Monday, November 21, 2011

Get out of YOUR Funk by pledging 20 minutes a day to get moving! Executive Director of Pledge20 Sheryl Lynn and colleague Dr. Michelle Segar join me to talk about how to kick start your own pledge and set realistic long-term fitness goals

Just in time for Thanksgiving and the New Year! Sheryl Lynn and Dr. Michelle Segar talk about how to start your own pledge and keep it going, and just how important it is to re-focus your mindset and goals about fitness.

You listen to the show here.

Sheryl Lynn is a author, radio show host and a gatherer of good people doing good things that promote just that! Her background is in sales, business development, event coordination and marketing but her focus has always been to live a beautiful life no matter what and STAY in a healthy state emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.  Additionally, she is a seasoned ½ marathon runner with a degree in sign language.

Throughout her career Sheryl has been a champion for all people and specifically for the women who joined Women’s Celebrations, an organization she founded in 2003. Sheryl was the editor and publisher of her own highly recognized magazine.

As a fitness enthusiast Sheryl Lynn has trained for fitness competitions and has helped others do the same. As CEO of Beautiful Life Productions, Sheryl uses her skills to research, develop, plan and implement programs that will positively affect everyone she meets.

Sheryl Lynn authored A Seven Step Practical Guide to a Beautiful Life No Matter What! She is also the mother of three beautiful children and the originator of Pledge20, a health initiative for gathering people who commit to 20 minutes a day of movement and know the reason why!

Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH is the Associate Director of the SHARP Center for Women and Girls at the University of Michigan, Her research interests include women and exercise, motivating factors for self-care, and physical activity policies in health care.  Dr. Segar is a recognized authority on promoting sustainable motivation and behavior.  She consults with fitness, wellness, and health organizations to improve engagement and behavioral adherence and speaks nationally to women’s groups about these issues,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Producer Cristan Reilly of The Other F Word (Oscilloscope Laboratories) and amazingly talented singer/songwriter Ava Nicole!

On this week's "Get the Funk Out!" - two very special guests are joining me. First up, Cristan Reilly - Producer of the film, The Other F Word about Punk Rock Dads growing up, facing fatherhood, and their own childhoods. And on the second half of the show, singer/songwriter Ava Nicole, who is an absolutely amazing teen inside and out, who inspires all those that are fortunate enough to know her. If you missed this show on Monday November 14 at 9am pst on KUCI 88.9fm, you can listen to the link below.

First up - Producer Cristan Reilly, then second half is with Ava Nicole. 
Listen here.
Here's where you can see the film nearby and buy tickets:

Laemmle Playhouse 7
Laemmle's Playhouse 7


They also added an OC theater!
Coming to the Regency South Coast Village on November 18
South Coast Village - Santa Ana/Costa Mesa
1561 W Sunflower Ave
Sunflower & South Coast Plaza Drive
Santa Ana, CA. 92704
(714) 557-5701

To buy tickets and for more theaters, please visit: 

673 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, 91101

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get out of your Funk with Kerry Hannon of Forbes magazine, Second Verse blogger, U.S. News & World Report Contributing Editor and Author of What's Next?

On this week's show, Kerry Hannon of Forbes magazine, Second Verse blogger, U.S. News & World Report Contributing Editor and Author of What's Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job. Kerry's advice and experiences will strike a chord with so many people making changes big and small, long overdue or sudden and scary! Kerry shares great advice and inspiring stories for any of you who have had to face changes that might have seemed overwhelming at first, but were the best thing that ever happened to you!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dina Clapinski of on "Get the Funk Out!"

We have all been a in a funk from time to time. Food definitely can play a factor in boosting our moods and health. Tune in to hear Dina Clapinski of Be Food on "Get the Funk Out!" LIVE on KUCI 88.9fm and streaming on you're munching on your morning Halloween candy : )

Ever wonder why some foods contain so many ingredients, what they are and how to even pronounce them? Ingredients like polysorbate 60, sodium nitrate and red/blues dyes are more harmful than people realize. Now, there is a website that is your go-to resource for looking up food additives and other food related issues. Dina Clapinski, Co-Founder, Be Food Smart ( joins me on this week's show to talk about how she got started and how you can use her website for all of your food questions.

Tune in and listen to Dina talk about healthy tips, the importance of getting your kids to read food labels, and why is a website like no other.

Be Food Smart is a food additive database for the hundreds of ingredients, sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings in today’s foods. Each ingredient report features an easy-to-understand description as well as possible health effects and a letter grade so consumers know instantly if the ingredient should be in their diet. Be Food Smart is devoted to educating the public and helping people change the way they eat.

Twitter: @BeFoodSmart

Lizanne Hennessey of "This is Lizzard," from The Netherlands Get the Funk Out!

This is lizzard makes diverse and dynamic music, with contrasts and varied arrangements, based on alternative-pop/rock with country, soul, reggae and funk influences.
This is lizzard was founded in 1998 by American singer/lyricist Lizanne Hennessey and Dutch musician/composer Roland Stolk. Their music is based on alternative pop/rock and strengthened by a mix of their favorite genres, including funk, soul, reggae and country.

Lizanne says: "When Roland and I met, we found out pretty quickly what is it we do best together: making music. We formed This is lizzard in 1998 and have never stopped making music since. But for lots of reasons, most of them beyond our control, releasing an album just never happened... until now. Thirteen years later, we are proud to announce the release of our debut album, 'Won't Give Up'. The title says it all. We never did give up, and we won't give up when it comes to fulfilling our dreams and sharing our music."

The husband-and-wife duo This is lizzard pride themselves on the tremendous diversity and outstanding musicianship and production on 'Won't Give Up'. Their music is like nothing and everything you've ever heard before; familiar yet unpredictable, the album can lull the listener into a dream-like state then deliver a wake-up call full of power and positive energy.

A bit about Roland:
Dutch-born musician/composer Roland Stolk graduated with honors from the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano and vibraphone. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is proficient on piano, keyboard, percussion, drums, vibes and guitar.
During his extensive touring experience throughout the Netherlands with Dutch artists such as Matilda Santing and Julya Lo'ko, Roland began to focus on his studio engineering skills.

A bit about Lizanne:
Lizanne Hennessey was born in America and moved to the Netherlands when she was 15. She is a singer/lyricist by nature, 100% self-taught and writes lyrics in English, her native language. She was active in various cover bands in the south of Holland when she and Roland met, and not long after, formed This is lizzard together. They've been making beautiful music together ever since.

This is lizzard
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Singer/Songwriter/Author...and Cancer BUTT Kicker...Laura Roppe!

This week on my new show, "Get the Funk Out!" Laura Roppe joins me to talk about her I'm Still Hear music video (a Youtube sensation with over 750,000 hits and counting!), music, life, kicking cancer in the butt, and her up-coming funny and poignant memoir, Rocking the Pink, to be released Spring 2012.

It was my pleasure to interview San Diego singer, songwriter, author and breast cancer survivor Laura Roppe.

Here's more about Laura and be sure to check out her great videos on Youtube.

Laura Roppé Bio:

Back in 2008, Laura abandoned a successful legal career and rocketed onto the San Diego music scene with the release of her first album, "Girl Like This,” finding critical acclaim and a home in her local radio market. Within weeks of Laura’s music debut, however, she learned she had triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease, and immediately underwent surgery and seven months of grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Laura thought her musical dreams, and perhaps her very life, were over.

When Laura's cancer treatments finally ended in 2009, Laura’s song, "Float Away," won Americana Single the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood, California. She launched a tour of the UK to promote "Girl Like This" and her music found a home in multiple major BBC radio markets, landing as high as No. 5 on the Amazon UK charts.

Throughout her cancer treatments, Laura continued to write music, but with a new sense of purpose and clarity. Throughout 2010, Laura recorded those songs, and she also wrote a memoir about her musical/life/cancer adventures.
In early 2011, Laura released her sophomore album, "I'm Still Here," including the songs written during her cancer treatments. The album was produced by Matthew Embree, the frontman and lead guitarist of indie rock sensation, Rx Bandits. When Laura released her new album, she was eager to find out if the world would embrace her new clarity. It wasn't long before Laura received her answer: For twenty-three consecutive weeks in 2011, Laura was ranked in the Top 10 by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top 50 emerging artists in the world (peaking at Number 3). Respected UK music magazine, Maverick Magazine, raved that "I'm Still Here" is a five-star, "must-have" album. Influential music blogger Wildy's World called it a "brilliant and emotionally naked artistic turn."

Laura has become somewhat of a Youtube sensation, as well. The video for her bucket list song, "George Clooney," garnered Youtube Honors in Canada, Australia, Spain, India, Japan, France, Germany, and more as a most-watched video. Her video for "Heart Inside Your Palm" amassed 250,000+ views in five days. And her video for “I’m Still Here,” released in late September 2011, already has over 650,000 views and several Youtube Honors, including Top 12 most watched video in entertainment and 31st most watched overall. Meanwhile, Laura's book has also found success. Her funny and poignant memoir, Rocking the Pink, will be released as a “lead title” in Spring 2012 through Seal Press, a division of U.S. publishing powerhouse Perseus Books (Publisher of the Year in 2007). The book has already been endorsed by actor Jack Black, Grammy-winning music producer, Mark Hudson, and best-selling author, Joni Rodgers.

Charlie Visnic, founder of the featured on "Get the Funk Out!"

Imagine doing something creative each and every day of the year and blogging about it? Yes, giving up TV and facebook and doing something really positive and creative with your free time! Charlie Visnic did it and he is on-Air right now on my NEW show "Get the Funk Out!" streaming LIVE on or locally here in the OC on KUCI 88.9fm. You can check out his blog on

Judy Davids, author of ROCK Star MOMMY!, Founder of Detroit Mom band The Mydols, and Editor of Royal Oak Patch featured on the first "Get the Funk Out!" Show airing September 26, 2011!

So excited to debut my new public affairs show at KUCI 88.9fm called "Get the Funk Out!" And my first guest is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met - Judy Davids, author of Rock Star Mommy, founder of the Detroit Mom Rock band - The Mydols, and creative powerhouse!

Judy Davids was 42 when she picked up a guitar for the first time and decided to start a rock band, or make that, a “mom” rock band. Surprisingly, the one thing in her life that she didn’t consider herself to be an expert at made her famous. The Mydols, her band of four Midwestern housewives/mothers drew the attention of the national media and soon she found herself in the pages of the supermarket tabloid The Sun whilst shopping for Lunchables.
Davids has appeared in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, The London Times and Making Music, to name a few. She has been interviewed on numerous radio stations across the United States including the nationally syndicated Mitch Albom Show. The Mydols have been on national television many times, including the Today Show, Inside Edition, The Late Late Night Show with Craig Kilborn, CBS Sunday Morning, and The Greg Behrendt Show.
Davids’ house, which is the background of The Mydols’ website, was featured on HGTV’s Generation Renovation.
In 2005, she was invited to Rockrgrl Music Convention in Seattle, Washington where she spoke on two panels: “Ho Ho Ho – Lyrics as Humor” and “Life after Birth: Can you be a Mom and a Musician too?”  She has been regional coordinator for Mamapalooza, the festival for moms who rock, since 2005.

The Mydols sophomore release “Born to Iron” was nominated for “Best Pop/Rock recording at the Detroit Music Awards. Davids has written the lyrics to several Mydols’ songs and designs and writes The Mydols website. She lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with her husband John, sons Dylan and Willie.  She has a Black Labrador Retriever named Ozzie.

LIVE on KUCI - 7/17/24 9:00am - Janeane chats with Producer Jay Silverman about his latest film CAMERA, starring Beau Bridges

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