016. As a guest star she has appeared on such shows as NCIS LA, Shameless, Scandal, House, ER and 13 Reasons Why.

Thriller writer Lori Rader-Day Monday 8/13@9amPT on KUCI 88.9fm!

Lori Rader-Day is an Anthony Award winner and William Morrow/Harper Collins novelist whose frontlist title this summer hinges on a plot drive by the "dark sky" community. Essentially there are internationally protected areas where lights are off so that the stars can be seen and there is no "light pollution."

Lori Rader-Day’s debut mystery, The Black Hour, won the 2015 Anthony Award for Best First Novel and was a finalist for the 2015 Mary Higgins Clark Award. Her second novel, Little Pretty Things, won the 2016 Mary Higgins Clark Award and was a nominee for the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original. Little Pretty Things was named a 2015 “most arresting crime novel” by Kirkus Reviews and one of the top ten crime novels of the year by Booklist. Her third novel, The Day I Died, was an Indie Next Pick and is a nominee for the Mary Higgins Clark Award and the Barry Award. She lives in Chicago.


Some recent dark sky related news:
http://darksky.org/study-links -artificial-light-at-night- and-cancer-risk/

https://www.sanmarcosrecord.co m/news/wimberley-valley-wins- dark-sky-designation

Lori-Rader day is a thriller writer and not a scientist, but a dark sky preserve is her setting and she's spent time on them. She has some interesting insights in relationship to her own experiences, as well as speaking about her book.

Lori will address:
  • Dark Sky preserves--what are they and how did Lori find out about them?
  • How has growing population and climate change reduced our access to Dark Sky?
  • Environmental impact of creating Dark Sky preserves
    Lori's own research into and experiences with Dark Sky preserves
  • Her journalism background and how she shifted to thriller-writing

STARRED REVIEW “Fans of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None will be riveted by Rader-Day’s (The Day I Died) latest psychological thriller, which makes you question who you really know and trust and whether you should be afraid of the dark.” –Library Journal

My firm began working with Lori at the beginning of her career with her debut release, "The Black Hour," in 2014 which won an Anthony Award for Best First Novel at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, and was named a finalist for the Mary Higgins Clark Award as well.

“A tense tale of murder among old friends featuring an evolving protagonist and high-stakes mind games.” –Booklist

“I don’t know a writer who captures better the insecurities and damaged and damaging relationships of ordinary women.” -Ann Cleeves, winner of the Crime Writers’ Association Diamond Dagger

From the critically-acclaimed author of The Day I Died comes a terrifying twist on a locked-room mystery that will keep readers guessing until the last page

Only in the dark can she find the truth . . .

Since her husband died, Eden Wallace's life has diminished down to a tiny pinprick, like a far-off star in the night sky. She doesn't work, has given up on her love of photography, and is so plagued by night terrors that she can't sleep without the lights on. Everyone, including her family, has grown weary of her grief. So when she finds paperwork in her husband's effects indicating that he reserved a week at a dark sky park, she goes. She's ready to shed her fear and return to the living, even if it means facing her paralyzing phobia of the dark.

But when she arrives at the park, the guest suite she thought was a private retreat is teeming with a group of twenty-somethings, all stuck in the orbit of their old college friendships. Horrified that her get-away has been taken over, Eden decides to head home the next day. But then a scream wakes the house in the middle of the night. One of the friends has been murdered. Now everyone—including Eden—is a suspect.

Everyone is keeping secrets, but only one is a murderer. As mishaps continue to befall the group, Eden must make sense of the chaos and lies to evade a ruthless killer—and she'll have to do it before dark falls…


Saturday, August 11, 2018

TODAY 8/13/18 9:15am pst on KUCI 88.9fm...Sslimegirls and Squishin Time joined host Janeane to talk about Summer Slime Bonanza 2 and how you can WIN VIP TIX!

Sslimegirls and Squishin Time,
producers of SLIME BONANZA 2, featured on KUCI 88.9fm Monday 8/13/18 at 9:15am

aming www.kuci.org


Coming up August 15, 2018 in Tustin, California... 

"Slime Bonanza 2!" 

Perfect summer fun for the Slimers in your family

Location: Lyceum Villagers
14281 Chambers Rd, Tustin, CA 92780 - Time: 1-5pm

Come meet your favorite Slimers from Instagram, purchase creative slimes and other merchanise, play games, make slime, and participate in slime contests! 

Kids ages 5+ are welcome! 
This event is hosted by Sslimegirls and Squishin time Slimes.

To purchase tickets visit:

For additional info: go to Slime Bonanza 2 AUGUST 15TH!!! (@socalslimebonanza) • Instagram photos and videos

Thursday, August 9, 2018

8/13/18 at 9:30am pst, Randy Thomas joins host Janeane Bernstein on KUCI 88.9fm. She's the voice of the Oscars, The Super Bowl, The Kennedy Center Honors, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction, The Tony Awards, the SAG Awards and so much more!

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“Tonight on ABC’s Nightline”, Live from Hollywood, it’s the Academy Awards!”…these iconic phrases are known the world over by Randy Thomas, the preeminent voice over artist in America. Randy’s resume is stunning: The Oscars (9x) The Super Bowl (3x), The Kennedy Center Honors (4x) The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction (4x), The Tony Awards (20x), SAG Awards (5x) Most recently, Randy can be heard announcing the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Inductions, The Kennedy Center Honors, and promo campaigns for CNN.

“She is the female standard in the industry,” says Entertainment Tonight producer/director Kevin Gershan.Thomas describes her voice as “strong, authoritative, warm and elegant.” To bring to life the words on a page, she works with her clients to understand their messages and brands, and uses her acting training to present her voice accordingly. Currently Randy hosts the Music Connection Podcast on the PodcastOne Network with her husband Arnie Wohl talking about the music business with todays top artists and the just surpassed 100,000 downloads in 2018.

Randy’s career began as a radio personality in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Miami. Throughout the years, Randy has always given back to the business that has been so good to her, and has done it in a meaningful and selfless way. As an advisory board member of The Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab in Los Angeles, Randy mentors aspiring voice artists with the tools and mindset necessary to succeed in this competitive industry.

Randy’s mantra is “Live your dream, use your voice!” As her level of fame and influence continues to grow, Randy created The VO Mastery Summit, an exclusive assemblage of leading international voice over professionals. During this 3 day event, celebrities and coaches - who are experiencing unprecedented success - share secrets and strategies of how you can achieve a successful career in voice over and beyond.

Represented by Atlas Talent Agency, Randy resigned her contract continuing her partnership with her trusted Agents Jonn Wasser and Lisa Marber-Rich. Thomas is also an accomplished author. 

Web: http://www.randythomasvo.com
Music Connection Podcast:
Event: randythomaspresents.com


Twitter: https://twitter.com/randythomasvo

8/9/18 - Gary John Bishop, author of Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life, called in to our KUCI studios!

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Gary John Bishop was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a leading personal development expert. He is the author of Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life.

His shares his insights on drama, what it means to be authentic, and all the letters he gets from people who want to change their lives.

National and International best Selling Author - Harper Collins (USA) + Hodder Books (UK), Head Honcho at http://garyjohnbishop.com

8/9/18 - Janeane speaks with BRANDON WEBB, former Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author. Brandon calls in to KUCI to talk about his latest book, MASTERING FEAR: a simple yet powerful guide to making your fears work for you instead of against you


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Former Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author discusses MASTERING FEAR: a simple yet powerful guide to making your fears work for you instead of against you.

Brandon Webb has run life-threatening missions in the world's worst trouble spots, whether that meant jumping out of airplanes, taking down hostile ships on the open sea, or rolling prisoners in the dead of night in the mountains of Afghanistan. As a Navy SEAL, he learned how to manage the natural impulse to panic in the face of terrifying situations. As media CEO and national television commentator, he has learned how to apply those same skills in civilian life.

Drawing on his experiences in combat and business, along with colorful anecdotes from his vast network of super-achiever friends from astronauts to billionaires, Webb shows how people from all walks of life can stretch and transcend their boundaries and learn to use their fears as fuel to achieve more than they ever thought possible. "Fear can be a set of manacles, holding you prisoner," writes Webb. "Or it can be a slingshot, catapulting you on to greatness."

The key, says Webb, is not to fight fear or try to beat it back, but to embrace and harness it. In the process, rather than being your adversary, your fear becomes a secret weapon that allows you to triumph in even the most adverse situations. In Mastering Fear, Webb and his bestselling coauthor John David Mann break this transformation down into five practical steps, creating a must-read manual for anyone looking for greater courage and mastery in their lives.

When Brandon Webb left home at sixteen and then joined the Navy SEALs, he learned an invaluable lesson about fear. Not how to eliminate it—how to master it. After leaving the military, he took that lesson into civilian life and business, with exceptional results. In his new book, MASTERING FEAR, Webb draws on his experiences in combat and commerce, along with colorful anecdotes from his vast network of super-achiever friends, ranging from astronauts to billionaires. In doing so, he shows how people from all walks of life can push their boundaries and learn to use their fears as fuel to achieve more than they ever thought possible. "Fear can be a set of manacles, holding you prisoner," writes Webb. "Or it can be a slingshot, catapulting you on to greatness."

Brandon Webb discusses:
· The Five Steps: Decision, Rehearsal, Letting Go, Jumping Off, Knowing What Matters

· Facing common phobias: flying, swimming, heights, commitment, public speaking, and failure

· Applying Mastering Fear to business situations—giving a presentation, meeting a prospective client, attempting new strategies, launching a company, and more

· Translating intense and dangerous Navy SEAL training for a civilian audience.

They key isn’t to fight or beat back the fear, but rather to harness it, making fear your secret weapon in any adverse situation. MASTERING FEAR is a must-read manual for anyone seeking greater mastery and courage in their lives.


Brandon Webb is a former US Navy SEAL, New York Times bestselling author, and founder and CEO of Hurricane Group, a media and ecommerce business focused on military entertainment, news, and monthly clubs. His titles include The Red Circle, Benghazi: The Definitive Report, The Killing School, and Total Focus. John David Mann is Webb's co-author of The Red Circle, Among Heroes, The Killing School, Total Focus and the international bestseller The Go-Giver.

Monday, July 30, 2018

7/30/18 - Janeane spoke with Emmy-nominated writer-producer Lee Aronsohn (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory) about his documentary film, 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: THE MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE


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A Documentary by Lee Aronsohn

Opening in New York and Los Angeles

Friday, August 3
With a national rollout to follow

Magic Music is one of the most fondly remembered bands of the Boulder Revolution of the late 60s and early 70s. Living in a makeshift camp up in the mountains, they would delight local residents and university students with their original songs, acoustic instruments, and light harmonies; their growing popularity brought them to the brink of success more than once. Unfortunately, they never signed a record deal and eventually broke up in 1975.

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: THE MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE chronicles how one of their greatest fans, acclaimed director (and UC Boulder alumnus) Lee Aronsohn, tracked down the original band members four decades later to tell their story. More importantly, he makes a dream come true for himself, fellow fans, and the band, by bringing them all back to Boulder for a sold-out reunion concert that preserves their legacy for posterity.

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: THE MAGIC MUSIC MOVIE opens in theaters on August 3 with additional markets to follow. The Orchard will release the film digitally on September 4.

The film is written and directed by Emmy-nominated writer-producer Lee Aronsohn (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory) and produced by Fleur Saville. Executive Producers are Aronsohn and Lisa Haisha and Producer is Jeff Jampol. Cinematography is by Dean Cornish with editing by Kyle Vorbach.

RT: 99 minutes / Not yet rated




7/30/18 at 9:15am pst on KUCI 88.9fm - Janeane speaks with Jenny Lynn and Carolyn Yarnell - of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art!


Coming up AUGUST 4!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

7/30/18 - 9:30am pst on KUCI 88.9fm Abbey Lee Nash debuts her latest new novel LIFELINE

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Abbey Lee Nash debuts with a new voice along the lines of Jennifer Niven, Sharon M. Draper, and John Green, in Lifeline, a gorgeously written tale that plunges the reader into the life of popular high school senior Eli Ross who has everything...

...until an overdose at a party takes it all away.

After nearly dying in the ER, Eli agrees to go to LakeShore Recovery Center, an inpatient substance abuse treatment program where he'll spend the next 28 days.

It's there that Eli meets Libby, the sharp-edged artist, whose freshly tattooed scars mirror the emotional scars Eli tries his best to ignore. Eli soon learns that if he's to have any chance at a future, he'll first have to confront his past.

Abbey skillfully weaves a tight story and unforgettable characters together to create a novel that is honest, raw, funny, heartbreaking, and hopeful and will ultimately have you turning pages throughout the night.

Born to parents with a serious case of “wanderlust,” Abbey Lee Nash has lived in some pretty interesting places, including on a Christian farming commune in rural Georgia, above a third-world craft store in Kentucky, and on a Salvation Army retreat center in the Pennsylvania mountains. She currently lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, two daughters, and one very rambunctious Australian Shepherd. She received her MA in English from Arcadia University in 2011 and currently works at Bryn Athyn College where she teaches writing and literature. She is also an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. LIFELINE is her first novel. For more information about Abbey or her work, visit her website at www.abbeynash.com.

7/30/18 from our KUCI 88.9fm studios - Host Janeane Bernstein spoke with Bay Area author Lise Pearlman, who recently wrote a stunning new biography about prisoner rights activist Fay Stender called Call Me Phaedra

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Bay Area author, Lise Pearlman, has recently written a stunning new biography of prisoner rights activist Fay Stender entitled, Call Me Phaedra (Regent Press, June 5). 

Fay’s story as a fighter for the rights of black prisoners is especially relevant in today’s political turmoil, and Lise is an award-winning author, accomplished lecturer, trail-blazing lawyer, and nationally recognized civil rights historian. 

Call Me Phaedra: The Life and Times of Movement Lawyer Fay Stender provides an inside view of activism during the McCarthy Era, the Civil Rights Movement, Free Speech Era, the rise of
black power, and the Women’s Rights Movement. It chronicles the extraordinary life and career of Fay Stender, focused particularly on her work as a rare female criminal defense lawyer and
ground-breaking prisoners’ rights advocate. The book focuses on Stender’s achievements and challenges representing two black revolutionary clients. 

Her work both won her international acclaim as a top Movement lawyer and propelled her to a tragic end. The saga of this feminine icon will fascinate those who lived through these eras as well as young adults today interested in the history of American activism and, particularly, women who challenged white-male monopoly power. Those who are working to change American society for the better today can draw valuable lessons from this important new biography and history book which reflects years of research, including access to several unpublished private collections and scores of exclusive interviews.

7/30/18 - KUCI 88.9fm 9:45am pst - Jennifer Dornbush joined KUCI's Janeane Bernstein to talk about her latest book, The Coroner

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When you grow up as the daughter of a medical examiner, you are bound to have some stories to tell. Alumna Jennifer Dornbush has turned those stories into a career — she’s advised crime dramas for television and movies, and wrote a guide to creating authentic crime dramas called Forensic Speak.

And now she’s written her first fiction book “The Coroner” which is being released from Crooked Lane Books on Aug. 7. Jennifer shares some great stories with KUCI host Janeane Bernstein!

In “The Coroner,” a surgical resident returns to the small town she’s from after her father, the local coroner, has a heart attack. He is unable to perform the autopsy of a young girl whose body was recently found, and she is called upon to take her place.

When a young doctor makes a reluctant trip home and confronts her past, she is sucked into a dangerous mystery

LOS ANGELES, California – When surgical resident Emily Hartford returns to the small town where she grew up after more than a decade away, she is confronted with issues from her past, and a mystery from the present. Her father, the local coroner, has had a heart attack, and is unavailable to autopsy the body of a girl found in suspicious circumstances at a horse stable. When he asks her to take over in his stead, she is resistant, especially as that would mean working closely with the sheriff, who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend.

Emily worries about her father’s declining health and tries to tend to her tenuous relationship with her fiance from afar. And as she and Nick delve more deeply into what happened to Julie
Dobson, Emily realizes they will be in danger if they keep poking around where they aren’t wanted.

Fans of crime drama and strong female characters will love this twist on a detective novel that will leave your heart racing and keep you turning pages until the end. Jennifer Dornbush is a writer, speaker, and forensic specialist creating a diverse range of stories that shed light on the dark places of the human experience. As a daughter of a medical examiner, she investigated her first fatality when she was 8. She has several crime dramas in development, and a feature film inspired by her novel, God Bless the Broken Road, is slated for release Sept. 21, 2018. She is also the author of Forensic Speak: How To Write Realistic Crime Dramas, hailed as a north star to creating authentic crime dramas. Jennifer teaches seminars and speaks on writing crime fiction for screen, forensic fundamentals, and death investigation.

She hosts webinars on crime writing through Writer’s Digest; and has collaborated with The Writers Store and Script Magazine to produce a video on crime writing for writers. She also hosts a YouTube channel on forensics and the writing life. She teaches screenwriting and mentors aspiring writers through the Act One Program, Regent University, and Universita Catholica Milano. She is a member of the Writers’ Guild of American and the Mystery Writers of America.

About the Book
Summoned from her promising surgical career first to her estranged father's bedside, and then his post as medical examiner when his small town needs urgent help with a suspicious death, Emily Hartford discovers home is where the bodies are in this pitch perfect mystery debut.

Recently engaged and deeply ensconced in her third year of surgical residency in Chicago, Emily Hartford gets a shock when she’s called home to Freeport, MI, the small town she fled a decade ago after the death of her mother. Her estranged father, the local medical examiner, has had a massive heart attack and Emily is needed urgently to help with his recovery. Not sure what to expect, Emily races home, blowing the only stoplight at the center of town and getting pulled over by her former high school love, now Sheriff, Nick Larson.

At the hospital, she finds her father in near total denial of the seriousness of his condition. He insists that the best thing Emily can do to help him is to take on the autopsy of a Senator’s teen daughter whose sudden, unexplained death has just rocked the sleepy town. Reluctantly agreeing to help her father and Nick, Emily gets down to work, only to discover that the girl was murdered. The autopsy reminds her of her many hours in the morgue with her father when she was a young teen—a time which inspired her love of medicine. Before she knows it, she’s pulled deeper into the case and closer to her father and to Nick—much to the dismay of her big city fiancé. When a threat is made to Emily herself, she must race to catch the killer before he strikes again in The Coroner, expertly written and sharply plotted, perfect for fans of Patricia Cornwell and Julia Spencer Fleming.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

7/24/18 on KUCI 88.9fm - Paul Greenberg, author of the James Beard Award winning bestseller Four Fish, American Catch, and The Omega Principle joined Janeane to talk about his latest book, The Omega Principle - Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet

LISTEN to today's conversation with Paul Greenberg!

The bestselling author of Four Fish and American Catch shares an eye-opening investigation of the history, science, and business behind omega-3 fatty acids, the "miracle compound" whose story is intertwined with human health and the future of our planet.

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been celebrated by doctors and dieticians as key to a healthy heart and a sharper brain. In the last few decades, that promise has fueled a multi-billion dollar dietary supplement business, even as recent medical studies challenge the effectiveness of this “miracle compound.” Behind these tiny molecules is a big story: of the push-and-pull of science and business; of the fate of our oceans in a human-dominated age; of the explosion of land food at the expense of healthier and more sustainable seafood; of the human quest for health and long life at all costs. James Beard Award-winning and best-selling author Paul Greenberg offers an eye-opening investigation in THE OMEGA PRINCIPLE: Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet.

Greenberg as he shares his travels—from Peru to Antarctica, from the Canary Islands to the Amalfi Coast—to explore the potential health benefits of an omega-3-rich diet and reveal the repercussions of our unbalanced way of consuming the ocean’s omega-3 resources. 

Paul discusses:

· The “omega principle:” a new system of eating and producing food that is both good for our bodies and good for our planet

· What omega-3s are exactly….and their health benefits to our bodies

· How “landfood” is destroying seafood and how we are becoming less healthy because of it

· The impact of the “reduction industry,” a global business that boils down 25 million tons of marine life into oil and meal

· The future of aquaculture

· How to turn the tide by reworking of both our food systems and energy systems in a way that plays to the ocean’s strengths rather than adding to its weaknesses.

Greenberg probes the rich and surprising history of omega-3s–from the dawn of complex life, when these compounds were first formed; to human prehistory, when the discovery of seafood may have produced major cognitive leaps for our species; and on to the modern era, when omega-3s may point the way to a bold new direction for our food system. THE OMEGA PRINCIPLE is a powerful argument for a more deliberate and forward-thinking relationship to the food we eat and the oceans that sustain us.

About the Author
Paul Greenberg is the author of the James Beard Award-winning Four Fish and American Catch and a regular contributor to The New York Times. His writing has also appeared in The New Yorker, National Geographic, and GQ, among other publications, and he has lectured widely on ocean issues at institutions ranging from Google to Yale to the U.S. Senate. While researching THE OMEGA PRINCIPLE, Greenberg, a lifelong fisherman, ate fish every day, multiple times a day for a year in hopes determining which fish we should eat for our health and the health of the planet. PBS’s Frontline documented this journey in the documentary The Fish on My Plate.

Find more more, by visiting: http://paulgreenberg.org/

Sunday, July 22, 2018

7/23/18 9:45am pst - VR/AR guy Marcelo Lewin joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm!

LISTEN to today's show with Marcelo Lewin!

Marcelo Lewin is the guy behind How To Create VR. He's passionate about VR / AR and evangelizes it every chance he gets. He believes that companies of all sizes and at all levels will be positively affected by VR and AR. He hosts a weekly podcast, facilitates a monthly hands-on Meetup, publishes tutorials, presents in conferences and produces & develops VR and AR projects.

7/23/18 9:30am pst - Founder and CEO of Track Maven, Allen Gannett, joined Janeane to talk about his latest book, The Creative Curve

LISTEN to today's conversation with Allen Gannett!

What do DEAR EVAN HANSON, Netflix, Black-Ish, YouTube,and Ben & Jerry's have in common? In the new book, THE CREATIVE CURVE: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time, Allen Gannett, a Forbes and Inc. “30 Under 30” awardee, discusses the science and patterns behind innovation to reveal the truth behind creative success. Gannett looks at just what make for "creative genius." and how we all have the ability to achieve it.



How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time
By Allen Gannett

"THE CREATIVE CURVE takes on one of the most pernicious beliefs about creativity -- that it is limited to natural-born geniuses. In fact, as Allen Gannett argues so capably, we all have the potential to come up with ingenious ideas and make them a reality. Seasoned with lively anecdotes, THE CREATIVE CURVE will take you through the science and practice of creativity so that you can start tapping into your own breakthroughs.”

— Daniel Pink, author of WHEN and TO SELL IS HUMAN

…”stimulating…” “Gannett offers the ideal balance of valuable instruction, accessible writing, and refreshing stories, providing tangible evidence that the creative process he advocates actually works for businesspeople.”- Publishers Weekly

The Creative Curve includes interviews with the following:

David Rubenstein - Co-Founder of Carlyle Group and host of The David Rubenstein Show

José Andrés - Chef, Restaurateur, and TV star

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul - Co-Creators of Dear Evan Hansen and the music behind La La Land (Tony, Golden Globe, and Oscar winners)

Kristen Ashley - Bestselling romance novelist

Ted Sarandos - Chief Content Officer of Netflix

Casey Neistat - YouTube creator with a combined 12M+ social followers

Connor Franta - YouTube creator with a combined 20M+ social followers

Nina Jacobson - Legendary producer (The Hunger Games, The People v. O. J. Simpson) and former president of Walt Disney Motion Pictures

André Bishop - Artistic Director of Lincoln Center Theater, 17 Tony Awards

Brenda Chapman - Legendary animator and Oscar-winning Director of Brave

Andrew Ross Sorkin – New York Times journalist, co-host of CNBC’s Squawk Box, co-creator of Billions

Beverly Jenkins - Bestselling novelist

Kenya Barris - Creator of ABC’s Black-ish

Mike Einziger - Incubus co-songwriter and guitarist

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – Professor, bestselling author of Flow

Kevin Ryan - Founder of MongoDB, Gilt, Business Insider, and other Internet companies

K. Anders Ericsson - Professor, Bestselling author of Peak

Jared Polis - Congressman, Founder of ProFlowers, education entrepreneur, and frontrunner in 2018 Colorado gubernatorial election

Alexis Ohanian - Co-founder of Reddit

The flavor team at Ben & Jerry’s

CEO and Founder of Track Maven Allen Gannet believes that we have been spoon-fed the notion that creativity is the province of genius — of those favored, brilliant few whose moments of insight arrive in unpredictable flashes of divine inspiration. And if we are not a genius, we might as well pack it in and give up. Either we have that gift, or we don’t. But that simply isn’t true. In THE CREATIVE CURVE: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time (Currency; June 12, 2018; $28.00) by big data entrepreneur Allen Gannett, a Forbes and Inc. “30 Under 30” awardee, tells us why and shows us how to get it.

Recent research has shown there is a science behind increasing the odds of commercial success in any creative field, whether creating music, writing a breakout novel, starting up a company, or mounting an effective marketing campaign. What is called creative genius is really the ability to understand what Allen Gannett calls “the creative curve” and use it to engineer mainstream success.

Gannett is Founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a company that works with large brands to help them uncover the meaning—revealed by the patterns—within their marketing data. In working with major brands like Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, Home Depot, Aetna, Honda, and GE, Gannett noticed a significant pattern: most marketers, even well-known ones, weren’t hitting their goals. While their ad campaigns demonstrated creative thinking, their commercial success often fell short. He asked himself, could there be a method to combining creative and commercial success?

In THE CREATIVE CURVE, Gannett overturns the mythology around creative genius and reveals the truth about creative success: that there is in fact a science behind what becomes a hit. New findings in neuroscience give us an unprecedented ability to decode and engineer the necessary moments of “inspiration” that create mainstream and popular work. Gannett says, “There is a pattern that successful creative people leverage to make hits, one that’s accessible to almost anyone. It’s intuitive, but it’s also learnable. And it has nothing to do with mysticism. You don’t need to do LSD to get inspired or pray for a simple moment of blinding inspiration.”

Gannett spent hundreds of hours with modern creative geniuses to find patterns to their achievement; ranging from world-renowned chefs to rock stars, and from Broadway sensations—like the team behind the Tony Award–winning show Dear Evan Hansen—to the founder of Reddit. He shares the little-known but entertaining backstories to enduring creative breakthroughs by the Beatles, J.K. Rowling, and others. Even more interesting, many were not aware they were following a pattern. They had all arrived at the same methods independently.

What the world’s most creative people repeatedly do—whether consciously or unconsciously—is find the point of optimal tension between familiarity and novelty, safety and surprise, similarity and difference. The Creative Curve reveals the learnable four-step process that they follow to find this sweet spot:

Consumption: Gannett explores how, and the science behind why, consumption of information can provoke your own flashes of genius.

Imitation: Creatives have to find a way to add just the perfect amount of novelty. To do this, they engage in something that may seem surprising: imitation.

Creative Communities: Gannett shows how building a community around oneself is critical to creativity.

Iterations: Iterations are essential to making great creative products of all types. Gannett explains how the same data-driven cycles used in modern political campaigns are used to conceive blockbuster movies and bestselling consumer products.

Illuminated with behind-the-scenes stories from Ben & Jerry’s to the Beatles, from Andrew Ross Sorkin to Kurt Vonnegut, from Facebook to Netflix, The Creative Curve is a practical playbook for those in any creative field looking to achieve breakout success.


ALLEN GANNETT is the founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a software analytics firm whose clients have included Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, Home Depot, Aetna, Honda, and GE. He has been on the “30 Under 30” lists for both Inc. and Forbes.

7/23/18 9:15am pst - Elena Stowell joined Janeane to talk about her story, Frango & Chicken

LISTEN to today's conversation with Elena Stowell!

Elena Stowell’s Frango & Chicken, a beautiful story about positivity and how some things seem impossible, but with the right attitude and the help of a friend, you can do more than you ever thought you could.

The adventures of Frango and Chicken are inspired by the true story of a young man in Brazil who has had to overcome physical challenges since infancy. By maintaining a positive attitude and sense of humor, he shows all of us how to live without limits.


"Oh you're a writer."
"No, I'm a biology teacher"
I'm still working to add my new label to the others, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teammate. Flowing with the Go went from being a therapy project to being a cathartic experience that helped free me from the lonely and desperate hold that grief had on me.
I found a sport, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, that helped me heal and provided a support group like no other. With my spirit renewed, Flowing with the Go has now inspired me to give back. After taking the Portuguese translation of my book to Brazil, I was touched by the positive way BJJ inspired the young children in the Projeto Social to work hard to improve themselves and their lives. My book has opened doors I never knew were there.

7/23/18 9am pst - Award-winning writer and editor, Caroline Taylor, joined Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm

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Formerly from Washington, D.C., Caroline Taylor is an award-winning writer and editor living in North Carolina. She has written two mysteries—What Are Friends For? and Jewelry from a Grave—and is the author of Publishing the Nonprofit Annual Report: Tips, Traps, and Tricks of the Trade. Her short stories and essays have appeared in several online and print magazines. She is a member of the North Carolina Writers' Network, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers of America. 

Visit her at www.carolinestories.com

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

7/17/18 on KUCI's "Get the Funk Out!" Show - JILL SANTOPOLO, New York Times bestselling author, joins Janeane to talk about her latest book, The Light We Lost

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  New York Times
bestselling author of
Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick! 

"This love story between Lucy & Gabe spans decades and continents as two star-crossed lovers try to return to each other...Will they ever meet again? This book kept me up at night, turning the pages to find out, and the ending did not disappoint."--Reese Witherspoon

A four-time SkimmReads pick, September 2017 Belletrist Book of the Month, and the February 2018 Reese’s Book Club x Hello Sunshine pick, THE LIGHT WE LOST by Jill Santopolo is an essential addition to your beach bag. Called “The epic love story” by Redbook and “heart-wrenching yet beautiful” by Us Weekly, THE LIGHT WE LOST is an immersive, heartrending novel about the inner workings of the human heart, the lengths we go to pursue our dreams and the sacrifices we make for love.

With shades of the tragic choice in Me Before You, the fated scope of One Day, and the immutability of The Time Traveler’s Wife, THE LIGHT WE LOST explores the dreams, desires, jealousies and betrayals that can accompany passion, especially when the stars align against an indelible, if fragile, love. With foreign rights sold in over thirty countries, it has struck a chord both at home and abroad—proving that love is universal, as is its consequences. “This book will sink its hooks into your heart on page one,” says Bustle, “and leave you scarred long after you’re done.”


On a day that irreversibly alters both of their lives, Columbia University students Lucy and Gabe come together amidst tragedy, fueled by a deep connection found in a dark moment. What follows, over the course of more than a decade in a series of beautifully written vignettes, is a journey that brings them together and apart as they to etch out their respective careers and come to terms with the concrete consequences of following their dreams.

Gabe, inspired and compelled to travel to the Middle East as a war zone photojournalist, leaves Lucy in New York, where she forges a successful career—and, eventually, a life without the person she thought was her soulmate. She gives her heart to someone new, a steady, safe, and loving man named Darren. But as time goes on, Lucy realizes that she can never give her heart away again fully as she continues to cling to the impossibly perfect love she believes she was meant to share with Gabe. As Lucy tells the story of her life, she addresses Gabe directly, sharing memories and secrets that result in an unraveling destiny and surprising, unforgettable conclusion.

Jill will address the following:

· This story is so moving and so honest. What inspired you to write it?

· Before The Light We Lost, you’d written primarily for children and young adults. Why did you decide to write an adult novel?

· What was different about writing for an adult audience? Did your process change?

· Lucy’s voice is so powerful and sincere on the page. What was it like to write her character? How much of you is in her voice?

· How did you come up with Gabe and Darren? Did the men change as you developed the story?

· So which are you: Team Darren or Team Gabe?

· You yourself were a student at Columbia University on September 11, 2001. What was it like writing about this experience through fiction? Were your own experiences similar?

· Without giving anything away, did you always know how the novel would end?

· You also work as an editor of children’s books. What is different about writing your own stories from editing others’? Is there one side you prefer?


Twitter: @JillSantopolo

Facebook: @JillSantopoloAuthor


Jill Santopolo received a BA in English literature from Columbia University and an MFA in writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She's the author of three successful children’s and young-adult series and works as the editorial director of Philomel Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers group, where she's edited books by Mayim Bialik, Chelsea Clinton, Amy Ephron, and Lisa Graff, among others. An adjunct professor in The New School’s MFA program, Jill travels the world to speak about writing and storytelling. She lives in New York City.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

7/16/18 on KUCI 88.9fm - Creator/Director Kyle Thomas and Producer Jessica Bowling Bryant joined Janeane live on KUCI 88.9fm to talk about their series 365 DAYS OF LOVE LETTERS

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Kyle Thomas and Jessica Bowling Bryant!


BroadwayWorld.com article about the series.

With Chris Salvatore (the Eating Out series), RJ Aguiar (social media pioneer), and Caitlainne Gurreri (Grey’s Anatomy, All My Children) headlining the show, this new series is generating buzz already and has begun to attach several key players who round out the team across acting, producing, marketing, fashion, and music. From the team alone, we have cumulatively generated over 13 million YouTube views, 2 million Facebook fans, 405K Instagram followers, 171K YouTube subscribers, and 169K Twitter followers. Created by Kyle Thomas and produced by Jessica Bryant, the show was shot by Jessica Ramos (worked on Breaking Bad, Hail, Caesar!, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and will be scored by powerhouse Craig J Snider (worked with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Kelly Clarkson). Craig J Snider will also produce three pop singles that will be released in connection with the series.

Kyle channels the Millennial zeitgeist through film and episodic entertainment. A prolific writer, expert networker, and natural leader, Kyle has a gift for capturing electric moments and distilling the modern human condition. He is a signature voice living and creating on the cutting edge of Millennial expression.

Kyle Thomas is an award-winning Film Director, Creative Director, and Content Producer. In 2012, he was honored by the Windy City Times for being one of 30 Under 30 and was recognized by national arts organization, RAW: natural born artists, as Chicago Filmmaker of the Year, alongside independent film company, Hesperidian Productions. 2012 also ushered forth the premiere of Kyle Thomas's short film, Stiletto, which premiered to a crowd of over 1000 people and enjoyed a run in the national film festival circuit. In 2013, he was recognized by Universal Creativity as a Groundbreaking Artist and Entrepreneur. Kyle Thomas was the original founder of Chicago-based film and fashion production company, Hesperidian Productions, and produced and directed two short films and a fashion web series with national and international brands such as Topshop/Topman, Brooklyn Industries, and many notable Chicago boutiques.

Jessica makes one of the toughest jobs in film look easy…and she always does it with a smile. This tireless producer from Texas is used to working under fire having delivered 160 episodes of the reality TV series Eye for an Eye where she was a producer, writer and director. When she wasn’t busy raising four beautiful children, Jesse was hard at work, knocking out segments for XKO a reality MMA fight show as well as producing and directing live events for 13 episodes.

The multi-talented Dallas native moved to Los Angeles six years ago to pursue her dream in film. Jessica’s first 35mm feature Losing Faith showcased her skills as an adept writer and director. Since her move, she has gone on to produce American Justice with John Schneider and Tommy Lister, and career highlights are executive producer on two features, Recall with Wesley Snipes and Humanity Bureau with Nic Cage.

7/16/18 on KUCI 88.9fm - Shane Snow, a science and business journalist and the co-founder of Contently, joins Janeane live on KUCI 88.9fm!

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DREAM TEAMS by Shane Snow--our society is full of passionate, hard-working people, but what is the secret sauce of those innovative partnerships/teams that truly breath through and add up to more?

In DREAM TEAMS: Working Together Without Falling Apart (Portfolio/Penguin Random House; June 5, 2018) author/entrepreneur, Shane Snow takes the reader on an adventure through history, neuroscience, psychology, and business, revealing counter-intuitive lessons from new science and original research. 

Shane will discuss:

How ragtag teams—from soccer clubs to startups to gangs of pirates—beat the odds throughout history

What the Wright Brothers' daily arguments can teach us about group problem solving.

How pioneering women in law enforcement, unlikely civil rights collaborators, and underdog armies did the incredible together by valuing their differences.

How seemingly bad ideas like The Black Square or the Winooski Dome help expand the possibilities of making progress.

The team players behind great social movements in history, and the science of becoming open-minded.

Cognitive Diversity, and the math behind how that awful “synergy” word actually works.

DREAM TEAMS is about leadership's imperative to seek different perspectives so we can make progress together. Snow demonstrates how differences matter (not just why) and shows how the best teams depressurize tension, leverage provocation, and open themselves to wild card ideas to find solutions that others can’t.

Provocative and entertaining, DREAM TEAMS unpacks the counter-intuitive truths about becoming better co-workers ourselves and describes the crucial traits of ultimate collaborations. Regardless of age, occupation, location, or background, we can all benefit from being better team players.

Shane Snow is a science and business journalist and the co-founder of Contently, one of Inc’s fastest growing companies and Crain's and Ad Age's best places to work in America. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Wired, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Time, and GQ. His first book, Smartcuts, has made him a highly sought-after speaker around the world on innovation and lateral thinking.

7/16/18 on KUCI 88.9fm - Shelley Callahan of Children Incorporated shares the latest news how Children Incorporated is Teaming Up with Kind Traveler

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Children Incorporated Teams Up with Kind Traveler to Empower Travelers to Help Children in Need

Los Angeles, CA—Travelers can now help provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare, and educational support to children living in poverty in the U.S. and abroad when they book Kind Hotels on Kind Traveler.

Kind Traveler is the world’s first socially conscious ‘Give + Get’ hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to benefit communities, the environment, and animals. Travelers give a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the visiting destination, or to a favorite charity on the platform. As reward for donation, travelers get an exclusive hotel rate to book directly with the world’s best hotels and unique properties.

100 percent of donations raised through Kind Traveler are given to charities like Children Incorporated, who believe that all children deserve access to basic needs and an education so that they may be healthy and have the opportunity to become contributing members of their communities.

When travelers book hotels with Kind Traveler a $10 nightly donation to Children Incorporated will feed one child for a week and unlocks exclusive hotel offers.

Of the 2.2 billion children living in the world, 1 billion are living in poverty. Furthermore, according to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. When it comes to the U.S., 15 million children, or 21 percent, live in families with incomes below the federal poverty thresholds.

Poverty not only includes a lack of income, but also a lack of resources to ensure sustainable livelihood, such as food, clean water, clothing, and proper shelter. Poverty has many detrimental outcomes for children—hunger and malnutrition, ill health, and lack of access to education and other basic services.

“We provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare, and educational support to children living in poverty in the U.S. and abroad,” says Ron Carter, President and CEO of Children Incorporated. “Each year, we give thousands of impoverished children all over the world a chance at a better life.”

Considering the financial power of the $7 trillion travel industry, Children Incorporated and Kind Traveler has tremendous potential for positive global impact. Last year alone, people around the world took more than 1.2 billion trips. Meanwhile, nearly 75 percent of travelers polled in Tourism Cares and Phocuswright’s Good Travels research study believe it’s important that their travel dollars benefit the communities they visit. The study also found that price is still the leading reason for booking with a particular travel company. By offering an exclusive rate on the hotel stay, Kind Traveler has created a solution that addresses both the consumer’s price motivation, as well as their desire to make a difference.

Another major distinction between Kind Traveler and other travel booking sites is their desire to educate. According to Phocuswright, “Three of 10 giving travelers were prompted to volunteer or donate because of something they read, heard, saw or experienced.” Kind Traveler’s blog provides stories that inspire travel while underscoring the importance of giving back, living consciously, and choosing with purpose. By sharing the stories of Children Incorporated’s impact on the planet’s most vulnerable families, Kind Traveler is building awareness of the one in 9 people worldwide who will go to bed hungry tonight.

“Our win-win platform offers solutions for everyone,” said CEO & Co-Founder Jessica Blotter. “For travelers, they become warriors for good and support hotels that are making a positive impact in the world – while receiving exclusive hotel rates. For hotels, they cultivate new relationships with cause-minded consumers and take another step towards corporate social responsibility. For charities, they receive 100 percent of donations and a new, sustainable channel for fundraising.”

Travelers can now support Children Incorporated when they book Kind Hotels in:

Aspen: Hotel Aspen, Molly Gibson Lodge

Austin: Lone Star Court, Hotel Ella, South Congress Hotel

Baltimore: Hotel Revival

Canada: Hotel Loden (Vancouver)

Chicago: Hotel Felix, The James Chicago – Magnificent Mile, Virgin Hotels Chicago

Costa Rica: Cala Luna, Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas, Casa Chameleon Mal Pais, Casa Chameleon OCiO Villas

Hawaii: Turtle Bay Resort

Houston: Hotel Sorella CityCentre, Hotel Ylem

Idaho: Hotel Ketchum

Los Angeles: Dream Hollywood, The Hollywood Roosevelt, The Mondrian LA, Hotel Angeleno, Hotel Erwin, Terranea Resort

Mexico & The Caribbean: COMO Parrot Cay (Turks & Caicos), Hotel El Ganzo (San José del Cabo), Ka’ana Resort (Belize), Itz’ana Resort + Residences (Belize), NIZUC (Cancún), The Jamaica Inn (Jamaica)

Miami: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach, Dream South Beach, The Betsy - South Beach, The Palms Hotel & Spa, 1 Hotel South Beach

Minnesota: Hewing Hotel (Minneapolis)

New York City: Arlo Hotel NoMad, Arlo Hotel SoHo, Dream Downtown, Dream Midtown, The Benjamin, The Standard East Village, The Standard High Line

Orange County: Monarch Beach Resort, The Ranch at Laguna Beach, Balboa Bay Resort

Palm Springs: Two Bunch Palms

Richmond: Quirk Hotel

San Antonio: Hotel Valencia Riverwalk

San Francisco: Hotel G, Hotel Spero, The Mosser Hotel, Kensington Park Hotel

San Jose: Hotel Valencia Santana Row

Tampa: Godfrey Hotel & Cabanas Tampa

Telluride: Lumière Telluride

Virginia: Lansdowne Resort & Spa (Leesburg)

Washington, DC: The Embassy Row Hotel, Liaison Capitol Hill

Wisconsin: The Charmant Hotel (La Crosse), The Iron Horse Hotel (Milwaukee)

Learn more about how you can #TravelKindly with Children Incorporated and Kind Traveler here.

About Kind Traveler
Kind Traveler, a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), is the first socially conscious ‘Give + Get’ hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to benefit the wellbeing of communities, the environment, and animals. Travelers give a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the visiting destination, or to a favorite charity of choice on the platform. As reward for their donation, travelers get an exclusive rate to book directly with the world’s best hotels and unique properties. 100 percent of the donations raised on the Kind Traveler platform go directly to charities.

About Children Incorporated
Children Incorporated is an international non-profit organization based in North Chesterfield, VA, that helps provide support to children primarily through child sponsorship, by partnering with nearly 300 projects in the 23 countries around the world. Children Incorporated provides for the needs of impoverished children through two primary approaches: child sponsorships for $30 a month, and special funds (individual, one-time donations).

Media Contacts:

Jessica Blotter, jblotter@kindtraveler.com; (619) 519-2437 (For Kind Traveler)
Lori De Waal; lori.dewaal@dewaalpr.com; (818) 817-4444 (For Children Incorporated)

7/16/18 on KUCI 88.9fm - Janeane features THE WINE LOVER’S APPRENTICE - Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Oenophiles By KATHLEEN BERSHAD

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The Wine Lover's Apprentice by Kathleen Bershad, my new favorite book, will let you in on what every oenophile should know but was afraid to ask! Kathleen is a fantastic expert (bio below) and has practical suggestions for learning about wines, without pretension, and navigating everything from the grocery store to a dinner party, as well as some basic tips for anyone who loves wine.


Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Oenophiles


Praise for The Wine Lover’s Apprentice

“I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down. Kathleen is witty, entertaining, and fascinating.” —Brice Cutrer Jones, president of Emeritus Vineyards

“Straightforward and no-nonsense approach lighting the way to your personal, passionate vino journey.” —Andrew F. Bell, president of Wine Symphony, Inc. and co-founder of the American Sommelier Association

The definitive book for any wine novice

Should I decant? How many types of glassware should I buy? What’s the best corkscrew to use? Sommelier Kathleen Bershad has the answers. In The Wine Lover's Apprentice, Bershad acknowledges the importance of tossing out the rules about wine and taking a relaxed approach to storing and serving everyday bottles.

Readers will learn tricks of the trade and strategies for navigating the shelves of a retail store or ordering wine at a restaurant. The Wine Lover's Apprentice delves into the nitty-gritty details of winemaking and takes a look at the world’s major wine regions. Written in short bites, readers will easily gain a quick understanding of an area’s major grapes, the style or styles of wine, and the appellations that offer the best quality wine (or the best value). 

Topics include:

What You’re Tasting When You Taste Wine

Conquering the Restaurant Wine List

Navigating the Wine Shop

Serving, Sipping, and Storing

And More!

The Wine Lover's Apprentice unravels the terms you see when reading a wine review, looking at a bottle, or listening to a wine geek talk vino. By the end of this helpful guide, readers will become empowered to know what’s in a bottle, be able to make an educated guess about its flavors, and help change the culture to make drinking wine what it should be—relaxing and fun.

About the Author:

Kathleen Bershad has fifteen years of experience in the food and wine industry and has honed the art of matching people with wine. Through her company, Fine Wine Concierge, she advises clients on building wine collections and organizing their cellars. She resides in Armonk, New York.

The Wine Lover’s Apprentice

Words of Wisdom for Would-Be Oenophiles

By Kathleen Bershad

Skyhorse Publishing hardcover, also available in eBook

Sunday, July 8, 2018

7/9/18 LIVE on KUCI 88.9fm - Janeane spoke with David H. Nguyen, Ph.D. - Affiliate Scientist Division of Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging (MBIB) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Nguyen discussed the Aliso Canyon gas blowout, his educational science videos, Cancer InCytes Magazine, and much more! AUDIO link below

LISTEN to today's conversation
David H. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Affiliate Scientist

Division of Molecular
Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging (MBIB)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Principal Investigator

David H. Nguyen, Ph.D. addresses the following questions:

What motivated you to get involved in the Aliso Canyon gas blowout?

What are your goals regarding the educational science videos that you have been making?

Are your videos applicable to people outside of the Aliso Canyon gas blowout?

You’re the editor-in-chief if Cancer InCytes Magazine. Tell me about Cancer InCytes.

What should the poisoning victims in the San Fernando Valley be doing to protect themselves?

How can our listeners help your efforts and the people living near Aliso Canyon?

About David H. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Professional Activities
Editor-in-Chief of Cancer InCytes Magazine, a public health e-magazine that talks about the links between childhood trauma, social justice, environmental toxicology, and disease risk: www.CancerInCytes.org 

Affiliate Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 
He is part of the Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging Division. www.biosciences.lbl.gov/divisions/mbib
Principle investigator at Tissue Spatial Geometrics Laboratory: www.tsglab.org 

Chair of the Environmental & Medical Fallout Task Force about Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout: https://www.cancerincytes.org/task-force-gas-blowout

Research Interests
Develops mathematical algorithms to measure order and disorder in tumor architecture to better diagnose disease and predict future risk of disease. www.tsg-lab.org

Studied Molecular & Cell Biology at UC Berkeley for his undergraduate degree. Studied endocrinology and cancer for his PhD at UC Berkeley.

Grew up in Los Angeles area in a family of Vietnamese immigrants.

David H. Nguyen, Ph.D.
Tissue Spatial Geometrics Lab (TSG Lab)
Lab Website: www.tsg-lab.org
Email: DHNguyen@lbl.gov
Personal Website: www.d-hh-nguyen.com