Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gina Waggener, an outstanding Special Events Director and top-notch Photographer joins me at 9:30am pst Monday on Get the FUNK Out!

If you missed today's show with Gina, you can hear it here.

About Gina Waggener

AFP –Association of Fundraising Professionals
PPA- Professional Photographer Association

Gina is an experienced Special Events Director and Photographer with over 10 year experience in creating dynamic events in the US and overseas. She has managed all aspects of event planning, securing sponsors, establishing long-term vendor relationships, event pre-production, execution and fundraising. As the Marketing and Events Director for Parenting OC Magazine, she increased event revenue and public appeal. In order to accomplish this task, she formed a partnership with Susan G Komen Foundation. A percentage of ticket sales went to the charity resulting in increased attendance and sponsorships. During her tenure with Parenting OC Magazine, she was able to form many great contacts and supporters. Most of which she continues to engage in various projects and events.

About a year and half ago, Estrella Harrington (Founder of Guard A Heart) contacted Gina to help with event planning for the start-up charity. The focus was to create concepts to grow the charity through public awareness events and partnerships. The first major event started with the Guardian of Hearts Pre-Oscar Hollywood event honoring Larry King at the Avalon Hollywood on February 25, 2012. Aviir was our the major sponsor and they benefited greatly due to the non-profit status. By increasing awareness about heart disease and penetrating the medical community we exceeded sales projects during a troubled time of uncertainty evolving insurance coverage. Throughout 2012, our team promoted Aviir’s heart testing technology across the US and overseas. Most recently, Aviir secured a 12-county technology licensing deal in the Middle East. Because of their success and increased sales, Aviir was just given a 2nd financing round of $10 Million. This news was just featured in the Business section of the OC Register. The success of of AVIIR was a direct result of events that captured public appeal.

About Gina's NEW Venture!
Gina created OC EVENT SOLUTIONS from a need to assist businesses by creating events that are cost effective and incredibly memorable.

Gina describes OC Event Solutions as follows:
OC EVENT SOLUTIONS increases public appeal by helping you create dynamic events that amplify your message, attract media attention and Brand your name in OC Market though strategic planning. Outsourcing is a great alternative to hiring a full time Event Planner. We provide tailored solutions that are cost effective and results driven. Your success is our success.

We have come together to create a team of skilled professionals whose foundation is built on Integrity, Trust and Commitment. Each event that we produce is very unique, and we invest all of our energy and creativity into capturing the public appeal. With over hundreds of events produced, we have never compromised our vision nor conformed to the cookie cutter style of event planning. We love working with start-up’s and have evolved into a team that appreciates and thrives off diversity.

With over 10 years of experience in event marketing strategies, OC Event Solutions will increase business through public awareness and multiple media outlets. Over the years, we have collectively fostered relationships with multiple media contacts and resources. Our contacts and knowledge ensures your message is targeted to the right crowd.

We know the value of creating the buzz with celebrities and OC Event Solutions has relationships to bring A-List talent to the events. Our rolodex of professional athletes are always willing to be involved in any good cause OC Event Solutions is a part of.


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