Sunday, June 2, 2019

6/3/19 @9:15am pst - NATALIE SPIRO, President & Founder Drum Cafe North America | TEDx Speaker joined host Janeane Bernstein on KUCI 88.9fm

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ABOUT DRUM CAFE NORTH AMERICA - from Drum Cafe North America

Drum Cafe began in Johannesburg, South Africa, inspired by the experience of communal drumming in Africa and the passion to unite different groups of people together. Natalie Spiro brought this innovative approach to corporate team-building to the United States in 2002. Since then, we’ve traversed the country with hundreds and sometimes thousands of drums in tow. Our programs leverage the stunning power of rhythm to engage people quickly and emotionally, wherever they are situated. We continue to innovate and grow with our clients as we shift attitudes and affect change.

Rhythm Exists Within Us All

Drum Cafe North America presents a unique, hands-on approach to team-building, learning, and new ways of collaborating. We draw parallels between making music as ONE and working together within an organization to achieve a unified goal!

Rhythm resonates so deeply within us all. Music is a universal language, and as such, it transcends all the barriers and boundaries that separate us, whether professional or personal. Drumming is an activity everyone and all cultures can relate to. The first thing you hear when you come into this world is the pulse of your mother’s heartbeat. We use the drum and the pulse as the medium because it unites, it energizes and it inspires the extraordinary, in ways NO other programs can.

Making music together encourages us to be sensitive and intuitive of all “voices” around us. In this way, we use drumming and rhythm as a means to create bonds between us, to build trust incrementally and to demonstrate kinesthetically, that every member of every team or division has a unique contribution to make in achieving overall success.

All of our corporate and educational programming is designed to spark unity and engagement – to enhance and harness the POWER of ONE team. Our programming re-ignites common values, augments ONE collective and impactful voice, and boosts morale and motivation. We’ve seen this to have a ripple back effect that impacts each participant’s workplace and broader community in a positive and powerful way. 


Natalie Spiro came to the USA in 2000 from South Africa where she held positions in top global firms within the financial services and hospitality industries.

When first arriving into the US, she held a senior position at the corporate offices of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. She is an entrepreneur at heart and became an owner/partner in the world-wide Drum Cafe Organisation in 2002. Natalie has personally facilitated interactive drumming programs for multiple thousands of attendees. Her clients are from every sector — Technology, Health, Government, Transportation, Hospitality, Education, Finance, Media, Retail and Telecommunications. She has close ties with some of the most powerful brands in the world including Google, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Microsoft, Johnson’s and Disney. She is a certified Integrative Life-Coach, an Organisation Development Psychologist and has an MBA from a prestigious University in South Africa.

Through her company, Blue Fire Leadership, Natalie and her team offer clients highly interactive and engaging programming that impacts individuals and teams in four main areas: Critical Thinking and Innovative Problem-Solving; Breakthrough Exemplary Communications; Creative Collaborative Leadership and Mindful Engagement.

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