Monday, July 29, 2013

Nora Gallagher, an American writer of memoir, fiction and essays joins me today on Get the FUNK Out!

If you missed Nora on today's show, listen to this inspiring conversation here.

Nora Gallagher is an American writer of memoir, fiction and essays whose work, as one reviewer put it,” is renewing the language of ultimate concerns.” Her most recent book, Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic, is a memoir that explores her experience with a baffling affliction poised to take her sight. A map of illness, uncertainty, and faith that is both meditative and highly relatable for anyone who has experienced life-threatening illness or supported a loved one who has, Moonlight Sonata will be published by Alfred A. Knopf on May 21, 2013. For media inquiries, contact Elizabeth Lindsay. For speaking engagements, contact Elaine Trevorrow . Pre-order Moonlight Sonata.

Moonlight Sonata at the Mayo Clinic is part three of a quartet on modern faith as it is lived out. The quartet begins with Things Seen and Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith published by Knopf in 1998. Followed by Practicing Resurrection: A Memoir of Work, Doubt, Discernment, and Moments of Grace. Things Seen and Unseen was a bestseller and a finalist in the Spiritual category of the 1998 Books for a Better Life Awards. An excerpt was a finalist for Best Spiritual Essays.

Gallagher’s novel Changing Light was well-reviewed in the New York Times and other publications. It was chosen by the Times as an Editor’s Choice.

Gallagher learned writing on the ground in San Francisco as a stringer for TIME Magazine where she covered the Patricia Hearst trial, the Moscone and Milk assassinations, the Dan White trial and subsequent riots and the AIDs crisis. Later, she worked for Life Magazine and free-lanced, traveling to countries where she was interested in how people were living in the shadow of large events. She reported on families in Prague, just after the Velvet Revolution and the strange case of Jan Kavan, a dissident accused of collaboration. In Nicaragua during the Sandinista regime, she wrote about daily life, including a production of “Waiting for Lefty” at the National Theater.

Her essays, book reviews and journalism have appeared in many publications including The New York Times Magazine,DoubleTake, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Utne Reader, The Village Voice, Mother Jones, The Los Angeles Times and the Psychotherapy Networker.

Gallagher is a popular speaker having given talks at Yale University, UC-Berkeley, Stanford University, and Washington’s National Cathedral. For appearance and lecture inquiries, please contact Elaine Trevorrow or visit the Random House Speakers Bureau.

Gallagher was invited to enter seminary to become an Episcopal priest but finally decided to remain a layperson. She is preacher-in-residence at Trinity Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara and has given sermons in faith communities nationwide, including St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, St. Paul’s Cathedral San Diego and Stanford University's Memorial Church. She has lectured on writing and taught writing workshops at Yale Divinity School and the Festival of Homiletics as well as at other institutions with grants from the Louisville Institute.

Nora Gallagher has given readings at bookstores across the country including: Elliott Bay Books, Seattle; Bainbridge Island’s Eagle Harbor and Book Passage, Corte Madera and appeared on panels at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

She was born in New Mexico, the daughter of Julie Walcott Gallagher, who taught herself architecture, and David Gallagher, who learned the law at Yale Law School and in practice. She was educated at St. John’s College, where she studied the Great Books of the Western World.

She is the editor of the award-winning Notes from the Field, published by Chronicle Books, 1999. A sermon is collected inSermons that Work and a poem in the anthology, September 11, 2001: American Writers Respond. Among her honors are a Penny-Missouri journalism award and fellowships at both the MacDowell Colony and Blue Mountain Center.

Her interests include the quest for meaning in our lives, how vulnerability connects us, the rights of patients, and breaking out of one’s religious tradition while maintaining integrity.

She sits on the advisory board of the Yale Divinity School. She is represented by Philippa Brophy, president of Sterling Lord Literistic, New York.

She lives with her husband, the writer Vincent Stanley, in Santa Barbara, California.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My first camp experience filled with frogs and something kind of odd under my bunk!

Summertime brings back great camp memories. Born and raised on the east coast, I had my first camp experience at age 8...sleep away for seven weeks. I was a major tomboy, so I loved the whole camp experience, and quickly found a new hobby...looking for frogs under my cabin. I would wedge my body under the cabin and dig around, collecting all the frogs I could find. But one day, I found something white poking out from under the dirt. I dug around it and reached into the ground to pull out...a skeleton bone. Of course, being 8, I thought it was a dinosaur bone! The camp director was less than thrilled when I ran up to him during a tour and shouted, "HEY!! LOOK WHAT I FOUND UNDER MY BUNK!"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gina Waggener, an outstanding Special Events Director and top-notch Photographer joins me at 9:30am pst Monday on Get the FUNK Out!

If you missed today's show with Gina, you can hear it here.

About Gina Waggener

AFP –Association of Fundraising Professionals
PPA- Professional Photographer Association

Gina is an experienced Special Events Director and Photographer with over 10 year experience in creating dynamic events in the US and overseas. She has managed all aspects of event planning, securing sponsors, establishing long-term vendor relationships, event pre-production, execution and fundraising. As the Marketing and Events Director for Parenting OC Magazine, she increased event revenue and public appeal. In order to accomplish this task, she formed a partnership with Susan G Komen Foundation. A percentage of ticket sales went to the charity resulting in increased attendance and sponsorships. During her tenure with Parenting OC Magazine, she was able to form many great contacts and supporters. Most of which she continues to engage in various projects and events.

About a year and half ago, Estrella Harrington (Founder of Guard A Heart) contacted Gina to help with event planning for the start-up charity. The focus was to create concepts to grow the charity through public awareness events and partnerships. The first major event started with the Guardian of Hearts Pre-Oscar Hollywood event honoring Larry King at the Avalon Hollywood on February 25, 2012. Aviir was our the major sponsor and they benefited greatly due to the non-profit status. By increasing awareness about heart disease and penetrating the medical community we exceeded sales projects during a troubled time of uncertainty evolving insurance coverage. Throughout 2012, our team promoted Aviir’s heart testing technology across the US and overseas. Most recently, Aviir secured a 12-county technology licensing deal in the Middle East. Because of their success and increased sales, Aviir was just given a 2nd financing round of $10 Million. This news was just featured in the Business section of the OC Register. The success of of AVIIR was a direct result of events that captured public appeal.

About Gina's NEW Venture!
Gina created OC EVENT SOLUTIONS from a need to assist businesses by creating events that are cost effective and incredibly memorable.

Gina describes OC Event Solutions as follows:
OC EVENT SOLUTIONS increases public appeal by helping you create dynamic events that amplify your message, attract media attention and Brand your name in OC Market though strategic planning. Outsourcing is a great alternative to hiring a full time Event Planner. We provide tailored solutions that are cost effective and results driven. Your success is our success.

We have come together to create a team of skilled professionals whose foundation is built on Integrity, Trust and Commitment. Each event that we produce is very unique, and we invest all of our energy and creativity into capturing the public appeal. With over hundreds of events produced, we have never compromised our vision nor conformed to the cookie cutter style of event planning. We love working with start-up’s and have evolved into a team that appreciates and thrives off diversity.

With over 10 years of experience in event marketing strategies, OC Event Solutions will increase business through public awareness and multiple media outlets. Over the years, we have collectively fostered relationships with multiple media contacts and resources. Our contacts and knowledge ensures your message is targeted to the right crowd.

We know the value of creating the buzz with celebrities and OC Event Solutions has relationships to bring A-List talent to the events. Our rolodex of professional athletes are always willing to be involved in any good cause OC Event Solutions is a part of.


Josh Webber, award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles joins me on Get the FUNK Out!

If you missed today's show with Josh, you can hear it here.

Josh Webber is an award winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles who’s films have screened all over the world with much recognition. His most recent feature narrative film “A BROKEN CODE” is set for a late spring/summer release domestically available everywhere.

He is currently working on a documentary entitled “ESCAPING THE HOLOCAUST” which is based around his grandfather’s escape from a prison camp in Warsaw during the holocaust.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Robin Roberts' Journey

Yes, I too have my own share of funks!

Just returned from a busy east coast trip. Husband was sick with a cold when we left and also a twisted knee, then my daughter caught the cold (thankfully, not the twisted knee). But, when she gets sick, sometimes it is really bad and this time it is a tough one to beat. A summer cold is such a drag and it seems to have overtaken her sinuses, throat and now ears. Poor thing had to deal with driving here, there and everywhere, staying at six different locations, and then flying back with fluid in her ears and a lousy cold. But she did get to experience a beautiful wedding ceremony in Groton, Massachusetts on a gorgeous farm featuring her gorgeous cousin and her new husband. It was amazing! She never made it through the reception, but we witnessed an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Thankfully, we discovered CVS had a minute clinic, which is not a minute btw. We found one in a small Massachusetts town and a very nice nurse practitioner determined that my daughter could fly but she would have to take Sudafed and Advil to make it back. My daughter thought she would have to take Cedafil (that is the stuff we wash our face with). If you know me, you know that I am not a big fan of over the counter meds, but I had to do something to make it back home as painfree and comfortable on the east to west coast flight. I am also not a fan of all the snacks they give you on JetBlue, but they were a great distraction to the pain and discomfort and my daughter vowed to "go on a healthy shopping spree when we get back home." Worked for me.

And how did I stay sane and healthy on this trip? I didn't. Well, I squeaked in almost a daily workout, because I spent alot of my days inside a hotel room with her. I also packed foods from home that I could microwave (e.g. oatmeal, popcorn, etc), I tried keeping a positive attitude (reading a funny book helped), and then at the very end of the body felt the strain, so here I sit trying to kick the cooties out of me!!  BE GONE YOU LOUSY COLD!!!!

Looking forward to getting back in the studio this coming Monday! Thanks to Sheldon Abbott, host of Cure for the Blues, for subbing my show. Hope you are having a great July and tune in Monday at 9am pst for more Get the FUNK Out!

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