Monday, November 16, 2020

Coming up TODAY 11/16/20 at 9:00am pst! Lisa A. Sniderman, known as the artist Aoede, shares her album - The Grieving Project

As told by the artist, Aoede:

I Forgot to Grieve...

During the 12 years I’ve lived with my rare progressive muscle weakness disease, dermatomyositis, I forgot to grieve... and I decided I'd turn my disease into an opportunity to heal myself and others, using spoken words and music, empowering others who may have also forgotten to grieve...

Now more than ever, during these unsettling and unprecedented times when hope and healing are necessary on so many levels, we need to continue to find ways to thrive. But first, we need to grieve... our losses, our unwanted changes, our transformations. And The Grieving Project can help us do just that.

The Grieving Project is a powerful and inventive spoken word audiobook that sets the stages of grief to music… the entire audiobook-all 22 tracks-is spoken over original musical compositions. Four different young adults. Four different chronic illness experiences. Plunging through 14 stages of grieving and thriving, through a melding of words and an emotional orchestra. Taking us on a moving journey from surviving... to thriving.

The Grieving Project is more than an audiobook; it is a road map to our hearts, an invitation for you to grieve your loss, your change, your unexpected and unwanted transformation, and the inspiration and encouragement you need to awaken, express, rejuvenate, activate, connect, shine and truly thrive!

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