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On Monday July 27, 2020 at 9:30am pst - Janeane speaks with Aaron McHugh, a writer, podcaster, adventurer, and author of the best-selling book, Fire Your Boss: Discover Work You Love Without Quitting Your Job

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Aaron McHugh is a writer, podcaster, adventurer, and author of the best-selling book, Fire Your Boss: Discover Work You Love Without Quitting Your Job. He is mastering the art of living a sustainable work-life balance that constantly interweaves rhythms of play and adventure. That includes road trips in their 1974 VW Bus, aka The Joy Bus, catapulting them into many father-daughter adventures together.

Aaron works as an Affiliate Advisor to Aberkyn, a division of McKinsey & Co as a facilitator of transformation and executive coach. Aaron loves ideas. He loves to dream up new adventures. He is a Starbucks French press coffee snob and is at his best if he gets out for his daily run. He works for a global change leadership consulting company alongside Work Life Play.

He and his wife Leith live in Colorado Springs, CO. They are celebrating twenty-five years of marriage in December. Their marriage has survived the death of their twelve-year-old daughter Hadley in 2011. Their twenty-two-year-old son Holden lives in Costa Mesa and is thriving in recovery three years clean and sober. Their youngest daughter lives at home still.

In 2015, they rebooted their lives, sold their house and all of their belongings to reboot their life and start their life over again. It hasn’t been easy, but they would do it again. They love traveling, drinking box wine and spending time with their creative, hilarious and courageous kids.

In Work, he’s covered the spectrum from ringing in the Opening Day trading bell at the London Stock Exchange to humble beginnings of selling office supplies door-to-door. In Play, he’s an adventurer. He’s an Ironman triathlete, mountaineer, and is learning to surf. He recently accomplished a Life List dream of mountain biking the entire Colorado Trail from Durango to Denver.

Coming up July 27th, 2020 at 9:00am pst - Craig Carlson, the New York Times bestselling author of Pancakes in Paris is back with his second book, Let Them Eat Pancakes: One Man’s Personal Revolution in the City of Light (July 7, 2020)

Let Them Eat Pancakes: 

One Man’s Personal Revolution in the City of Light 

(July 7, 2020)
By Craig Carlson, the New York Times 
bestselling author of Pancakes in Paris

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American, Craig Carlson, author and creator/owner of the infamous Breakfast In America diners in Paris will be back next month with his follow-up book to “Pancakes in Paris” (2016) with a hilarious new story about his life in Paris. In fact, there is already material for a 3rd book because since this past March, Craig and his husband Julien lived in their restaurant whilst waiting out the Covid-19 shelter in place protocols in Paris.

Craig has quite a lot to say about how France handled things during the world pandemic and how their rules both for businesses and day-to-day life differ from ours in America. We think your readers and viewers will be fascinated to hear about 2020 through the eyes of a CT born author and screenwriter.

WATCH - BBC TOURISM Mixdown BIA-1 Breakfast in America, Paris owner, Craig Carlson discusses the challenge of staying in business as a restaurant owner during the Covid-19 pandemic.

WATCH - FRANCE 24 Diasporas in the coronavirus era, Part 4: American restaurateur Craig Carlson

In this second helping from Craig, he dishes out wonderfully charming tales on the joys and challenges of working, eating, and loving in France, all seen through the lens of Breakfast in America, the first and only American-style diner in Paris, which he founded and runs.

But ever since his diner’s inception, he’s always faced down obstacles, whether it’s finding cooks who can navigate the impossibly petite kitchen (and create delicious roast Turkey for the Thanksgiving Special to boot), finding “exotic” ingredients like bacon and bagels, Kafkaesque French bureaucracy, or Draconian labor laws that forbid you from firing employees—even for outright theft!

But it’s more than just convincing self-proclaimed anarchists that yes, they do in fact need to pay their bills. Craig delights in hunting for snails with his French mother-in-law and relishes treating his elegant nonagrian neighbor to her first-ever cheeseburger.

When Craig finds love, he and his debonair French cheri find themselves battling the most unlikely of foes—the notorious Pigeon Man—for sanity never mind peace and romance, in their little corner of Paris. An avian-induced quarantine from a simpler time!

Let Them Eat Pancakes
One Man's Personal Revolution in the City of Light

Craig Carlson

A second helping of tales on the joys and challenges of working, eating, and loving in France from the New York Times bestselling author of Pancakes in Paris.

Craig Carlson set out to do the impossible: open the first American diner in Paris. Despite never having owned his own business before—let alone a restaurant, the riskiest business of all—Craig chose to open his diner in a foreign country, with a foreign language that also happens to be the culinary capital of the world. While facing enormous obstacles, whether its finding cooks who can navigate the impossibly petite kitchen (and create delicious roast Turkey for their Thanksgiving Special to boot), finding “exotic” ingredients like bacon, breakfast sausage, and bagels, and dealing with constant strikes, demonstrations, and Kafkaesque French bureaucracy, Craig and his diner, Breakfast in America, went on to be a great success—especially with the French.

By turns hilarious and provocative, Craig takes us hunting for snails with his French mother-in-law and invites us to share the table when he treats his elegant nonagrian neighbor to her first-ever cheeseburger. We encounter a customer at his diner who, as a self-proclaimed anarchist, tries to stiff his bill, saying it’s his right to “dine and dash.” We navigate Draconian labor laws where bad employees can’t be fired (even for theft) and battle antiquated French bureaucracy dating back to Napoleon.

When Craig finds love, he and his debonair French cheri find themselves battling the most unlikely of foes—the notorious Pigeon Man—for their sanity, never mind peace and romance, in their little corner of Paris. For all those who love stories of adventure, delicious food, and over-coming the odds, Let Them Eat Pancakes will satisfy your appetite and leave you wanting even more.

Craig Carlson is the New York Times bestselling author of Pancakes in Paris and the owner and founder of Breakfast in America, the first American-style diner in Paris, which has been featured in The Lonely Planet and Frommer’s Paris travel guides. He lives in Paris with his partner.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Janeane chats with Bruce Fredenburg, a veteran marriage and family therapists and co-author of Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce

Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg, two veteran marriage and family therapists and authors of Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce (a Rowman and Littlefield paperback, on sale June 22nd).

Every year in the U.S., over 600,000 people age 50 years and older file for divorce - and researchers project that by 2030 this number will grow by one third. It has grown so rapidly that sociologists have already coined a term for it -- the “gray divorce revolution.”

But Gray Divorce is not a neutral event for adult children. As the divorce rate for older adults soars, so too does the number of adult children who are experiencing parental divorce. Yet, these adult children frequently say that they are the only ones who are aware of what they are going through and that they feel painfully alone.

Fortunately, HOME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN offers a valuable resource for this forgotten group. Offering much-needed advice on setting boundaries, creating new family rituals, navigating holidays, and adopting healthy communication strategies, this much-needed guide will help both adult children and their older parents handle the effects of gray divorce.

Adult children are often overlooked and forgotten when their parents divorce later in life, but in these pages they will find comfort and understanding for the many feelings, frustrations, and challenges they face.

For more than two decades, a silent revolution has been occurring and creating a seismic shift in the American family and families in other countries. It has been unfolding without much comment, and its effects are being felt across three to four generations: more couples are divorcing later in life. Called the “gray divorce revolution,” the cultural phenomenon describes couples who divorce after the age of 50.

Overlooked in the issues that affect couples divorcing later in in life are the adult children of divorcing parents. Their voices open this book, and they are the voices of men and women, 18 to 50 years old. Some of them are single; some are married. Some have children of their own. All of them are in different stages of shock, fear, and sudden, dramatic change.

In Home Will Never Be the Same: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce, Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg share their deep understanding gained during the innumerable hours they have spent with these women and men in their clinical practices. The result is a valuable resource for these too often forgotten adult children, many of whom find that, whenever they express their feelings and experiences, the most important people in their lives frequently ignore and dismiss them.

As the divorce rate for older adults soars, so too does the number of adult children who are experiencing parental divorce. Yet, these adult children frequently say that they are the only ones who are aware of what they are going through, no one understands what they are experiencing, and they feel painfully alone.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

From the beloved organizational psychologist and bestselling author comes an indispensable guide for personal-reinvention - Benjamin Hardy, PERSONALITY ISN’T PERMANENT: Break Free From Self-Limiting Beliefs and Rewrite Your Story

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Dr. Benjamin Hardy or WATCH 

Psychologist and bestselling author Benjamin Hardy, PhD, debunks the pervasive myths about personality that prevent us from learning—and provides bold strategies for personal transformation. Dr. Hardy liberates us from the limiting belief that our “true selves” are to be discovered, and shows how we can create our desired selves and achieve amazing goals instead. Filled with strategies for reframing your past and designing your future, this is a guide to breaking free from the past and becoming the person you want to be.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably taken a personality test. Maybe the Meyer’s Briggs assessment revealed that you’re a steamrolling ENTJ, or maybe the Enneagram categorized you as a self-absorbed type 4. No matter your results, these tests perpetuate myths about what personality is, reduce you to a stereotype, and make self-improvement seem impossible. For those who feel trapped in a box, psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Benjamin Hardy has good news: personality is not a fixed state. It’s a series of choices you can make based on the future you want for yourself.

In PERSONALITY ISN’T PERMANENT, Dr. Hardy draws on recent and authoritative research to dismantle other pervasive myths about persona – like the idea of an “authentic” you – and shows that personality is not something you discover, but rather something you create through your actions and behaviors. He provides readers with science-based strategies for personal reinvention including:

· Why personality tests such as Myers-Briggs and Enneagram are not only psychologically destructive but are no more scientific than horoscopes.

· How to create a network of “empathetic witnesses” who actively encourage you through the highs and lows of extreme growth.

· How to tap into what psychologists call “pull motivation” by narrowing your focus on a single, definable, and compelling outcome.

Citing true stories of radical self-transformation like Andre Norman, a former convict turned Harvard graduate, and Dr. Hardy himself, who grew up broken home, surrounded by issues of addiction and mental illness, PERSONALITY ISN’T PERMANENT shows that self-reinvention is possible – you just have to learn how to become psychologically flexible. Dr. Hardy will reshape the way you think about progress and success, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transcend your circumstances and become the person you always aspired to be.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work. His blog is read monthly by millions of people and has been featured on Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Cheddar, Big Think, and many others. From 2015-2018, we was the #1 writer in the world on and is a regular contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today. He speaks and trains at a wide range of events. He and his wife Lauren adopted three children through the foster system in February 2018 and, one month later, Lauren became pregnant with twins, who were born in December of 2018. They live in Orlando. More at:

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Janeane chats with Dr. Krystal M. Lewis, a licensed clinical psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health

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Krystal Lewis, PhD

Dr. Krystal M. Lewis is a licensed clinical psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health where she works with Dr. Daniel Pine and the Section on Development and Affective Neuroscience (SDAN). She received her PhD from Virginia Tech and completed her undergraduate degree at Lincoln University. Dr. Lewis has worked extensively with anxious children and adolescents, providing evidence-based treatments as well as preventative interventions. She enjoys working with local schools and disseminating information on youth mental health. In addition, Dr. Lewis has contributed to various research projects and considers herself a clinical researcher. Her research at NIH focuses on identifying mechanisms, such as self-efficacy, which impact the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with anxious youth. In addition, she has a small private practice in Chevy Chase, MD. Dr. Lewis is currently the co-chair for the Child and Adolescent SIG and vice-chair for the Early Career Professionals and Students SIG.

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Coming up on KUCI 88.9fm - Janeane chats with surfer, musician, and writer Corky Carroll

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Most known as one of the top and most legendary surfers of all time Corky Carroll is also a very successful musician (singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist currently signed to DARLA Records) with 13 albums and 2 singles to his credit. He has done concerts all over the United States and in Mexico as well as performed with legendary pop group Jan and Dean. He has also done a series of Television commercials, the most well-known would be a string of National spots he did for Miller Lite beer, as well as being a member of the infamous Miller Lite Allstars for 11 years doing personal appearances all over the country. On top of that Corky is a published writer with 4 books to his name as well as being a leading columnist for the Orange County Register newspaper for the past 26 years. Below is the short list of his accomplishments:







Won over 100 surfing championships

Recognized as the first PROFESSIONAL SURFER

11 National TV commercials for MILLER LITE

Member of Miller Lite All-Stars for 11 years

National TV commercial for OCEAN SPRAY

World TV commercial for COKE

National TV commercial for PT Cruiser, Chrysler

Jantzen International Sports Club

Voice of “Grubby Grouper” on SPONGEBOB

T.V. appearances on hundreds of Talk Shows including TONIGHT SHOW, MERV GRIFFEN SHOW, AM AMERICAN, WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS, CBS CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES any many more.


Concert appearances all of the US and Mexico over the past 45 years. Currently taking the summer off to write new songs for next album, will start performing again probably in November, don’t have dates set as of yet.


LAID BACK lp Corky Carroll and Friends

SKATEBOARD BILL single, Corky Carroll

LA SOUNDTRACK, lp KWST radio in Los Angeles, various artists

TAN PUNKS ON BOARDS, single, Corky Carroll (produced by Mike Nesmith)


BLUE ROOM cd, various artists

BEST OF A SOUL SURFER, cd Corky Carroll

COOL WATER, cd Corky Carroll

SURF DOGS ON THE RANGE, cd Corky Carroll



CALIFORNIA BOY, cd Corky Carroll



BLUE MANGO, cd Corky Carroll (2017 DARLA RECORDS)

NOTE: Some of these albums have been re-released on various labels around the world, including Germany, England, Australia and Japan.


Columnist for Orange County Register Newspaper, 26 yrs and currently.

4 BOOKS. (4th just finished, “NOT DONE YET,” the Autobiography)

Comedy writer for SURFER MAGAZINE


Running Corky Carroll Surf Adventures in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Recording artist for DARLA RECORDS

Performing concerts in Mexico and in the US.

Columnist for Orange County Register

Surfboard Designer for Hobie Surfboards

Surfboard Designer for Corky Carroll Blue Mango Surfboards


Advertising Director for SURFER magazine for 10 years 1976-86

Management team for CHART HOUSE restaurant 1973-75

Sales Manager for Jim Slemons Honda/Jeep 1990-92

USPTA Tennis Professional 1988-2002

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Have you ever wished that money grew on trees? Find out what would happen if it did in Scott Sikma's new film, ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. LISTEN to Janeane's conversation with Scott!

We've all heard people say how they wish money grew on trees, and Scott Sikma's new film Root of the Problem shines a light on the dark side of this wish. Starring Sergio Di Zio (Flashpoint, Rogue) and Claire Rankin (Stargate: Atlantis, Molly's Game), Root of the Problem is a thoughtful and funny film about a family who comes into possession of a tree that actually grows money and the unexpected lessons they learn from it about happiness and fulfillment.

Believe that all your problems would be solved if money grew on trees? Think again.

Vision Films presents the new film that will change the way you perceive happiness


Available on VOD July 7 and DVD July 14th, 2020

How many times have you thought about how life would be easier if you had more money? Or how you could make your family happier if you had more money to buy them anything they wanted?

Scott Sikma’s award-winning debut feature film, Root of the Problem will challenge your beliefs and is a timely reminder that happiness is something money cannot buy, even if you do have a tree that grows money! With its clever screenplay by Francis Damberger and Joanne Sikma and wonderful performances by its talented cast, this film comes to us at a time when we are all searching for the positives in everyday life. Presented by Vision Films and Chaos: A Film Company Inc., Root of the Problem will be available on DVD and video-on-demand on July 7, 2020.

Starring Sergio Di Zio (Flashpoint, Rogue), Claire Rankin (Stargate: Atlantis, Molly’s Game), Jayson Therrien (Fargo, A Miracle on Christmas Lake), Chantal Perron (Heartland, Fargo) and introducing Leslie Bann and Ty Loupelle, Root of the Problem took away the Audience Award at last year’s Calgary International Film Festival and won Best Actor at 2019’s International Christian Film Festival.

Director, Scott Sikma believes that his film will encourage people to see that even in the hardest of situations, there is hope and happiness to be found. "I will always be inspired by the courage shown in Root of the Problem”, Sikma says. “It shines a light on some of life's darkest moments."


When a suburban family inherits a real-life money tree, the dad, Paul Campbell (Sergio Di Zio) thinks he has a one-way ticket to easy street. But he loses sight of the things that matter most in life and becomes more distant and secretive with his wife and children. Now, the family will be tested and must search within their hearts to find the answers and discover that it is better to give than receive.

“My sister, Margot McMaster, and I co-produced Root of the Problem because it speaks to the love, loyalty, and commitment within a family particularly during moments of crisis and despair; and serves to remind us of the importance of family ties no matter what the obstacles”, says executive producer, Carolyn McMaster. “Root of the Problem was adapted from the book of the same name, written by Joanne Sikma, and we hope it brings as much joy to your family as it did to ours”.

Root of the Problem will be available on July 7, 2020, on VOD from platforms including iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, Amazon, and FandangoNow, as well as cable affiliates everywhere. The film will also be available on DVD from July 14 from all major online retailers.

"The one thing we can be sure of in times like this is that family is the most important thing in the world," said Lise Romanoff, Managing Director and CEO of Vision Films, Inc. "Root of the Problem allows us to embrace the things we can be thankful for in everyday life like family, kindness, and faith. We are pleased to be presenting this charming and funny film for the first time on DVD and VOD!”






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Janeane speaks with Kim Stanwood Terranova about her new best-selling book, The Technology of Intention: Activating The Power of the Universe Within You! Foreword by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Kim Stanwood Terranova on her new best-selling book, The Technology of Intention: Activating The Power of the Universe Within You! Foreword by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. Kim is often is a speaker at Rev. Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, she is the Lead Facilitator at his retreat center in Costa Rica, and she works very closely with some of the top names in Hollywood.

Kim Stanwood Terranova is committed to guiding people in fulfilling their greatest destiny. As a counselor, coach, speaker, author, and spiritual leader, Kim has been doing just that for over 25 years. She has immersed herself in the study and practice of Universal spiritual truth and wisdom, with a degree in Spiritual Studies, and as a licensed Practitioner of Truth through The Agape International Spiritual Center. Her wisdom is appreciated as a lead facilitator at the Rythmia Life Advancement Center

in Costa Rica, as the Spiritual Director of the prestigious Summit Treatment Center in Malibu, California, and as a course creator and teacher of the Spiritual Liberation in Action class for the esteemed Agape University.

She has worked with and learned from world-renowned spiritual teachers including Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Rhonda Britten, Terry Cole Whittaker and many more.
Kim knows all too well what it takes to "Rise From The Rubble" of challenges in life. In the recent California fires, her Malibu home was completely destroyed leaving only a statue standing. (Above before and after photos of her home). Rather than let this discourage her, Kim used this experience to propel positive and miraculous changes in her life. Utilizing her years of experience in teaching others how to "Rise from the Rubble" of their own challenges, fear and heartbreak, Kim's principals remains the guiding light in her work today.

Great conversation with Jeffrey James Binney, a Salt Lake City based actor, singer, comedian and “athlete” about his new film, ONCE IS ENOUGH - a transformational journey an homage to his deceased mother



or WATCH the conversation

Once is Enough, a documentary that depicts the transformational journey of LGBT husky comedian who, after losing his mother to obesity-caused heart disease, sets out to lose 100 pounds and run one of the world’s most difficult 100 mile ultramarathons – and lives to tell jokes about it. Once is Enough will launch on Amazon on May 8th and will soon-after be made available on all VOD platforms via Indie Rights.

Part documentary/part stand up comedy, Once is Enough is an award- winning hybrid film following a young overweight comedian, in the wake of his mother’s obesity- caused death, setting out on a desperate mission to avoid the same fate. The first component documents the journey of Jeffrey training for and running one of the world’s most difficult 100-mile marathons, the Leadville Trail 100. The second component is story-based comedy commentary on the journey. The final product, a seamless juxtaposition of these two components, is a heart-felt and inspiring 75-minute journey that leaves the audience cackling through tears.

Along the way, the spunky Jeffrey manages to wrangle in the talented Ian Sharman, ultramarathon runner, coach and blogger for iRunFar, who holds the record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and is the winner of the 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Leadville Trail 100, to be his coach. As the marathon provides a much-needed respite from the emotional torment and grief that seemed inescapable, Sharman’s encouragement helps provide Jeffrey with the confidence and determination to keep his eye on the prize.

“Having just moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film/television/comedy, all I wanted to do is run, write jokes and repeat, “says Binney. “Having shared this with a concerned friend, they suggested that I combine this into one creative project and the light bulb flipped on – Once is Enough.”

“Better than any therapy could buy, this project was just ridiculous and grand enough to help me navigate through, and emotionally process losing the most important person in my life. Hopefully, my story helps inspire someone else to seek theirs,” he continues.

Jeffrey James Binney is a Salt Lake City based actor, singer, comedian and “athlete.” He grew up on a farm in Laredo, Missouri before moving to Brooklyn, New York and later Los Angeles after receiving his B.F.A. in Musical Theater Performance from Missouri State University. Jeffrey has been seen on Late Night With David Letterman, in the first National Tour and Chicago Company of the Broadway musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and at comedy clubs and festivals across the country. 

More about Jeffrey at

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Do you have a high school student at home? A college freshman? Stress and mental health issues for students has been an on-going issue, but now with covid19 and on-line classes, stress has increased significantly. Brennan Barnard, M.Ed., College Admission Program Advisor - Making Caring Common - Harvard Graduate School of Education, talks about how college admissions leaders are addressing this crisis, what you can do as a parent, and what really matters right now for the health and well-being of your kids.

Meet Brennan Barnard, M.Ed.

Brennan is the College Admissions Program Advisor with the Making Caring Common project at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

He is also the Director of College Counseling and Outreach at The Derryfield School, an independent day school in Manchester, New Hampshire and at US Performance Academy, an on-line independent high school for elite athletes. Brennan is a co-author of the new book, "The Truth About College Admission: A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together"

WATCH the show

LISTEN to the conversation

READ Brennan's Thrive Global piece:
A Statement of Care in Crisis: College Admission Leaders Speak Out: A new collective statement from over 315 (and growing) college admissions deans explains what they value in students during the pandemic.

THE TRUTH ABOUT COLLEGE ADMISSION - A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together By: Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark 

A high school counselor and a college admission director help families on the path to a positive college search and admission experience.

THE TRUTH ABOUT COLLEGE ADMISSION A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together By: Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark

The Truth about College Admission is the easy-to-follow, comprehensive, go-to guide for families. The expert authors— with inside knowledge from both the high school and university sides of the experience—provide critical advice, thoughtful strategies, helpful direction, and invaluable reassurance during the long and often bewildering college admission journey. From searching for colleges and creating a list of favorites to crafting an application, learning what schools are looking for academically and outside the classroom, and getting insight into how colleges decide who to accept, this book covers every important step. Helpful sections like "Try This," "Talk about This," and "Check In" show families how to have open and balanced conversations to keep everyone on the same page, feeling less stressed, and actually enjoying the adventure together.

The Truth about College Admission is the practical and inspiring guidebook families need, an essential companion along the path to college acceptance.

ADVANCE PRAISE “At a time when the college search is too often defined as an anxious process by frazzled parents and students, Barnard and Clark come along with an invaluable, clear-headed guide for navigating the search and finding the right fit. This is a practical roadmap filled with tactical tips from two insiders that should be on the shelf of every high-school counselor; it is a must-read for parents and students before they ever set foot on a campus tour.” –Jeffrey J. Selingo, author of The Choice: A Year Inside College Admissions—Who Gets In and Why

“A MUST-read for students applying to college and their parents! Come along and share the authors' meaningful personal and professional stories, which will help you think through the entire process, including why you are doing what you are doing and how to make it all less stressful. I recommend this book highly to the students and families with whom I work.” –Nancy Beane, Past President, National Association for College Admission Counseling

Brennan Barnard is the director of college counseling at the Derryfield School and US Performance Academy. He also serves as the college admission program manager for the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Making Caring Common Project. Rick Clark is the director of undergraduate admission at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

THE TRUTH ABOUT COLLEGE ADMISSION A Family Guide to Getting In and Staying Together By: Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark
Johns Hopkins University Press
Also available as an e-book Publication date: September 10, 2019

Twitter: @BarnardBrennan

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Grant Hier is the Poet Laureate of Anaheim, California and the 2014 recipient of Prize Americana for his book Untended Garden. He joins Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm.

Grant Hier is the Poet Laureate of Anaheim, California. He was the 2014 recipient of Prize Americana for his book Untended Garden, which was published by The Poetry Press in 2015, and nominated for both an American Book Award and the Kate Tufts Discovery Award.

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G R A N T   H I E R
he | him | his

Monday, July 6, 2020

Columnist and family advocate, Katie Burke, joins Janeane to talk about her forthcoming debut title Urban Playground: What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco

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Katie's book features interviews with fifty children, ages five to nine, on daily life in San Francisco, exploring different themes from family, school, pets, and work to heroes, holidays, favorite foods, talents, and sports.

Urban Playground offers insights and strategies to help adults open conversations with children all over the country about their experience of urban life.

She speaks on topics like:

How you can relate to children in your own life and hear their stories

The unique challenges of conveying a child’s perspective

The value of a child’s perspective, on everything from ice cream to the Golden Gate Bridge

Katie’s writing has appeared in San Francisco Attorney Magazine, the L.A. Times, KQED Perspectives, SoMa Literary Review, and the Noe Valley Voice, where she writes a monthly column about kids. She has also taught creative writing to children and adults in Kenya, South Africa, and San Francisco.


Katie Burke is the author of Urban Playground: What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco. She also writes Noe Kids, a monthly column for The Noe Valley Voice, featuring children who live in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood.

Katie has taught creative writing to children and adults in Kenya, South Africa, and San Francisco. She regularly travels to New Orleans, and her writing expresses her appreciation for San Francisco's and New Orleans’ eccentric characters.

Also a family law attorney, Katie writes judicial and attorney profiles for San Francisco Attorney Magazine. Her other publications include HarperCollins, the L.A. Times, and KQED Perspectives.

Katie earned her law degree at The University of San Francisco School of Law, her master's degree in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University, and her BA in Psychology at Fairfield University in Connecticut.

Janeane chats with writer/columnist, filmmaker, comedian, and author of Life of the Party - Tea Hacic-Vlahovic

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WATCH the show

Everyone wants to get out right now (even if we can't), and the bestselling debut 
Life of the Party by Tea Hacic-Vlahovic (pronounced: TAY-UH HA-CHEECH VLA-HO-VEECH) is the perfect escape— especially for people who like to have a good time!

It-girl Tea Hacic-Vlahovic's many hats include writer/columnist for Wired, Vice (among others), performer, comedian, TV host, and filmmaker. Tea is a smart, fun, exciting presence, and her true-life adventures inspired a book you won't put down until you finish!

Read These 15 Books in Quarantine
Paper MagazineCalling all fans of dark comedy! Life of the Party follows Mia in Milan as she indulges in a life of unadulterated glamour, ping-ponging between the highs and lows that men and drugs have to offer, only to be confronted with her own self at the end. Written by former columnist for VICE and WIRED Italy, Tea Hacic-Vlahovic is a Croatian-born writer and comedian whose debut automatically marks her as a voice to watch out for.
New and Forthcoming Indie Press Gems
Publisher's Weekly
Life of the Party

Tea Hacic-Vlahovic. CLASH Books, May 2020.
In this clever debut novel of fashion and nightlife, readers are introduced to Mia, an expat newly moved to Milan. The drugs, nightclubs, and men blur together into a seemingly nonstop, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style fever dream as intense as it is dripping with style. CLASH Books was founded in 2015 by Leza Cantoral and Christoph Paul to publish books that imbue a sense of punk rock, goth cool. The press has published the work of authors like Sam Pink, Mark de Silva, Lindsay Lerman, and more.—Publishers Weekly

"Tea Hacic-Vlahovic is an Oscar Wilde with fake eyelashes and this book is a Fear and Loathing for the late Berlusconi-era; a deep walk of shame that tiptoes between a bewildering Bildungsroman and a fever dream of social climbing and social embarrassment."--OLIVER KUPPER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF AUTRE MAGAZINE

"A recollection of youth as seen through the dichotomy of control vs desperation, Americana vs. Milanese, luxury vs poverty and uppers vs downers."--FLAUNT MAGAZINE

"Tea recounts with brutal honesty the period in which Milan officially became the Italian city that everyone hates and envies."--VICE ITALY

Life of the Party is a darkly humorous narrative set in Milan. The story swan-dives into the underbelly of Milanese fashion and nightlife, through the eyes of Mia, a young expat. She came to Milan to escape her problems but only found new and more glamorous ones. Mia indulges in the highs and lows that drugs and men can offer, only to be left with herself in the end. Can you lose your innocence if you never had it in the first place? Tragic, fun, and artful-- Hacic-Vlahovic crafts a Beat novel for the Instagram generation. Life of the Party will leave you with a hangover and a "VIP" stamp on your heart.

Tea Hacic-Vlahovic is a Croatian-American writer and performer. She's been a columnist for Vice and Wired Italy, contributing editor of Wonderland Magazine and contributor to magazines like Autre, Oyster and i-D. She's the founder and creative director of a parody art magazine, STAI ZITTA. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their dog. . She has a BA in fashion design from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. Life of the Party is her debut novel. Follow her on IG & Twitter @teahacic

Host Janeane Bernstein chats with Jessica Drew de Paz, Psy.D., the Director of Mindfulness Services at UC Irvine’s Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute. PLUS the institute is offering FREE Mindfulness Services at UC Irvine’s Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute!

Jessica Drew de Paz, Psy.D., is the Director of Mindfulness Services at UC Irvine’s Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, and she teaches mindfulness to preschoolers through high-school students. 

Jessica completed her undergraduate degree at UC Santa Barbara, her master’s degree and doctorate in clinical psychology at California School of Professional Psychology, an APA internship at UC Santa Cruz Counseling & Psychological Services, and a post-doctoral fellowship at University of San Francisco Counseling Center. With over 20 years of experience at the University of California, she has served as a clinical psychologist, led diversity efforts, overseen health and safety training, and conducted research on mindfulness in the workplace.

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Mindfulness Services at UC Irvine’s Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Producer/Director Amy Williams joins host Janeane to talk about her next film, Jacir, starring Lorraine Bracco

Meet Amy Williams 

Amy Williams is a producer/director responsible for raising financing for multi-million-dollar films, putting together award-winning packaging with creative name casting and department heads as well as securing sales and distribution for feature films. Over the past 5 years she has produced 5 feature films: The Last Treasure Hunt (2016), Mothers and Daughters (2016) with Courtney Cox and Sharon Stone, Rock, Paper, Scissors (2017), A Dark Foe (2019) and the multi-award winning Hunter’s Moon (2020) that will be coming out this September. Her next film, Jacir, starring Lorraine Bracco, will shoot in Memphis this fall. Jacir was written and will be directed by Waheed AlQawasmi, a former creative director at Fox Television.

Williams was born in Memphis but grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. At the time, the neighborhood was notorious for drugs and crime, but was still home to many young parents and their children. This included Amy’s parents (Jean and Joelle), Amy, and her 5 siblings.

Her father, Jean, had a Ph.D. in German literature, and was a college professor. But he had a wide range of gifts and interests that he was determined to pass on to his children. He was a poet, a writer, and a photographer. He had a keen eye for films and movie making. Williams mother, Joelle Morrison, also a wonderful writer and copy editor for many trades and newspapers over the years.

In 1970, when Jean was writing a critical expose on Franz Kafka, he was severely injured and unable to cognitively function as the “genius father” Amy had always known him to be. It changed the course of the family as a whole, and Amy, fueled by her heartbreak and passion, recalls this memory in her first film, The Morrison Project, which won Best Documentary and the Golden Starfish Award at The Hamptons Film Festival in 2003.

Simultaneously, Amy has been working as a producer and director. Her short film Respire garnered her the award for Best Director at California Women’s Film Festival and Best Narrative Short at California International Shorts Festival. She also directed A Night in Jail starring Michael Madsen and Max Madsen, a short based on true events dealing with mental illness and drugs. This film has screened as an official selection at the Oscar qualifying HollyShorts and LA Shorts

Williams counts Martin Scorsese, Lee Daniels, Quentin Tarantino, Katheryn Bigelow, and the Coen Brothers as some of her biggest influences.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Coming up 7/6/20 at 9:00am pst - Interested in voice-over, animation voice acting, learning dialects or narration? Janeane speaks with Pat Fraley, the most sought-after voice-over teacher in North America. As a teacher, he has guided more performers into meaningful voice-over careers than anyone in the history of VO Instruction

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Patrick Fraley is the most sought-after voice-over teacher in North America. He has been performing and teaching for over 40 years. As a performer, he has created voices for over 4,000 characters, placing him in the top ten of all time to be cast in animated TV shows. As a teacher, Pat has guided more performers into meaningful voice-over careers than anyone in the history of VO Instruction. He lives and works out of L.A., California.

Brad Garrett “Pat Fraley is such a gifted and passionate coach that immediately after taking his class I became a hand model. He's truly brilliant. Bring your wallet.”

Janeane speaks with author Sara Somers about her memoir, “Saving Sara” (She Writes Press, May 12, 2020). Her memoir details her decades-long journey battling food addiction until she finally found the solution that would facilitate her recovery.

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PARIS – For nearly fifty years, Sara Somers suffered from untreated food addiction. In “Saving Sara” (She Writes Press, May 12, 2020) Somers’ intimate memoir, she offers readers an inside view of a food addict's mind, showcasing her experiences with obsessive cravings, compulsivity, and powerlessness regarding food, with the hopes of educating her readers and promoting life-saving conversations between loved ones and those suffering with addiction.

“Saving Sara” chronicles Somers’s addiction from childhood to adulthood, beginning with abnormal eating as a nine-year-old. As her addiction progresses in young adulthood, she becomes isolated, masking her shame and self-hatred with drugs and alcohol. Time and again, she rationalizes why this time will be different, only to have her physical cravings lead to ever-worse binges, to see her promises of doing things differently next time broken, and to experience the amnesia that she –like every addict– experiences when her obsession sets in again.

Even after Somers is introduced to the solution that will eventually end up saving her, the strength of her addiction won't allow her to accept her disease. Twenty-six more years pass until she finally finds her way back to that solution.

A raw account of Somers’ decades-long journey, “Saving Sara” underscores the challenges faced by food addicts of any age – and the hope that exists for them all.

“Read Saving Sara to see how bad [addiction] can get before it gets great – and find out just how she did it, so you can do it too. What a great read!”

– Judy Collins, New York Times bestselling author of Cravings

In an interview, SARA SOMERS can discuss:

Why she decided to chronicle her experiences with addiction into a memoir and how personal stories can be used to educate and heal others

Why food addiction is often viewed differently from other addictions and how she hopes to change the perception of food addiction

What the symptoms of food addiction are and why they may go unnoticed

What options are out there to help addicts heal, and how to keep hope when you feel like you've already "tried everything"

How those who haven’t suffered from addiction can support and stand in solidarity with those who have

Personal stories of food addiction in ‘Saving Sara’ help readers better understand addiction

“A riveting and deeply human memoir." 

– Anne Lamott, California Hall of Fame inductee, novelist, and nonfiction writer

SARA SOMERS suffered from food addiction from age nine to age fifty-eight; she has been in food recovery since 2005. In a double life of sorts, Somers worked as a licensed psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirty-four years. After finding recovery, Somers moved to Paris, France, where she currently lives. She writes a blog called Out My Window: My Life in Paris. When she’s not writing, Somers volunteers at the American Library in Paris, enjoys the cinema, reads prolifically, and follows her favorite baseball team, the Oakland Athletics. Most importantly, Somers devotes time each day to getting the word out about food addiction and helping other food addicts. “Saving Sara” is her first book. To learn more about Sara and her work, visit

Tune in 7/6/20 at 9:30am pst to hear special guest, Gabriele Oettingen, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology - Department of Psychology New York University. Dr. Oettingen shares WOOP (a science-based mental strategy), how to WOOP your life, and details on her book, Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation

Janeane speaks with
Gabriele Oettingen, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology

New York University

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What is WOOP?

WOOP is a science-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfill their wishes, set preferences, and change their habits.

WOOP is based on 20 years of scientific research. The method has been shown to be effective in numerous studies with people of all ages and in many areas of life*.

“The solution isn’t to do away with dreaming and positive thinking. Rather, it’s making the most of our fantasies by brushing them up against the very thing most of us are taught to ignore or diminish: the obstacles that stand in our way.”

So often in our day-to-day lives we’re inundated with advice to “think positively.” From pop music to political speeches to commercials, the general message is the same: look on the bright side, be optimistic in the face of adversity, and focus on your dreams. And whether we’re trying to motivate ourselves to lose weight, snag a promotion at work, or run a marathon, we’re told time and time again that focusing on fulfilling our wishes will make them come true.

Gabriele Oettingen draws on more than twenty years of research in the science of human motivation to reveal why the conventional wisdom falls short. The obstacles that we think prevent us from realizing our deepest wishes can actually lead to their fulfillment. Starry-eyed dreaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and as it turns out, dreamers are not often doers.

While optimism can help us alleviate immediate suffering and persevere in challenging times, merely dreaming about the future actually makes people more frustrated and unhappy over the long term and less likely to achieve their goals. In fact, the pleasure we gain from positive fantasies allows us to fulfill our wishes virtually, sapping our energy to perform the hard work of meeting challenges and achieving goals in real life.

Based on her groundbreaking research and large-scale scientific studies, Oettingen introduces a new way to visualize the future, calledmental contrasting. It combines focusing on our dreams with visualizing the obstacles that stand in our way. By experiencing our dreams in our minds and facing reality we can address our fears, make concrete plans, and gain energy to take action.

In Rethinking Positive Thinking, Oettingen applies mental contrasting to three key areas of personal change— becoming healthier, nurturing personal and professional relationships, and performing better at work. She introduces readers to the key phases of mental contrasting using a proven four-step process called WOOP—Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan—and offers advice and exercises on how to best apply this method to daily life. Through mental contrasting, people in Oettingen’s studies have become significantly more motivated to quit smoking, lose weight, get better grades, sustain fulfilling relationships, and negotiate more effectively in business situations.

Whether you are unhappy and struggling with serious problems or you just want to improve, discover, and explore new opportunities, this book will deepen your ideas about human motivation and help you boldly chart a new path ahead.

THIS ORDINARY STARDUST: A Scientist's Path from Grief to Wonder By: Alan Townsend, PhD

LISTEN THIS ORDINARY STARDUST: A Scientist's Path from Grief to Wonder By: Alan Townsend, PhD A compassionate exploration of scientific ...