Monday, December 24, 2012

Sheldon Abbott, from Cure for the Blues, joins me on this Christmas Eve special!


Sheldon Abbott joins me on this Christmas Eve special! Also, took a little trip to Norad Tracker to see just how Santa does it each and every year :D Happy Holidays everyone and a very Happy, Healthy, Peaceful 2013!

If you missed the show, you can listen here.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I could tell this really wasn't Santa!

Here I am with Santa at age 3, at a New York Macy's. Notice the devilish look on my face? Right before I sat on his lap, another little boy had told me this Santa was a fake, so I tried to pull his beard off...repeatedly. I have never seen Santa so angry. Let's just say this Macy's Santa was not too happy. And he certainly doesn't look like Santa anyway ;D

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanks to Mike Dooley for this Notes from the Universe and More!

From Mike Dooley: Supercoolhappylovething sending out “Notes from the Universe” since 2000.

The Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Defeat Boredom, Make Friends, Find Love, Trim Down, Shape Up, Discover Your Purpose, Make a Fortune, and Shine Your Light, are...

1. Take action.
2. Show up.
3. Lean into it.
4. Start anywhere.
5. Keep busy.
6. Get out more.
7. Ask for help.
8. Shake more hands.
9. Give more hugs.
10. Don't stop.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rest In will never be forgotten and the whole world is mourning you

Rest In Peace: Charlotte Bacon (6), Daniel Barden (7), Rachel Davino (29), Olivia Engel (6), Josephine Gay(7), Ana M. Marquez-Greene (6), Dylan Hockley (6), Dawn Hocksprung (47), Madeleine F. Hsu (6), Catherine V. Hubbard (6), Chase Kowalski (7), Jesse Lewis (6), James Mattioli (6), Grace McDonnell (7), Anne Marie Murphy (52), Emilie Parker (6), Jack Pinto (6), Noah Pozner (6), Caroline Previdi (6), Jessica Rekos (6), Avielle Richman (6), Lauren Russeau (30), Mary Sherlach (56), Victoria Soto (27), Benjamin Wheeler (6), Allison N. Wyatt (6)

I think it would be great if everyone on Facebook would just
copy and paste this status. Let those names shine. ♥ *

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday 12-17-12, Author and motivational speaker Bryan Golden will be my special guest to talk about Holiday Spirit and more!

Great show today with Bryan Golden, you can listen to the entire show here.

Bryan is listed in Who's Who in America as a recognized self-development and motivational expert and speaker, author of Dare to Live Without Limits, and highly rated adjunct professor. Bryan is noted for his concise, easy to understand, and direct style of communicating. He has an exceptional ability to distill any principle to its essential elements.

Bryan's popular nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column, Dare to Live Without Limits, has been published since 2002. The column is avidly read and elicits a steady flow of ebullient comments from its ardent followers.

Bryan is a frequent, popular, and entertaining guest on radio stations nationwide. Additionally, his weekly Motivational Minute is broadcast on numerous stations all over the country.

Throughout his career, Bryan has been enthralled by why some people succeed while others struggle and fail. As a consultant and educator, Bryan has been able to observe first hand the principles utilized by successful people and ignored by others. Surprisingly, success or failure is not contingent upon a person’s intelligence, education, finances, age, or gender.
Bryan founded his management consulting firm over 20 years ago. Starting from scratch, he utilized all of the concepts he details in his book, Dare to Live Without Limits. Bryan was able to quickly develop a successful enterprise. He has applied these principles to helping his clients enhance and expand their businesses. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium sized businesses, universities, professional practices, organizations, and government agencies.

Empowering companies and individuals to break through their limitations to attain outstanding objectives, beyond expectations, is the focus of Bryan's work.

Dare to Live Without Limits will show you how to:
Change your life by changing your thinking
Throw out your mental garbage
Set and achieve your goals
Get through tough times
Squeeze the most out of each day
Never stop learning
Avoid burnout
Control your emotions
Gain a slight edge
Overcome fear
Accomplish the impossible
Become self-reliant
Deal with conflict
Be happy and have fun
Manage stress

You will learn techniques and see examples of how others have used simple, yet time tested, methods to triumph over adversity, stress, and misfortune to stay sane in an insane world. The concepts presented within enable you to break through those limitations preventing you from achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.

Dare to Live Without Limits is designed to be easy to read and to fit into any hectic lifestyle. Each chapter is self contained and they can be read in any order. The chapters are intentionally short and can be read quickly.

Remember, as you apply these principles you are in the company of the multitude of people who have utilized them to enrich their lives throughout the history of mankind.

Monday, December 10, 2012

SHE'S BAAACCCCKKK! Suzanne Fenton calls in to talk funks and more!

SHE'S BACK!! Suzanne Fenton calls in to dish about funks, following your gut and advice for staying funk-free!

If you missed her, you can listen to entire show here.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Adopt a Family this Holiday Season!

For many families in our community, the holidays are a time of celebration, love and laughter. However, for other families in our community the holidays are a time of sadness, despair and frustration as they face the challenges of unemployment, homelessness and a lack of resources for food and basic necessities. This year TVT has adopted 12 families from our community and together we can help brighten the lives of these families in crisis through the JFFS Adopt-A-Family Program. Helping families who are struggling is a mitzvah and embodies the true meaning of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and gmilut chesed (acts of loving kindness).

Last year, our generosity in donating gift cards, food, new clothing and money, helped 12 families to experience the holidays as more joyful and peaceful. Our goal this year is to help 12 more families through our Adopt-A-Family campaign. Please join us again in helping our community.

Family: IB, a 38 year-old Jewish single mother of a 13 year old daughter, came to JFFS seeking financial and emotional support. The mother has stage 4 breast cancer and her prognosis is poor. She was abandoned by her husband and does not receive any assistance for the care of her daughter. She has very little money for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. She is a afraid to tell her daughter how sick she is.

Family: ES, a 45 year-old Jewish man, came to JFFS with his wife seeking financial assistance. His wife is 46 and his daughter is 15 years old. The family currently rents 2 bedrooms in a private home. The father recently got laid off from his job. He has filed for unemployment but has not received benefits. His wife is permanently disabled and waiting for disability payments. The family was forced to go on food stamps and discontinue their cable and telephone to try to make ends meet. The daughter used to attend TVT but because of lack of money they could no longer afford the school.

Family: BR is a single mother of a 20 year-old son. There is no father in the picture. The family came to California 5 years ago with two jobs waiting for the mother in the field of psychology. The mother’s health began to deteriorate and she was diagnosed with very aggressive Parkinson’s disease. She has also suffered 3 strokes. Because of her illness she is unable to work. The family receives food stamps but has no extra money for special occasions or outings. Her son recently became employed and will be able to help with expenses and is also interviewing for a second job.

For additional information on this program contact Gali Glantz at
This just in...please help out this holiday season!

WE invite you to take a few minutes to read this and see if you can offer any support. Through love and compassion every act of kindness, no matter how small can radically change the life of a child. Last Sunday at Operation Feed the Homeless in Santa Ana, I spoke to many moms who are struggling to take care of their families. Many of them are single or teen parents or have children with physical or mental health problems. They live in poverty and have little or no support. Most speak little or no english and lack the proper support to access the resources they need. As I listened to them as they were telling me their situations and the challenges they face, it broke my heart to see the desperation in their eyes. I felt like there was nothing I could do. A Mom asked if we had any pots or pans because hers were very old and worn. These Moms deserve so much more for the love, strength and sacrifice they have made to try to give the best they can for their children. OFTH would like to show some love and encourage these Moms in a small way by giving them a durable Pot or Pan so they can cook meals for their kids on secure nontoxic material. We know that this small act of kindness would touch these mother’s hearts and that is why we are asking for your support in our cause to help these families. If you can donate a pot or pan please let us now.

In addition to this cause, we are having our normal feeding and Toy Drive (we are trying to raise 100 gifts for all the kids by next Saturday) to provide Christmas gifts for these families so the kids can have presents to open on Christmas. Any support to help them during this Christmas season is greatly appreciated. You can also give a tax deductible donation to ICARE4YA on our website or if you would like to help with food that would be a blessing!

We thank you in advance in joining us To help make a difference one family at a time.

Ross and Civic center dr.
Across the street from the Santa Ana Library.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Keith Hejna, Communications Officer of Little Kids Rock, and writer & creative talent Suzanne Fenton

On my Get the FUNK Out show tomorrow at 9am pst...special guests Keith Hejna, Communications Officer of Little Kids Rock, and writer and creative talent Suzanne Fenton! Tune in to KUCI 88.9fm streaming.

If you missed the show, you can hear it all right here.

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