Sunday, May 19, 2013

Talking with Filmmaker Logan Hendricks on Get the FUNK Out!

Filmmaker Logan Hendricks joined me to talk about his touching film "Love at a Certain Age." 
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Filmmakers Logan Hendricks and Kyle Clark have worked in film and television the past ten years. Together their work has been featured on numerous networks and has won several awards. Although they’ve both worked on documentaries in various capacities, this is their first feature film.

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“Single life is not good. I’d rather have a girlfriend than be single…It’s an empty feeling. Did you ever wake up and say where am I, or where I should go, I gotta look at a telephone book. You ever get that feeling where you’re absolutely lost? I can’t explain that feeling but that’s the feeling I have when I’m not with somebody. You’ll have the same problem. I might be an old fart but still you’ll go through the same thing.”
-Gilbert Delgado, 72

Think dating is hard when you're 20? Try 70, 80, or even 100. You're old. You don't see quite as well. Hair grows where it shouldn't. You want to find someone to share your remaining days with but you're running out of time.

Gilbert Delgado just broke up with his on-again-off-again girlfriend of seven years. He's single, 72 and on the prowl. As eccentric as he is stubborn, divorced three times but still undeterred, he's unabashedly driven to find the love of his life.

Max Steinberg is a grieving widower. He loves to laugh, he loves to drive, but most importantly he loves to dance. Oh, and he happens to be 101 years old. No longer secure in the comfort of a sixty-year marriage, Max struggles to find meaning and companionship without his late wife.

When Dick Trerice met his wife Vi it was love at first sight. That was over seventy years ago. Decades of marriage have been met by struggles with health, but throughout, they’ve always had the support of each other. Now great-grandparents, and armed with a love that has only grown deeper with time, they show us love really does get better with age.

Set in sunny Florida, Love at a Certain Age allows us a rare glimpse into senior homes, fraternities, bars and community centers. The stories in this film will affirm intimacy, sex, and true love are not exclusive to the young. And that life really does begin after 65.

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