Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lisa Hamilton, founder of the Esther Project, V.I.N.E Foundation and freelance writer for the LA Times joins me Monday!


If you missed Lisa on today's show, listen to our conversation here.

As an inspirational author/speaker Lisa’s passion is to encourage women to live life to the fullest with her newest release of her candidly inspirational book UNSTICK YOUR STUCK LIFE .
Lisa’s honorary title of Ms.coastal 2014 recognizes her voice in the community as Founder of the Esther Project, founder of the V.I.N.E. FOUNDATION for charitable causes, as well as a freelance writer for the L.A. TIMES. She has also received the 2014 nominee Woman in Business award.

After a life changing experience earning her a M.B. degree, Lisa speaks from the heart about
finding your Core Essence and living a proactive life from the inside out. She believes “a woman
should have it all. It is her God-given destiny to live an abundant life in health/beauty, on purpose,
in passion, with prosperity, in loving relationships and connected to God.

Anything less than that is Stuck! As a philanthropist, Lisa’s latest case is a story about a boy who recently underwent an urostomy surgery where he is destined to live with a urine bag just after graduating from high school.“ There is one doctor , though not covered by insurance, that can operate and perform a reversal.
“ I have absorbed the costs of the books, as well as all the profits from my book sales at the recent ESTHER PROJECT CONFERENCE at Fashion Island. I have raised $3500, with my final
goal $10,000. I will do anything to get this young boy an operation, and I will not quit until I do.

I want to give him a new life, as his life has barely begun.”

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