Sunday, April 1, 2018

TODAY on KUCI 88.9fm - author, teacher, composer, Arnie Benn, joined host Janeane to talk about his latest book, Evolutionology - The Power of Knowing How People Work

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Although the specific details of my life may appear different from your own at the superficial level, beneath the surface I am just like you. I hope for meaning, health, and long life in safety and with enough resources for me and mine to endure in relative comfort.

I was raised in South Africa. Our family moved to the United States in 1990 to pursue the promise of America and the opportunity she embodies. I have degrees in chemistry and music, and a deep interest in and love for both the sciences and the arts. I believe no accurate understanding of the world can be attained without looking into many different areas of study, since the world contains them all, intermingled, interwoven, sometimes indistinguishable. I place my trust in logic and the scientific method because people, myself included, tend to stray from objectivity without too much provocation.

Politically, I aspire to be a passionate Centrist, though I sometimes fail — on some issues to the Left and on other issues to the Right. I have worked in the technology, internet, entertainment, and education sectors. My professional experience includes producing and directing film and television content, online branding and marketing, consulting for a 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign, and serial internet entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, I derive the greatest degree of satisfaction from my most organic callings — music, teaching (science) and writing.

While I may not claim expertise in any one area, I am just as astute a scholar of the human condition as anyone, since the only way we can know anyone else is by comparing what we see around us to how we know ourselves. And the one inescapable truth I see is that we humans are all the same... in the things that motivate our thoughts and actions, and in how they typically manifest in us and in our relationships.

The Power Of Knowing How People Work
Your Life, Instinct & Emotional Intelligence (A Practical Guide)

ISBN-13: 978-1522815075 

What is Evolutionology?

Evolutionology describes how our survival instinct actually works, how it makes us think and behave, and how to regain control.

The Problem:

We like to believe that we are already evolved. We think we are civilized creatures because we are intelligent, but we are clearly not living intelligently. Our lives and world are filled with stress, anxiety and dysfunction. The reason is quite simple... even though it seems to manifest in many complex ways. Our choices are not made by our intelligence, but rather by our survival instinct. Our fears and emotions are behind our decisions, and every action we take is designed to make us feel safer. We do what is comforting, not what is right or intelligent.

Seeing this is a necessary first step in order to increase our emotional intelligence and to evolve consciously. Until we do, our inner animal will continue holding the reins and controlling our thoughts and actions, and we will continue congratulating ourselves on our superiority and correctness, even as our lives and world simmer in quiet desperation around us. Our lives should be our own to live, but most of us are reacting, not choosing — thinking instinctively and declaring it smart.

On A Practical Level:

FEATURING the unique "Evolutionology Quiz"

This book will allow you to actually measure your degree of evolution by taking the multiple choice "Evolutionology Quiz." It will give you an indication of how civilized your choices are, and the results will also suggest in which directions you might focus your attention in order to evolve consciously, and therefore more quickly.

Our lives deserve to manifest what we choose — what we want — rather than the default, instinctive reactions that fill us with doubt and drain our energy and self-esteem. Evolutionology points the way.

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