Friday, October 31, 2014

Abra Liberman-Garrett, author of Maccabee on the Mantel, joined me Monday at 9:00am!

If you missed Abra Liberman-Garrett on today's show, listen to our conversation here!

Move over Elf on the Shelf and make room for the holiday companion that is over 5000 years in the making – it’s Maccabee on the Mantel, an adorable plush doll and accompanying storybook that teaches children about the origins of Hanukkah and celebrate one of the culture’s most prominent but often misunderstood traditions.

Conceived of by mother of two and pre-school temple instructor Abra Liberman-Garrett, Maccabee on the Mantel is a huggable stuffed Maccabeean soldier whose personal story in the book illustrates the escape of the chosen people from the brutal King Antiochus. Raised with sometimes lackluster Jewish holiday traditions, she became more passionate about teaching the origins of Hanukkah while raising her children in Dallas. With the aid of her friends at Fort Worth’s legendary improvisation and comedy troupe Four Day Weekend – a group whose business savvy earned them last year’s Small Business of the Year Award from the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce – Liberman-Garrett invented a holiday product that is kid-tested and Rabbi-approved.

Unlike other recent attempts to cash in on the holiday “buddy” phenomenon that seems to cross across cultures, Maccabee on the Mantel is based in real Jewish history, and presented with materials that have been developed with the utmost educational value in mind. More than anything, Maccabee on the Mantel reminds human companions young and old – and Jewish or otherwise – about the origins of the Festival of Lights. “Hanukkah is a really cool holiday,” says Liberman-Garrett. “The story is about facing insurmountable odds, fighting for your rights, and believing in yourself.”

Stand-up comedian and author Jordan Pease joins me Monday at 9:30am!

There aren’t many gay comics who would leap at the chance to perform for a crowd of military veterans or suburban Latinos. But where some might see a potentially resistant audience, stand-up comedian and author Jordan Pease only sees a new potential group of friends ready to laugh.

Born and raised in New Jersey into an Italian-American family that has embraced his adult identity (“When I came out to my grandparents, their only comment was that they hoped I married an Italian man”), Pease mines the sometimes painful and more difficult avenues of life in order to fashion self-deprecating jokes that render him equal parts endearing and outrageous. The same tone can be found in his memoir, Accidentally Okay, which recalls his extended stay in Verona, Italy, with an acute sense of observation and self-awareness. He’s also contributed columns to Huffington Post and maintains an active presences on his website,

Citing Chelsea Handler and David Sedaris as two of his role models, Pease has found great success even though he’s been doing stand-up professionally for less than three years; he’s already been named “Funniest New Comic in LA” and appears regularly at the Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory, sometimes sharing stage time with idols like Sarah Silverman and Steve Trevino.

That’s not to mention the gigs he does throughout the country and in comedy clubs in Southern California, where he’s happy to perform in front of mostly straight audiences on a bill with heterosexual comedians. “There are a lot of great gay comedians who focus on doing all-gay shows, which is great,” says Pease. “But I know that to get to where I want to be, I have to learn how to make everyone laugh.”

Whether it is posting Twitter accounts of his colorful lifestyle to his 15,000 followers, or polishing his writing skills to ascend the New York Times bestseller list, the spontaneous, savvy, and always sassy Jordan Pease is positioned to take his place alongside the other great men and women who have devoted their lives to make audiences feel happy.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Joining me Monday @9:30am...Matchmaker/Dating Coach Julia Bendis talks about her business ‘Match by Julia,' and how her traditional approach to dating has brought love to so many lives (not to mention out of a dating FUNK)!

If you missed Julia on today's show, you can listen here!

Julia Bendis shares her backstory

I was born in the Former Soviet Union, and moved to the U.S. in 1989 when I was 13 years old, which was also right before the fall of Communism. I still speak and write fluently in Russian language. I'm also Jewish, so this makes me a true "Fiddler on the Roof" Matchmaker :)

Growing up in Communism was difficult not only because you didn’t have personal freedom, but also because we lacked many things. Food was hard to come by, waiting in lines only to find out they ran out of things was a daily struggle. Even though life wasn’t easy, my family was still able to enjoy the little things like each other and bringing people together. As long as I can remember the women in my family did two major things: cook and introduce people to one another. My Mother matched people up back in Russia as well and have counted numerous weddings and babies as a result. Once we moved to the U.S. her Matchmaking took a back seat in order to help my Father provide for us. That’s when I took over in a way. My first match was when I was in high school, and the couple went out for about 3 years.

I’ve always known that I had a keen intuition of who would be great with whom, and my ability to read people only developed even stronger as I got older and living in a whole new country. This intuition and my Grandmother’s wisdom has guided and helped me over all these years, and I continue to use her wise words and advice to this day.

The History of Match by Julia and Matchmaking in general

Matchmaking has been a huge part of Russian and Jewish culture for many generations, and in my family in particular. Jewish women in Russia and Poland have always gathered together in villages to bring single men and women together. In the beginning it was definitely something that was arranged by the parents and grandparents, and most people had arranged marriages. Over time as the culture and religion evolved, single people wanted to give their input in what type of partner they wanted. So these so-called Matchmakers would sit down with the families to share their “files” on who was single in their town or village, and give information about their families. Once people started to move further away from their families, the art-form of “Matchmaking” started to die down. And of course with new technology, people didn’t want outside help when it came to their love-life. However, these days more and more people find themselves not only too busy to go out and meet people, but are overwhelmed with the amount of choices when it comes to online dating, bars, night-life and the lack of time to be able to pursue the different avenues of meeting a partner. That’s why old-world Matchmaking, with a new and revised traditions are even more helpful today. Instead of people meeting strangers online, seeing pictures and profiles that could be completely fake and wrong for them, I meet with every single person and screen them prior to setting them up on dates.

There’s a big difference in meeting someone in person versus behind a computer looking at touched up pictures, and written profiles that may only be words and not reality.

How Match by Julia works and relates to today’s dating scene

I bring my culture, my upbringing and my realistic view on life and relationships to the people I work with.

My style is very unique since I don't try and change people like other so-called Matchmakers on TV, I don't yell or berate people. However, I do tell every client to be realistic in their search for love and more importantly open-minded to any and all possibilities. I teach them to forget their list of must-haves in a partner, and open their eyes to all potential matches.

I have a realistic view on relationships, dating and what work and what doesn't, which is something I help my clients learn and understand. I love talking to and helping people. I live for love, and think everyone deserves to be loved and have a partner in life, no matter what age they are. My clients range in age from 23 to 84.

I founded Match by Julia and after many years of fixing people up for fun, and satisfaction of seeing people happy and in love. I started bringing people together as a teenager, and continued all the way until I got married and had my own kids. After many years I realized that I was spending more time bringing people together than any other job I had, and it was the most satisfaction that I’ve ever known as well. Matchmaking has not only been my work, but part of my daily life as well. I have always taken the time to make a deep connection with every person I’ve come in contact with, making it a priority to remember each one. With every new client, I get to know them on a personal level, their needs, wants and desires for their future mate. After the initial meeting, start researching, interviewing, and screening people that are either in my database or by meeting and recruiting new clientele.

Match by Julia is a traditional and personalized matchmaking service that caters to anyone wanting to find their other half. Every match is hand-picked, through a one-on-one process that pays great detail to your specific needs. I work with both female and male clients in Orange County.

About Julia's soon-to-be finished book!

I'm also writing a self-help type of book directed to Men, a dating "how-to and what not to do" book. There are thousands of books, courses and seminars for women, on how to find the guy, how to keep the guy, etc., but hardly anything for men out there. My whole point for the book is how do men learn how to be a gentleman, how to court a woman, how to act and dress and have dating etiquette? I see this problem over and over again with my clients. Relationships end before they can even begin because men don't know how to behave on a first date, or after the first date.

How to contact Julia:
Julia Bendis
Matchmaker/Dating Coach
949.648.4300 Tel
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Getting ready for our fall fund drive starting Monday October 27th!

Getting ready for our fall fund drive starting Monday October 27th! Make a donation and receive all kinds of great premiums and... a chance to sit in on a show with some cool DJs/Public Affairs hosts! We're celebrating KUCI's 45th Anniversary! T-shirts, CDs, tickets to shows and more! Give us a call Monday (I'll be there!) 949-824-5824 and show some love for independent radio!

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Jan Creamer, co-founder of Animal Defenders International (ADI), a fearless, compassionate individual joined me October 27th 9:00am pst!

If you missed Jan Creamer on today's show, you can catch our conversation here.

Meet Jan Creamer, one of the founders of Animal Defenders International (ADI), a fearless, compassionate individual who fights for those who cannot fight for themselves: the abused and neglected animals of the world.

Creamer and Phillips are a tenacious husband-and-wife team committed to ADI, an organization that champions for oppressed animals across the globe. The renowned group stops animal abuse, rescues animals in distress, and secures legislation that protects animals from harm in laboratories, farms, and the entertainment industry. They use false identities, hidden cameras, elaborate cover stories, and covert surveillance techniques to capture footage in circuses, slaughterhouses, and laboratories.

The two leaders have endured death threats and violent attacks in their mission to take hurt animals away from people who do not want to give them up. The couple publishes technical reports, educates communities, and drafts legislation documents for animals worldwide. They’ve secured bans on animal circuses in 27 countries and 44 in the US as well as a ban on cosmetic testing on animals in Europe. They are currently organizing their next rescue – taking all the wild animals from circuses in Peru this summer, and are hard at work on the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA), a bill that aims to end the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses in the US.

ADI exposed the cruel treatment of circus animals in Bolivia, going undercover to rescue and relocate 25 circus lions via airlift to safer homes in the United States (following the country’s ban on all animals in circuses). The rescue of the animals, called Operation Lion Ark, was funded through the kindness and generosity of Bob Barker. “Lion Ark,” produced by ADI Films, captures the behind-the-scenes plight of the animal rescue, the heartache, and the joyful flight to freedom. The film has won awards at the Sedona International Film Festival, the Omaha Film Festival, the Sun & Sand Mississippi Film and Music Festival, the Anchorage Film Festival and the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

ADI held a fundraising gala in Los Angeles, where they presented television host and philanthropist Bob Barker with the Lord Houghton Award for outstanding services to animal welfare. ADI also honored actress Jorja Fox (“CSI”) with the Animal Champion Award for her dedication to sustaining safe environments for animals in entertainment. Other ADI celebrity supporters include Sir Paul McCartney, Ricky Gervais, Brian Blessed, Twiggy and Sir Roger Moore.

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Attention KUCI students, staff, faculty, and yes, even the Chancellor!

Ever want to shine on radio? Are your creative juices already flowing this early in the Quarter? Enter now to participate in the KUCI Fall Fund Drive promo contest! In the lead-up to our Fall Fund Drive October 27 - November 7, we are soliciting your submissions of a script that promotes our fund drive. 30 to 60 seconds of your creativity could make you famous. The top 3 submissions, as judged by our Production Department, will win the opportunity to have their own voices used in the promo that we produce at the station. We will even throw in some KUCI swag!

Eligibility: Anteater students, staff, faculty, and yes, even the Chancellor.

Hurry! The deadline is Friday, October 17 at 5:00 PM.

Please submit your script, your name, your contact information, or any questions to Claudia Shambaugh, Fundraising Manager, at

Points to include:
*KUCI is having its fall fund drive October 27 - November 7
*Make a pledge by calling (949) 824-KUCI or online at
*Cool CD, ticket, KUCI swag, gift certificates, and other premiums will be offered to donors as a thank you.

Thank you Anteaters for your support and good luck!

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Dr. Shamini Jain, psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur joined me Monday October 20th @9:00am!

If you missed Dr. Shamini Jain on today's show,
you can listen to our conversation

About Dr Jain
Dr. Shamini Jain is a psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Director of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, a collaborative effort that links scientists, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and educators to facilitate healing through an understanding of consciousness and consciousness-based practices. Dr. Jain is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, where she is also Chair of the Center for Integrative Medicine’s Research Committee.

Dr. Jain conducts research in integrative medicine and psychoneuroimmunology. Her published, NIH-funded research in biofield healing, a form of integrative medicine, has been featured in TIME magazine and CNN. Dr. Jain has received several awards from scientific organizations for her work. Dr. Jain obtained her B.A. in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University, and her Ph.D. degree from the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. She conducted her clinical residency at the La Jolla VA Hospital/UCSD, and her post-doctoral fellowship at UCLA’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research. Dr. Jain’s extramurally-funded research has included examining biofield-based approaches for cancer-related fatigue and PTSD, the development of systems-biology based models for understanding and tracking resilience, examining the effects of a comprehensive supportive care clinic on survival and quality of life in cancer patients, and the impact of gratitude on psychoneuroendocrine function in heart failure patients.

To learn more about Shamini Jain, Founder and Executive Director of Consciousness and Healing Initiative, visit:

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