Sunday, December 23, 2018

12-24-18 @ 9am pst - Director/Producer Adam Schomer joins Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm!

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Adam Schomer and i2i Productions, are known for going to extreme places and lengths to follow heroic stories that bring insights into important issues and ourselves. Adam’s Director and Producer credits began with the award winning documentary THE HIGHEST PASS (2012) a yogic Himalayan motorcycle adventure. Other credits include THE POLYGON (2014), ONE LITTLE PILL (2015), HEAL (2017) which is a #1 iTunes Best Seller, and THE ROAD TO DHARMA (2019) a 10 episode Docu-Series adventure that shows us what it means to be truly free. WOMEN OF THE WHITE BUFFALO (2019) is in post production and looks into the missing and murdered indigenous women of the Lakota Native American Tribe. i2i Productions is located in Santa Monica, California. Our mission is to Unite Through Wisdom and Entertainment

Coming up May 8th 9:00am - Tom Seeman's forthcoming book, ANIMALS I WANT TO SEE: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Projects and Defying the Odds

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