Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lizanne Hennessey of "This is Lizzard," from The Netherlands Get the Funk Out!

This is lizzard makes diverse and dynamic music, with contrasts and varied arrangements, based on alternative-pop/rock with country, soul, reggae and funk influences.
This is lizzard was founded in 1998 by American singer/lyricist Lizanne Hennessey and Dutch musician/composer Roland Stolk. Their music is based on alternative pop/rock and strengthened by a mix of their favorite genres, including funk, soul, reggae and country.

Lizanne says: "When Roland and I met, we found out pretty quickly what is it we do best together: making music. We formed This is lizzard in 1998 and have never stopped making music since. But for lots of reasons, most of them beyond our control, releasing an album just never happened... until now. Thirteen years later, we are proud to announce the release of our debut album, 'Won't Give Up'. The title says it all. We never did give up, and we won't give up when it comes to fulfilling our dreams and sharing our music."

The husband-and-wife duo This is lizzard pride themselves on the tremendous diversity and outstanding musicianship and production on 'Won't Give Up'. Their music is like nothing and everything you've ever heard before; familiar yet unpredictable, the album can lull the listener into a dream-like state then deliver a wake-up call full of power and positive energy.

A bit about Roland:
Dutch-born musician/composer Roland Stolk graduated with honors from the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano and vibraphone. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is proficient on piano, keyboard, percussion, drums, vibes and guitar.
During his extensive touring experience throughout the Netherlands with Dutch artists such as Matilda Santing and Julya Lo'ko, Roland began to focus on his studio engineering skills.

A bit about Lizanne:
Lizanne Hennessey was born in America and moved to the Netherlands when she was 15. She is a singer/lyricist by nature, 100% self-taught and writes lyrics in English, her native language. She was active in various cover bands in the south of Holland when she and Roland met, and not long after, formed This is lizzard together. They've been making beautiful music together ever since.

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