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Coming up 11/30 at 9:45am pst - World-renowned picture-book maker of many beloved children’s books, Oliver Jeffers, talks about his NEW book, WHAT WE’LL BUILD

WHAT WE’LL BUILD is the exquisite new title from Oliver Jeffers, world-renowned picture-book maker of many beloved children’s books including Here We Are and Lost and Found, and illustrator of the #1 bestsellers The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home. Written and illustrated by Oliver for his young daughter, WHAT WE’LL BUILD is an enchanting story of a father and a daughter who set about laying the foundations for their life together, building memories to cherish, a home to keep them safe and love to keep them warm. WHAT WE’LL BUILD is set to be another publishing masterpiece that not only showcases Oliver’s inimitable style and spectacular illustrations but also his hopes and ambitions for his own family that will, no doubt, resonate with parents everywhere.

What shall we build, you and I?
We’ll build a watch to keep our time.
I’ll build your future
and you’ll build mine.

This rare and enduring story is about a parent’s boundless love, life’s endless opportunities and challenges, and the tools needed to build a together future. The book is the perfect companion to Oliver’s million-copy bestseller, Here We Are, which published in 2017 and was inspired by the birth of his son.

Oliver said “When my son was born, Here We Are was written for him as I tried to make sense of the world for both of us. Not long after our daughter was born, I realized I’d never hear the end of it if she didn’t get a book too, so it’s a good thing I was experiencing a not-dissimilar internal dialogue of transition with new parenthood. For one thing, contemplating the importance of raising a daughter in what will hopefully soon no longer be a man’s world, but more than that, this poem contemplates what home is, the importance of family, but also the strength of the invisible bonds of any loving relationship through thick and thin. It is all about the pure potential of what will come, both good and bad, and how, ultimately, people need each other. Even if that is just for someone to listen to all your plans.”

Oliver Jeffers makes art and tells stories. From his highly acclaimed debut, How to Catch a Star he has gone on to create a collection of bestselling picture books that have been translated into many languages all over the world, winning multiple awards including the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Gold Award, Blue Peter Book of the Year, and CBI Book of the Year, and he has been shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal five times. Lost and Found was made into a BAFTA-winning animated film. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Oliver now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and young children.

Coming up 11/30 at 9:25am pst on KUCI 88.9fm - Rosemary Keevil talks about her new book, The Art of Losing It: a Memoir - a gripping and heart-rending journey

When her brother dies of AIDS and her husband dies of cancer in the same year, Rosemary is left on her own with two young daughters and antsy addiction demons dancing in her head. This is the nucleus of The Art of Losing It a young mother jerking from emergency to emergency as the men in her life drop dead around her; a high-functioning radio show host waging war with her addictions while trying to raise her two little girls who just lost their daddy; and finally, a stint in rehab and sobriety that ushers in a fresh brand of chaos instead of the tranquility her family so desperately needs.

Heartrending but ultimately hopeful, The Art of Losing It is the story of a struggling mother who finds her way―slowly, painfully―from one side of grief and addiction to the other. The Art of Losing It is the story of a struggling mother who finds her way―slowly, painfully―from one side of grief and addiction to the other.

“With unflinching honesty and bravery, The Art of Losing It brings readers into a world of love, loss, grief, addiction and recovery. It is a powerful reminder that what looks perfect on the outside may be crumbling on the inside. Faced with tragedy and an ensuing downward spiral, Rosemary Keevil finds the strength to change, for herself and her daughters. Beautifully written, there is no self-pity here. Her story and her family are an inspiration to those who feel alone in their struggles.” –Lisa Smith, author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar

Coming up 11/30 9:00am pst on KUCI 88.9fm - Filmmaker Arthur Egeli speaks to Janeane Bernstein about his new film, The Black Emperor of Broadway

The Black Emperor of Broadway is the story of the first African-American leading man on Broadway, Charles Gilpin. Gilpin was cast by playwright, Eugene O'Neill to be the lead in his play "The Emperor Jones" in 1920, a time when "blackface" was the norm on stage. O'Neill and Gilpin clashed numerous times over the cultural representation of Gilpin's Emperor Jones, and while O'Neill's name became celebrated, Gilpin's was tragically lost to history.

The Black Emperor of Broadway is now available on VOD and on DVD October 6.

When celebrated playwright Eugene O’Neill cast Charles Gilpin as the lead in his new play “The Emperor Jones” in 1920, Broadway was changed forever.

Vision Films and Egeli Productions are proud to present the incredible story of Charles Gilpin in The Black Emperor of Broadway. Directed by Arthur Egeli (Murder on the Cape) and starring Shaun Parkes (Lost in Space, The Mummy Returns), John Hensley (How To Get Away With Murder, Nip-Tuck), Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls, How To Get Away With Murder), Nick Moran (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Nija Okoro (Insecure, The Deuce), this stunning and timely film not only celebrates the career of one of the most celebrated stage actors of the 1920s, but also the history of African-American excellence in theatre.

With his portrayal of Brutus Jones in Eugene O’Neill’s play, “The Emperor Jones”, Charles Gilpin was hailed as revelatory. He became the first African-American dramatic star in a lead role on Broadway, and was named one of its finest actors. Gilpin immediately became the darling of the theater world, receiving accolades and recognition no other black actor had ever gotten—even being invited to the White House. But by 1930, while O’Neill went on to become a legend, Gilpin was lost to history.

Following a successful festival run that included Greenwich International Film Festival, Brooklyn International Film Festival, Macon Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival and Kansas City Film Festival (where it won Best Narrative Feature), The Black Emperor of Broadway will be available on September 15, 2020 on digital from platforms including iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, Amazon, and FandangoNow, as well as cable affiliates everywhere, and October 6, 2020 on DVD from all major online retailers.

Preorder The Black Emperor of Broadway:

Based on a true story, Charles S. Gilpin (Shaun Parkes) was the first African-American dramatic star in a lead role in a stage play during a time where roles of color were previously played by white men in blackface. As Gilpin rose to fame and recognition, tensions were high between he and playwright Eugene O’Neill (John Hensley) which ultimately lead to parting ways, though Gilpin’s name is etched in Broadway history forever.

“I grew up learning to revere and honor Eugene O’Neill as the father of American Theater - until I learned about Charles Gilpin”, says director, Arthur Egeli. “The talent of Charles Gilpin made Eugene O’Neill a household name. Why have we forgotten him?”

“The Black Emperor of Broadway shines a light on the relatively unknown story of Gilpin, an actor who should be celebrated for breaking down racial barriers on the stage”, says Vision Films CEO/ Managing Director, Lise Romanoff. “This film puts the man who changed Broadway history into the spotlight he deserves."


Monday, November 23, 2020

Greg, aka Fast Eddie, a Total Control Instructor, shares his vision to inspire motorcycle riders to wear full gear, take courses, and practice in order to reduce crashes on public roads.

My vision is to inspire riders to wear full gear, take courses, and practice in order to reduce crashes on public roads. I'm accomplishing this vision by sharing the insights I've acquired as a Total Control Instructor, attending 22 motorcycle courses, and riding over 200,000 miles since 2013. 

I spent 11 years in the Marines before becoming a Total Control Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Riding Clinic Instructor. I have a BA in Psychology, MA in Human Behavior, and a MS in Forensic Science. I’ve created over 200 motorcycle videos available on YouTube where you can find information on cornering, managing your fear, advice for new riders, low-speed control, and much more!

After 11 years in the Marines with 2 deployments in Iraq and becoming an instructor of drill instructors, Greg left the military to chart a new course in his life. What followed was the pursuit of his enjoyment of motorcycle riding, combined with his passion for teaching.

He became an MSF RiderCoach & a Total Control Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Riding Clinic Instructor, and personally attended 22 different motorcycle courses. While teaching, one of the questions he heard the most from students was "what should I practice in-between courses?"

With that, Greg conceived the MotoJitsu system, inspired by martial arts, and designed to help street riders become more proficient and confident in their daily riding. After suffering his own serious accident early in his riding career, Greg is a passionate advocate for riders to wear full gear, take advanced courses, and to practice skills that could help save their lives on public roads.

Practicing what he preaches, Greg meets with fellow riders in quiet parking lots, twisty mountain roads, and local tracks helping others master their skills.

Greg has created hundreds of educational motorcycle videos available on his YouTube channel, which has over 184,000 subscribers.

Find videos and more at

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Philippe Cousteau, multi-Emmy-nominated TV host, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur (Discovery, BBC, CNN, Travel Channel), pours his passion for wildlife and exploration into his latest release for young readers, The Endangereds

PHILIPPE COUSTEAU speaks with host Janeane Bernstein about his new book, 
The Endangereds

On Sale September 29, HarperCollins; Illustrated Edition, Hardcover

Age Range: 8 - 12 years | Grade Level: 3 - 7

Multi-Emmy-nominated TV host, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur Philippe Cousteau (Discovery, BBC, CNN, Travel Channel) pours his passion for wildlife and exploration into his latest release for young readers, The Endangereds. The first book in a science-backed, high-action series, this adventure of a spunky group of endangered animals has an important environmental message for young audiences. Through twists and turns, underground caverns, sneaking through private buildings, and a villainous kidnapping, four daredevils will stop at nothing to save the animal kingdom that they love.

"Exaggerated character traits and a complex plot contribute to the appealing concept of hyperintelligent animals engaging in heist like rescues. Heaps of information about geography, climate change, humanity’s impact on animals, and species reintroduction is shared, appealing to readers who are interested in these subjects."
– Kirkus Reviews


It’s time for animals to take fate into their own paws! The Endangereds is the first book in a thrilling new adventure series by world-renowned environmentalist and Emmy-nominated host of Xploration Awesome Planet Philippe Cousteau and award-winning TURBO Racers author Austin Aslan.

Innocent animals are in trouble: temperatures are climbing, tides are rising, and nature is suffering. Someone needs to step in to rescue animals from extinction. Someone needs to turn this mess around, before it’s too late.

And that someone is . . . the Endangereds, the unlikeliest heroes you’ll ever meet—a superstrong polar bear, a pangolin with a genius for engineering, an extremely sarcastic narwhal, and an orangutan with a big dream.

Together, these four daredevils are determined to save endangered species across the globe, no matter what the risk. Rappelling into an underground cavern to save the day? No problem. Looping video footage to sneak through buildings unnoticed? Got it covered. Opening a doorknob? Okay, pretty hard without thumbs. But don’t worry. No matter what it takes, the Endangereds will get the job done.

But when two of their friends get kidnapped by a villain with a dastardly agenda, the team finds themselves up to their snouts in trouble. Can the Endangereds save the day? Or will this villain put humans and animals alike on the extinction list?

The A-Team meets the animal kingdom in the first book in the thrilling new adventure series from the host of Xploration Awesome Planet Philippe Cousteau and award-winning author Austin Aslan.

A Few Sample Talking Points:

Your latest novel focuses on endangered animals. How has your work as a television host for Discovery, BBC, CNN, and Travel Channel inspired the characters and themes?

How do you feel that the novel best teaches young audiences about such an important theme about the Earth and conservation? 

What is the greatest takeaway that you’d like your readers to have after finishing The Endangereds?

In addition to being an author, you founded EarthEcho International in 2004. Please tell us more about this organization and it inspires future generations? 

This Fall, you are partnering with EarthEcho International, Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants and the World Wildlife Fund to host a series of free virtual events for middle school educators, caregivers and students – can you tell us more about these?

How do you continue the legacy of your late grandfather of Jacques Cousteau in your day-to-day life?

What are some of the most fascinating things that you’ve learned as the host and executive producer of Awesome Planet?


By Philippe Cousteau, Austin Aslan

Illustrated by James Madsen

Also available via audiobook

HARPER, an imprint of Harpercollins

Age Range: 8 - 12 years

Grade Level: 3 - 7

ISBN-13: 978-0-062894182

352 Pages

More About Philippe:

Inspired by the legacy of his grandfather Jacques Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau is a multi-Emmy-nominated TV host, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur. He has hosted numerous TV programs for Discovery, BBC, CNN, Travel Channel and more. Currently he is the host of the syndicated television show Xploration Awesome Planet and producer/narrator of a new Virtual Reality experience Drop in the Ocean. Philippe is the author of several award-winning books and is a sought-after speaker having keynoted events for the United Nations, Harvard University, and more. In 2004 he founded EarthEcho International; the leading environmental education organization dedicated to inspiring youth to take action for a sustainable planet. Philippe and his wife, fellow explorer and TV host Ashlan Gorse-Cousteau reside in Los Angeles.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Coming up TODAY 11/16/20 at 9:00am pst! Lisa A. Sniderman, known as the artist Aoede, shares her album - The Grieving Project

As told by the artist, Aoede:

I Forgot to Grieve...

During the 12 years I’ve lived with my rare progressive muscle weakness disease, dermatomyositis, I forgot to grieve... and I decided I'd turn my disease into an opportunity to heal myself and others, using spoken words and music, empowering others who may have also forgotten to grieve...

Now more than ever, during these unsettling and unprecedented times when hope and healing are necessary on so many levels, we need to continue to find ways to thrive. But first, we need to grieve... our losses, our unwanted changes, our transformations. And The Grieving Project can help us do just that.

The Grieving Project is a powerful and inventive spoken word audiobook that sets the stages of grief to music… the entire audiobook-all 22 tracks-is spoken over original musical compositions. Four different young adults. Four different chronic illness experiences. Plunging through 14 stages of grieving and thriving, through a melding of words and an emotional orchestra. Taking us on a moving journey from surviving... to thriving.

The Grieving Project is more than an audiobook; it is a road map to our hearts, an invitation for you to grieve your loss, your change, your unexpected and unwanted transformation, and the inspiration and encouragement you need to awaken, express, rejuvenate, activate, connect, shine and truly thrive!

To learn more about The Grieving Project:

Most recent news articles about "The Grieving Project":


Fostering Healing by Giving Your Creative Spirit Wings and Inspiring You to Share Your Story...
(Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter/Playwright/Recording Artist/Composer/Author/Filmmaker/Dreamer)

TODAY - 11-16-20 at 9:30am pst! Filmmakers and documentary subjects Jim Hanft and Samantha Yonack join Janeane on KUCI 88.9fm to talk about their newly released film, After So Many Days

Watch Trailer HERE

In conversation with Samantha Yonack and Jim Hanft 

After a decade of making music together, Jim and Sam, a recently married singer/songwriter duo from Los Angeles, were not the conventionally successful band they’d hoped they’d be. Feeling stuck and anxious about their future, the duo make a spontaneous decision to put their music and marriage to the ultimate test by making a pact to play one show every day for a year. With suitcases and a guitar, the troubadours ventured out for a 365-day tour down unexplored roads and onto unexpected stages, bringing their music to new audiences throughout 14 different countries.

After So Many Days is a raw and intimate front row seat to the highs and lows of what it’s like for two people to pursue a dream, together. Featuring an incredible selection of Jim and Sam’s mesmerizing songs, the film is a love letter to life on the road and the power of music to unite – both the couple and the people they meet along the way.

The film will be accompanied by the full length album, Songs from After So Many Days, released by Nettwerk Records on 10/9.

After So Many Days will screen at the Nashville Film Festival in October and has been an official selection at more than 30 film festivals worldwide.

Releasing digitally on iTunes, Amazon and more on October 20th.

Coming up 4/17 at 9:30am - CEO Glenn Gray and Dr. Alissa Deming, VP of Conservation Medicine & Science, sat down with me to talk about the Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Today’s show is a little different. If you think you hear strange noises during the show, well they are not actually strange at all. They ar...