Saturday, December 8, 2012

This just in...please help out this holiday season!

WE invite you to take a few minutes to read this and see if you can offer any support. Through love and compassion every act of kindness, no matter how small can radically change the life of a child. Last Sunday at Operation Feed the Homeless in Santa Ana, I spoke to many moms who are struggling to take care of their families. Many of them are single or teen parents or have children with physical or mental health problems. They live in poverty and have little or no support. Most speak little or no english and lack the proper support to access the resources they need. As I listened to them as they were telling me their situations and the challenges they face, it broke my heart to see the desperation in their eyes. I felt like there was nothing I could do. A Mom asked if we had any pots or pans because hers were very old and worn. These Moms deserve so much more for the love, strength and sacrifice they have made to try to give the best they can for their children. OFTH would like to show some love and encourage these Moms in a small way by giving them a durable Pot or Pan so they can cook meals for their kids on secure nontoxic material. We know that this small act of kindness would touch these mother’s hearts and that is why we are asking for your support in our cause to help these families. If you can donate a pot or pan please let us now.

In addition to this cause, we are having our normal feeding and Toy Drive (we are trying to raise 100 gifts for all the kids by next Saturday) to provide Christmas gifts for these families so the kids can have presents to open on Christmas. Any support to help them during this Christmas season is greatly appreciated. You can also give a tax deductible donation to ICARE4YA on our website or if you would like to help with food that would be a blessing!

We thank you in advance in joining us To help make a difference one family at a time.

Ross and Civic center dr.
Across the street from the Santa Ana Library.

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