Monday, February 27, 2023

Coming up Monday @9:30am - THE SISTERS WE WERE by Wendy Willis Baldwin - inspired by a true story

"This book echoes the real-life relationship between the author and her sister, who herself once weighed 531 pounds before her life-changing bariatric surgery…

Readers will be eager for more from this debut author." —BOOKLIST

"Insightful and empathetic...a solid entry for titles with plus-sized heroines"—Library Journal

Sourcebooks Landmark is excited to publish THE SISTERS WE WERE by Wendy Willis Baldwin (January 2023, Trade Paperback Original, $16.99). Inspired by the real-life experience of the author and her sister, the novel follows two estranged sisters on their complicated yet ultimately triumphant journey toward futures of their own designs. A cinematic tale of sisterhood and hope, THE SISTERS WE WERE is an uplifting and powerful story about two women taking their lives into their own hands.

When Pearl was just a kid, her mother was imprisoned for manslaughter. Her “perfect” sister, Ruby, grew up and left Pearl behind, fleeing to a new city and recreating herself. Now, still living in the childhood home in which her mother committed the crime, Pearl is struggling with her weight—a frustrating daily obstacle that becomes a life-threatening diagnosis—and she commits to bariatric surgery. Surprisingly, Ruby agrees to return and help Pearl during the recovery period. While Pearl thought losing the weight would be the key to her new life, she begins to realize she will never be able to step into her future if she and her sister can’t reconnect and work together to put past trauma behind them.

For fans of The Chicken Sisters comes THE SISTERS WE WERE, a novel that is funny, hopeful, and bursting with heart. As the author’s sister Tiffany describes it, “What I can tell you is that the flawed but fierce sister bond between Pearl and Ruby is a beautiful example of art imitating life.”

The Sisters We Were is WENDY WILLIS BANDWIN’S debut novel. Together, she and her sister host the Life After Fat Pants Podcast. A native of Texas, Baldwin now lives on a farm in New Hampshire with her husband, her dogs, and thousands of honeybees.

Coming up 1/26/23 @9:00am - LIVE on KUCI 88.9fm - Marilyn Moss Rockefeller is back to share part two of her intricate life story!

Marilyn Moss Rockefeller is back to take us on a deeper dive into her new book, Mountain Girl: From Barefoot to Boardroom. In this enthralling memoir, Rockefeller details her colorful journey from her humble beginnings on an Appalachian farm to the helm of a multimillion-dollar company. Although she faced immense challenges and instability during her youth, Rockefeller’s tenacity, determination, and innate charm led her to a life filled with extraordinary experiences and remarkable people.
These include:

· Hosting Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground at her home during one of his art shows

· Participating in a private cooking lesson at Julia Child’s home

· Traveling with Carroll Shelby and the Ford Racing Team

· Helping celebrated designer Bill Moss build “paper” dome houses in North Haven

· Transforming Moss Inc, a struggling small business, into a multi-million-dollar company

· Crashing a Rockefeller’s plane (which in turn, sparked a romance that led to marriage!)


From the mountains of West Virginia to the executive suite of a million-dollar company to marrying into America's most famous family, Marilyn Moss Rockefeller's life has been one long adventure. Rockefeller's childhood reads like a sad country song, but the heartbreak and pain only fueled her determination to grab the world by the harness and ride with her dynamic combination of guts, luck, charm, and intellect. Along the way, she appeared nude in an art film, crashed a plane and lived to tell about it, and co-founded the iconic Moss Tents. Her memoir Mountain Girl is a moving recollection of a notorious and victorious life―one that shows how a little spitfire and a lot of soul can take a person from barefoot in Appalachia to the boardrooms of industry without losing that special something or selling out. In her own words, Rockefeller writes about a remarkable life that has been "well-lived, and a hoot to boot."

Monday, February 20, 2023

Coming up Monday 2/20 at 9:00am - UCI students, Chloe Ford and Ashley Garcia, who are both majoring in Psychological Science and part of WISE Pac, join host Janeane

to today's show
featuring UCI students
Chloe Ford and Ashley Garcia

About Chloe Ford

Chloe is a 4th year double-major in Psychological Science & Criminology, Law and Society. She is a part of Wise Pac's education cluster and the Co-Director of Design.

About Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia, is a second year Psychological Science major in the school of Social Ecology. She is currently looking into exploring her interest in Urban Planning and how psychology can be applied to the field.

Monday, February 13, 2023

Coming up Monday 2/13/23 at 9:00am - retired KNBC weather reporter Fritz Coleman and veteran radio producer/documentarian Louise Palanker are now co-hosts of MEDIA PATH PODCAST

Hosted by Fritz Coleman and Louise Palanker, Media Path takes you along on a scenic tour through books, movies, TV, podcasts and music related to a given topic of captivation. We are exploring entertainment, politics, history, true crime, world events and all of their intriguing intersections. Go beyond binging with Media Path.

“And now, here’s Fritz Coleman with the weather.”

For nearly four decades, Los Angelenos came to know and love Fritz Coleman through his gig as the weather reporter on KNBC, where his affable demeanor (honed in his early years of stand-up comedy) made him a staple of local news. But when he retired from his weather gig two years ago, Coleman knew he wasn’t done working. “That 11 o’clock news kept me from a lot of things,” he recalls. “Now I could do all those things that massage my soul, be curious more, and discover more.”

That’s the impetus behind MEDIA PATH PODCAST, co-hosted by Fritz and Louise Palanker, veteran radio producer and documentarian. With 100 episodes released so far, MEDIA PATH is a look back at what has defined our media for the past half-century. With guests as eclectic as Congressional leader Adam Schiff, television legend Henry Winkler, Grammy winning songwriter Diane Warren, and “Double Dare” host Marc Summers, each week is a journey down a new path of remembering, learning, and reevaluating our shared memories and histories.

Every show includes discussion of current cultural events and recommendations from the hosts, as well as extended, deep-dive discussions with figures who have had meaningful and memorable impact on the media world we experience. While many of the subjects will be familiar to Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers, the spirit of inquisitiveness, curiosity, and sharing that Fritz and Louise bring to each episode will ring familiar to newer generations who may be hearing about these subjects, people, and stories for the first time.

For Louise Palanker, who has been producing radio entertainment for decades and successful podcasts since 2005, that sense of serious and thoughtful discovery and discussion is what drives the podcast: “We can rediscover the things that matter to us and celebrate what we love.” For Coleman, the show is a new way for him to share his passion and curiosity about the world in the same charitable spirit that earned him Congressional recognition as “Humanitarian of the Year” for his work with the American Red Cross. “It’s a great release valve of the pent-up energy from forty years of weather reporting,” he says.

And now – back to you Fritz and Louise, for more journeys on the MEDIA PATH.

Monday, February 6, 2023

Coming up Monday 2/6 at 9am pst - Charlotte Gale, who bought an island for $339,000, first had to prove to the old owner she could spend a night there by herself. Join me as I learn more about how this life-changing purchase revealed insightful lessons for all of us.

Located on a private islet off the coast of Addison, Maine, and has panoramic views of the surrounding Wohoa Bay.

About Charlotte Gray:

Graduated with MS degree in Chemistry; Food Science and Nutrition from
Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Mother of three sport athlete son!

Food scientist/food product developer for major food corporations.

Cooking and nutrition instructor for children K-8 grade and at the Tech School

Kitchen designer, home color designer

Florist, gardener, flower and orchid grower

Licensed Massage Therapist - manual lymphatic drainage therapist

Discussion points:
  • Doing what people only dream of doing!
  • What are you some personal insights you had while staying on the island?
  • Love yourself, because you are never alone!
  • Having a greater sense of gratitude
  • Don't let fear and doubts control your life and limit you
  • There are possibilities in yourself and this experience was very grounding
  • There is beauty in struggle
  • Surprised by the headline feature about you on Yahoo?
  • Were you scared staying there at first?
  • How have people reached out to you? Do they want to lead retreats there? How do you get there? How long does it take to get there? How many people can stay there?
  • What would you like listeners to know about the experience of staying there?
  • How can they find more information?

LIVE on KUCI - 7/17/24 9:00am - Janeane chats with Producer Jay Silverman about his latest film CAMERA, starring Beau Bridges

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